Private Internet Access Review 2021


+ Pros

  • 3307+ Servers in 32 Countries
  • Zero VPN Traffic Logs
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi Protection
  • Offers all Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec including SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Pricing is low and reduces to a considerable extent in yearly Plans
  • 7-days Money-Back Guarantee
  • IPv6 Leak Protection & DNS Leak Protection
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • P2P file sharing & VoIP Support
  • Compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, etc
  • 5 Simultaneous Connection Option
  • Support for VPN router including DD-WRT Tomato & PfSense
  • Speed Test options for all Servers
  • VPN Kill Switch for cutting connection instantly

– Cons

  • No Free Trial Offer
  • No proper way to select the required server
  • Not a good VPN for Beginners
  • Does not permit access to some popular websites such as Netflix US and BBC Player

Discover One of the Best Private Internet Access review

Over the years with the advent of technology, human lives have surely become easier. But still, when it comes to censorship, people are facing some tremendous issues for the same. Hence to eliminate censorship issues to the core, this Private Internet Access review will help you in every possible case.

By now, you must have heard about the Private Internet Access, Right? Well, it is a reputable VPN Service which helps people to access blocked content all over the Internet. Other than this, there are tons of other features which come with this marvellous VPN Service.

Eager to take a tour of the review of Private Internet Access? Well, let us not wait any longer and jump into the topic:

A Detailed insight into the Private Internet Access review

Let’s take a Tour of the Features of Private Internet Access


When it comes to the interface section, Private Internet Access surely beats every possible VPN Service. The PIA boasts of a hybrid interface which can be shifted up front and in the back section as and when needed.

On your PC, you will need to tap on the PIA’s window taskbar to kick-start the connection. After which, you will see a white screen and a green colour window. Although, this screen is limited and can’t be viewed completely on a full-screen monitor. Still, you can manage everything quite perfectly from the Interface panel itself.

Moving ahead in the Private Internet Access review, you can see different options such as logging in, starting the service and selecting your wishful region.

Further, if you click on the advanced settings, the size of the window will double up. And you can find a whole list of options which can make the PIA experience even more vibrant and productive.

Well, talking about one of the most powerful VPN’s will bring the kill-switch straight into the limelight. Yes, in this review of Private Internet Access, kill-switch forms the base of the PIA. Using the kill-switch, you can cut off every other connection without any issue. Other works of the PIA’s Killswitch are as follows:

  • Adjusting the encryption level
  • Preventing DNS Queries
  • Changing Between UDP and TCP Connections
  • Aligning the data flow through different packets

Over in this Private Internet Access review, you get a lot more things to discover. Stay Tuned!

Availability of Chrome’s Extension

Not every VPN Service provider has the ability to provide a different chrome extension and that is where the PIA wins at any cost. With Private Internet Access VPN, you can get a feature-rich chrome extension. Further, this extension works perfectly on all chrome books which makes the PIA a good option for parents.

For accessing the chrome extension, you can press the PIA icon present right in the upper right corner of the browser. Just click on it and the PIA is smart enough to present to you a whole new interface of an initiative and secure session.

Privacy Protection

When it comes to the privacy section, the Private Internet Access has left no stones unturned. They have set-up a 128-Bit AES encryption which is secure in any case. Further, it takes just a matter of seconds to boost up that 128-Bit to 256-Bit. Here, the authentication is protected by SHA-1 and the SHA-256 encryption mechanism. In case of the public key, it is set up to RSA-2048 encryption which is secure and invader proof.

Further, the Private Internet Access doesn’t include different ads in your web traffic. With this, they don’t get any share of the user data which is a good thing. Hence, there is no detailing of logging or gathering any connection data with PIA.

Coming to the base of the Private Internet Access, it is based in the United States of America. And, has its operation under the US Jurisdiction.


In this review of Private Internet Access, we tested the PIA’s performance metrics two times. Hence, after a series of performance tests and analysis, we have come up with a much clearer conclusion.

At first, after testing the performance of the Private Internet Access in January, we found some good results. The testing was done in New York city, Germany Netherlands, and Azerbaijan. After the completion of tests, PIA won the battle by a much far margin. The connection of Private Internet Access was up to the mar and the speed never dropped even for a minute. In addition, the upload and download speeds were blazingly fast which can down any video file at the fastest rate.

For Streaming lovers, opting for PIA after reading this Private Internet Access review can be the best ever option. the service of the Private Internet Access runs pretty smoothly and there was little or no waiting in streaming.

However, after a series of some great benefits in this review of Private Internet Access, drawbacks have to come along the way. When we tested the Private Internet Access’s performance in Azerbaijan, we found certain things. At first, there was a lack in the overall connection point. However, the Private Internet Access’s Romanian Servers which were a thousand miles away were much better than Windscribe’s local servers.

Moving ahead in this review of Private Internet Access, we found some more interesting things for you. It took around 3.3 seconds for PIA to establish a much secure link in January. This was a pretty quick time when we compare it with other VPN Service providers.

Network Latency

When it comes to PIA’s network latency, still there are some useful things which everyone must look at. Well, the time which the PIA took to deliver the data packet from one end to another was 35.5 milliseconds. Although this may look bad as compared to other VPN Brands, PIA is still powerful.


After a series of tests which were conducted in January, Bandwidth was one of the most essential components. In case of the Private Internet Access, the average downloading speed was 48.8 megabits (Mbps). This speed was just 7% less than the actual baseline which is amazing in every aspect. On the other hand, its upload speed was 14.9 Mbps which showed a downfall of 7 per cent.

After going through a series of different performance tests with the PIA, we came to a pretty clearer conclusion. Here, we didn’t expect any sorts of interruption with the network of Private Internet Access in any case. Further, the PIA service was active for straight 12 hours and supported 3 devices at a single time.

Servers and Locations

By gaining a subscription of the Private Internet Access, you can get an access to a humongous 3307+ servers. These servers are spread across 44 locations and spans in 32 countries. For years, the Private Internet Access had the best ever servers which were all fast and responsive.

For any user regardless of their own location, the server location definitely plays a crucial role. Whether you are travelling the world or chilling in your home, having servers spread all over the world is a good thing. With numerous server locations, you can get the freedom to choose your required server. In addition, you can even access the inaccessible content with whole ease and comfort.

In this Private Internet Access review, this company truly excels in the above criteria. Yes, with the PIA, choosing servers is flawless and you will not encounter server issues, in any case. However, in Africa, the PIA servers are still not present which is a major drawback. But, it has got plenty of server option s in South and Central America which is indeed a good thing.


The Private Internet Access doesn’t support the Russian servers. Well, the reason is all in relation to the Russian government. After which, you can access other country’s server which will be beneficial in accessing your wishful content.

Private Internet Access doesn’t use Virtual Servers

Speaking on the review of Private Internet Access, the virtual server’s point is of utmost importance. Here, the PIA doesn’t support any virtual servers which are the best thing by any Virtual private company. On the contrary, the majority of the Virtual Private networks use these virtual traffics which creates a sense of falsehood.

Coming back to Private Internet Access, each of the server locations stands to be the accurate one. Hence, each server is present in its own exact location which helps in uplifting the speed and trust among employees.

Netflix and the Private Internet Access

Spanning throughout the Private Internet Access review and not talking about Netflix can be a dull thing. In the case of the Private Internet Access, Netflix still remains inaccessible. Well, the reasons are plenty to support this statement.

During my initial testing of the PIA with Netflix, I received an error from Netflix for shutting down the proxy. Well, that’s too bad for a well-known VPN Brand like Private Internet Access. If you are the person who likes to stream on Netflix, PIA is not a good option for you.

However, even if you are using free VPN’s, you will still get a warning from Netflix to stop using proxy servers. Hence, go for the VPN which can stream Netflix with whole ease and comfort.

Private Internet Access review: PIA for different Devices

Private Internet Access for Android

For Android users, there is a dedicated Private Internet Access App which is available on the PlayStore. It is absolutely free and the users can access every PIA feature if they have a subscription plan.

Coming to the set of features which the PIA’s Android app offers, there are plenty and all useful. This review of Private Internet Access is full of surprises and that’s what the PIA Android app brings to you. The Android app of PIA can set apps which can use the VPN Connection. Further, setting regular data connection option is still provided within the Private Internet Access Interface.

To be more precise, the above feature is known as “Split Tunneling” and it comes in handy in different situations. Especially for playing games and streaming videos, Split Tunneling is an essential thing. Further, the Android app supports the Smart Packet Option which can shrink the size of data packet. And sent it by phone itself in later stages.

Private Internet Access for MacOS

For those who are using MacOS and still want to use PIA, the good news is coming along the way. For MacOS users, the Private Internet Access company provides software’s through their official website. Unlike other VPN’s, the Private Internet Access has got a goodness installer which is pretty sleek, simple and easy. Simply, you just need to drag the new app straight into the Applications folder. After which, the PIA installer will start running in no time.

In this Private Internet Access review, software for MacOS stands to be a prime thing for every Mac User. Hence Private Internet Access has kept the interface of their software just like a Window OS. The colours are greyish and are imported from the Window Version. Here, you can select your desired server straight from the menu bar.

However, the pull-down bar depicts every single location which can look unpleasant and messy at times. Although it is harder to use, you will get used to it within a weeks time.

Now, when it comes to speed test of PIA on MacOS, this review of Private Internet Access is a boon to you. When the PIA was connected to a local server, it had one of the best upload rates.  In addition in case of the download states, it had the second best download score.

But, when the same was in connection with the International Server, the whole scenario changed. Here, the worst latency rate was recorded which is truly not a good sign. Still, the Private Internet Access has their engineers who are working hard to tackle the same.

Private Internet Access for iPhone

Well, how can the Private Internet Access review remain incomplete without examining the PIA iPhone app. Coming to the point, the app is free to download but you will need a subscription for using the app. Similar to the Window’s client, the iPhone app is simple and much easy to use. It contains more than a single page where you can view your connections. Further, you can toggle your VPN’s between the ON and OFF switches. Here, the iPhone app comes with a hidden setting with which you can change your server location.

The iPhone PIA app boasts of some extraordinary yet simple features but still, there is one feature which is amazing. The app has the ability to clearly show the actual as well as the apparent IP Address.

After long hours of testing the app, I noted some strange things. The iPhone App doesn’t have every other feature when we compare it with the Android platform. Yes, that’s the bitter truth which every iPhone user will have to digest.

However, the iPhone PIA app does include MACE ad and the malware blocker. With such useful tools, you can blacklist and can block the irrelevant ads without much issue.

Talking about the Speed test, the iPhone’s Private Internet Access app did wonders. It gave stronger download speeds which were blazing fast without interruption rate. Unfortunately, when it came to latency, the results moved down to a little darker side. Still, Private Internet Access’s iPhone app has got everything to compete with other VPN apps, inevitably.

Pricing of the Private Internet Access

One main thing which we really liked about Private Internet Access is its feature availability in different plan section. Each of the plans gives the same set of features and doesn’t keep any special tool for high pay-out clients.

Purchasing the Private Internet Access VPN subscription

If you are willing to buy a subscription of Private Access VPN, this review of Private Internet Access will help you, for sure. Now, buying your wishful PIA subscription can be done in a number of ways.

As a part of the payment, the Private Internet Access Company accepts the following things:

  • Amazon Payments
  • Bitcoin
  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards

Apart from the above payment options, the Private Internet Access also accepts gift cards from over 90 retailers. This includes Bloomingdales, Starbucks and much more. Now, you can buy these gift cards with cash and make your payment anonymous to great extent.

Further, the Private Internet Access offers clients for every platform such as:

  • Android
  • Chrome
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Windows

Number of Devices which you can connect to Private Internet Access

Although there are VPN’s which allows connecting only 3 devices, this Private Internet Access review brings some good news. Well, with Private Internet Access, you can up to five simultaneous devices all at the same time.

In case if the following requirement is lesser for you, you can opt for a VPN router which can enhance the connecting functionality.

Customer Support Staff

Private Internet Access provides a vigilant customer support staff with email ticketing system with the response time of 4 to 6 hours on average. You can find any query related to VPN service and usage issues with the knowledge-based support articles in the support section of the websites.

Private Internet Access review- What I Liked about Private Internet Access?

  • Strong Encryption and lots of customization options available
  • Software design is sleek, highly responsive and is of a higher standard
  • Zero Log policy
  • Full set of features available such as a Kill-Switch, DNS Leak Protection & Auto-Connect feature
  • Accepts Bitcoin as a payment option
  • Super Cheap and you can avail the 2-year subscription plan
  • Seven-Days Money Back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent Guides and FAQ’s
  • P2P allowed

I am not sure about:

  • Customer Support took more than seven hours
  • Kill Switch working fails (feedbacks from customers)

Conclusion: Private Internet Access review

Well, there is no doubt that the Private Internet Access runs one of the best VPN Service. Further, it provides a greater level of privacy which can prevent every intruder and malicious attacks at the back door.

Spanning through the review of Private Internet Access, we covered each and every detail of the PIA. Hence, Private Internet Access is ideal for people who have been using VPN’s for quite a long time. However, if you are looking for a good 24×7 Customer care support, you will have to look somewhere else.

Coming to speed, it is fast, responsive and poses zero or minimal lags. Hence, if you are looking for a VPN which is workable and you want that extra privacy, PIA is the best option.

Overall, Private Internet Access is cheap, feature rich and still remains as one of the best VPN’s in the market. At last, we hope you have gathered some essential information from the Private Internet Access review. And if you are eager to buy one, move ahead, choose your favourite subscription and expand your Internet workability to unbelievable extents.