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Canada may seem a land of freedom and a friendly nation. However, when it comes to internet surveillance, it is highly strict. Furthermore, Canada is a country of welcoming people. However, it doesn’t somehow embrace freedom. To use the internet. This country is infamous for strict privacy rules. And its participation in Five Eyes Alliance is no secret. Consequently, using a VPN in Canada has become an absolute essential.

Moreover, Regardless of what purpose you are seeking a VPN for. There are some factors that you have to keep in mind, Before making any purchase. Hence, we have rounded up five best VPN for Canada. Along with all the nitty-gritty, you should know about the best VPN for Canada.

However, not every VPN service is reliable and dependable. In this article, we will review the best VPN for Canada based on the following criteria:

  • The VPN service is not found in any Five Eyes country
  • A VPN must not keep logs of any identifying information about how you utilize the facility, including web activity and your real IP address
  • Strong, up-to-date encryption standards
  • Fast, reliable speeds
  • DNS leak protection
  • Allows P2P file-sharing

What is the Best VPN for Canada?

Furthermore, Canada VPN grants you achieve complete web anonymity. And assures internet freedom to unblock restricted sites. Additionally, Canada VPN will conceal your original IP. And will let you connect to a VPN server with a different IP address.

Moreover, When we think of surveillance of web activity of its residents. We think of the USA. However, Canada isn’t so far behind the USA in government mass surveillance. Watching the online activity of its residents. Hence, You must utilize the best VPN for the USA to sneak your online activities. Likewise, a Canada VPN will make you free from all those constraints.

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Why Should You Use a VPN in Canada?

Additionally, When we think of online mass surveillance. The first thought that comes to mind is presumably an American one. However, Ever since Edward Snowden revealed the National Security Agency’s PRISM plans and other secret operations. The US has been at the focus of the debate around issues. Like surveillance, mass interception, encryption tools, and government-sponsored online spying.

Moreover, The US is notable in this debate. It is because it has been caught and because it’s one of the biggest countries. With a stable economic and military power. However, it’s far from the sole nation to apply. The sorts of mass surveillance that toe–and sometimes cross–the thin line. Between national security and overreach into the endurance of common citizens a la 1984‘s Big Brother. One such country is Canada, thanks in significant part to the 2015 Anti-Terrorism Act. That authorized intelligence agencies. To collect and share information in much a similar way as the NSA.

Moreover, Canada is a member of the Five Eyes. It is an intelligence alliance. Additionally, it is also comprised of the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Hence, If you are being monitored in Canada. There’s a good chance whatever information is collected about you. It is accessible to intelligence agencies in those other countries.

All of the options on our list of the best VPNs for Canada will also protect your data when connected to public wi-fi. Unsecured WiFi hotspots can allow hackers to intercept your internet traffic and carry out attacks. A VPN’s encryption will prevent this from happening.

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How a VPN works?

Using a VPN is the easiest and simplest way to preserve Canadian’s internet privacy. A VPN owns a private network of various servers that encrypt all the internet data that you send to your ISP. They fail to monitor or keep track of your internet activity, and whereby they will not give the logging details to the concerned agencies who request for your online data.

Our online identity becomes different when you use a VPN, and consequently, the websites that you open won’t be able to check out your personal data and your actual location. Anybody looking to get your online data traffic will only perceive that you’re connected to a VPN.

Make sure you use a VPN that also manages its own DNS. If the VPN does not handle DNS requests, it is prone to manipulation, even if your Internet data traffic is shielded. A VPN network that holds its own DNS run on all the servers is an ideal choice to keep your data requests entangled in the VPN tunnel.

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Are VPNs legal in Canada?

Yes, VPNs are absolutely legal in Canada. Without VPN technology, commercial industries wouldn’t be able to guard their data, and traveling workers wouldn’t be able to keep their digital privacy. VPN services are usually used by enterprises for professional purposes as much as they are by individuals for personal use. To this end, it is inconceivable that VPNs will ever be outlawed anytime soon.

That being said, it is not unusual for services or sites to obstruct incoming VPN traffic. Favorably, some VPN providers still slip under the radar. This is why, when choosing VPNs for the top five guides, we always check whether or not they work with big-name streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

If you currently reside in Canada, you really should be using a VPN. Without one, you’re open to government surveillance, censorship, and an overall lack of data privacy. All of the services in this list would be an excellent choice for enhancing your online security and protection. They are also an excellent choice for accessing blocked websites and geo-restricted content from providers like Netflix and Hulu.

Don’t waste another second unprotected.

Features of the best VPN for Canada?

After concluding that a VPN is a must in Canada, one is to take into attention some features of a Canadian VPN provider:

US-based VPN Servers

Since the Internet in Canada is not restricted significantly, VPNs are usually used by the residents of Canada to unblock American streaming services.

Reliable Ciphering

Information encryption servers to prevent adversaries or any other interested parties from using your data in case they have been stolen.

Multi login

If you want to connect a VPN with all the devices you have, it becomes necessary to select the VPN that would be congenial with various gadgets and could be employed on several devices per 1 account.

However, that might sound too true to be funny. The fact is that Canada was one of the first 5 countries, which had chosen to up UKUSA Agreement.

No Limits

The limitations should NOT take place if anyone tries to surf the Internet without restrictions. The best VPN for Canada should give its users server switching, unlimited speed, and bandwidth.

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Secure Tunneling Protocols

WiFi hotspots are mostly unsafe around the world, and Canada is not an exemption. In this regard, it is important to find the VPN that would shield your device against the hackers while using such WiFi hotspots.

Understanding all the features a reliable VPN service for Canada should possess, it will be easy to find an ideal variant for you. Thus, study the VPN reviews for Canada and find the one to satisfy all your online needs.

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Best Canadian VPN Protocols

There are various VPN protocols provided by a VPN service provider, and each of those protocols offers a distinct level of security and encryption. Below, we have given the best Canadian VPN protocol you should apply.


This VPN protocol will give you open-source VPN with a high level of internet security, i.e., 1024-bit encryption. It is suggested for Canadian users because of its network security with the OpenSSL library. However, inexperienced users will find a bit complicated to install.

Internet Protocol Security or IPSec

IPSec protocol will ensure the security of your internet connection across your IP network by encrypting each of your data packets. It offers an extra layer of protection and helps in protecting your data when transferring to another system.

Layer 2 Tunneling or L2TP

L2TP combines with another VPN protocol to give you an extremely secured VPN connection. It creates a tunnel that encrypts your data to ensure secure communication with each network. It is hence recommended for Canadian residents for its higher level of security encryption.

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Best Canada VPN Helps You Escape Five Eyes

Canada may not be as cruel with its censorship policies as China, but it poses a severe threat to your internet security. Since it is a part of Five Eyes – an intelligence alliance that includes the United States, United Kingdom, Australia New Zealand, and Canada, the internet privacy of a user is cut to pieces by the Canadian and other member jurisdictions.

According to the signed treaty, the member countries are bound by the agreement to share the recorded data with each other. Canada was hit with a controversy back in 2013 when a judge, Richard Mosley ordered the CSIS (Canada’s own version of NSA) to stop sending the recorded data to other member countries.

The best VPN for Canada can help you shield against unwanted snooping and monitoring by the Five Eyes and other internet spy agencies. VPNs are considered as an incarnation for online protection since the VPN protocols are difficult to break by and the encryption is impracticable to decode.

Hence, if you opt for the right VPN, it can help you stay under the radar of Canadian authorities and the Five Eyes.

1. NordVPN

5,800+ in 59 Countries
24/7 Live chat
30 days
  • Double encryption for added security
  • Automatic kill switch
  • A variety of platform support
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Zero log keeping policy of internet activities
  • 3-Day free trial
Get 68% off NordVPN (drops the price down to $3.71 per month)
(Discount is applied automatically)
(See the NordVPN review for more test results and analysis.)

2. ExpressVPN

British Virgin Islands
3,000+ in 94 Countries
24/7 Live chat
30 days
  • Unlimited Bandwidth with Ultra Speed
  • Provides all VPN protocols OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP
  • Dedicated VPN Apps for Android & iOS
  • High-End Security with OpenVPN 256-bits
  • Zero log keeping policy of internet activities
  • 3 simultaneous connections
Get 35% off ExpressVPN (drops the price down to $8.32 per month)
(Discount is applied automatically)
(See the ExpressVPN review for more test results and analysis.)

3. Surfshark

British Virgin Islands
1,700+ in 63+ Countries
24/7 Live chat
30 days
  • AES 256-Bit Network Encryption
  • Chrome Extension Available
  • Kill-Switch functionality
  • A variety of platform support
  • Zero log keeping policy of internet activities
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
Get 81% off Surfshark (drops the price down to $2.49 per month)
(Discount is applied automatically)
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4. CyberGhost

Bucharest, Romania
6,200+ in 87+ Countries
24/7 Live chat
45 days
  • Uses AES 256 Encryption
  • Supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP
  • DNS & IP Leak Protection
  • Uses 2048 Key & MD5 Authentication
  • Zero log keeping policy of internet activities
  • Up to 7 Simultaneous Connections
Get 79% off CybberGhostVPN (drops the price down to $2.75 per month)
(Discount is applied automatically)
(See the CybberGhostVPN review for more test results and analysis.)

5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access
United States
3,320+ in 30+ Countries
24/7 Live chat
7 days
  • Offers all Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec including SOCKS5 Proxy
  • IPv6 Leak Protection & DNS Leak Protection
  • Kill-Switch functionality
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi Protection
  • Zero log keeping policy of internet activities
  • 10 simultaneous connections
Get 71% off PIA (drops the price down to $2.85 per month)
(Discount is applied automatically)
(See the PIA review for more test results and analysis.)

Canadian VPN Services Experience Low Traffic

In the world of VPNs, Canadian VPNs are the untapped resource. That is because VPN users are usually quick to pick servers located either in the US or in the UK.

This approach tends to keep Canadian VPN servers free of user traffic and guarantees high-speed connections for all users.

Essentially, Canada is like Switzerland when it comes to the internet. The law and order situation is relatively stable. But when it comes to VPN services, the services mentioned above offer lots of servers across top regions of the world.

Also, these VPN services have congestion-free servers and offer high-speed network connection round the clock.

Canadian VPN Guarantees Cyber Security

Cyber-crime is on the verge, as is the price of cyber-crime. The internet was deemed to be the ideal virtual world, but it has grown into a parallel world in which there are very few that you can count on.

After a hard day at work, nothing eases me like turning on my laptop at home with a steaming cup of green tea by my side. Then I browse the web aimlessly, with my Canada VPN turned on and the satisfaction that comes from the awareness of being absolutely secure, unblockable, and untraceable!

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Safety Precautions

The digital world may seem as peaceful for now, but it is in constant strife against the wrongs of cyber-criminals. It is never too late to guard your online identity with the following methods.

  • Use password-protection
  • Download security apps created to render security for mobile phones and other devices.
  • Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks to do online shopping or banking unless you use a Canada VPN.

Now we already know we can use the first two recommendations for proper use, but there is no way we can implement the third recommendation for long. Asking for causes? Well, the latest stats point out that 86.8% of the Canadian population uses the internet on their phones and laptops for different purposes.

Surf and Stream the Internet with Freedom

With fast-developing technology and growing dependency on internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, and slates, you can’t anticipate Canada’s internet using the community to stop the temptation of free Wi-Fi. And they don’t have to! Here are my three tips to enhance security on your mobile phones WITHOUT settling on accessibility:

  • Don’t download what you don’t need – Unnecessary downloading eventually invites spyware and malware. Even if you find the software too appealing, be sure they belong to the App Store or Google Play.
  • Use the best VPN for Canada to the tunnel and encrypt your data transfer– enable it whenever you are connecting to the internet; especially when you’re about to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots; such as those at coffee shops and airports.
  • Get a good Antivirus and install a Firewall, but be sure you update the virus definitions of the antivirus daily.

Torrenting in Canada

Canada is one of those countries where there are strict anti-torrenting laws. Since torrent websites offer copyrighted content for free, it amounts to copyright infringement if users download any copyright-protected material. If you’re caught downloading torrents by the Canadian authorities, you can be penalized hefty sums of money and even likely jail sentences.

This makes it essential for you to conceal your online identity, so officials fail to trace you easily. VPN services, by virtually allotting you different IP addresses, can help you keep some level of anonymity online. Consequently, if you’re trying to torrent files for personal use; we recommend to use a VPN for downloading torrents.

However, we discourage torrenting for commercial purposes, as it is a plain violation of the rights of content producers.

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VPN services provide you with the ultimate security and protection against the cyber-crooks and also ensure your devices and online identities should remain intact. With the best VPN for Canada, you can always unblock all the favorite streaming services including Netflix US, and also circumvent government surveillance.

We expect you would find this article of interest. We look forward to getting your feedback and views in the comment section below.

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