5 Best VPN for Torrenting & P2P File Sharing 2018

All Torrenting software like uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, Popcorn Time, etc. don’t conceal your IP address while Torrent download and shows it to all the people download the same file as you. Which means a lot of eyes can see your IP including copyrights holders who keep their eye on such Torrenting platforms, it is not good for your security and to avoid any troublesome situation you need the best VPN for Torrenting to be safe while Torrenting which will provide you anonymity and protect you by the following ways;

  1. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) builds an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN servers hence transfers all your internet data via this secure tunnel.
  2. This way any spying and prying eyes on your network will see the fake IP address provided by your VPN service provider.

Many regions like have UK, Europe, Australia, etc. created Data Retention laws which are why ISPs are forced to keep a log of users’ online activities. Only using a Torrenting VPN can save you from such an intruding acts by the governments and copyright clowns but make sure the best VPN for Torrenting is specialized for Torrenting and allows P2P file sharing over its servers (not all VPNs do this), So here at Best VPN Analysis we have compiled a list of best VPN for Torrenting VPN which secures your IP address while Torrenting.

5 Best VPN For Torrenting

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How Anonymous Torrent VPN Works?

On all Torrenting websites, your IP address is visible to all the users downloading the Torrent which has its risks and threats involved in it. Only an anonymous Torrent VPN can keep you secure while Torrenting as it provides you another fake IP address and conceals your original IP. So no prying and prying and spying eyes on Torrent swarms can access to your login information that is your IP address which makes you safe and secure from any threats. Before you get a VPN make sure you do a little research for the best VPN for Torrenting because not all the VPN services can provide you complete anonymity while Torrenting. Only some dedicated Torrent VPN services protect your Torrent download, and these are the VPNs which take your privacy and anonymity seriously.

Why you Need the best VPN for Torrenting?

Millions of people all around the globe love Torrenting and download movies, music, videos, etc. with Torrent downloads. However, all the countries of the world act differently about copyright violation and piracy and have different laws about copyright. For instance, Europe has different laws regarding copyright infringement and copyright enforcement as of the USA and some other countries, and in many countries of the world, Torrenting is legal for personal use and not to further sale and distribution which is entirely another debate. So in regions which allow Torrenting and P2P file sharing you may felt no need to use VPN to hide your IP address, but it is important to use a Torrenting VPN for all the Torrent downloads in countries who follows strict laws against Torrenting.

5 Best VPN for Torrenting

#1: NordVPN – Reliable Torrenting VPN

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN service which makes it free from the US and European jurisdiction, and that is the best thing for any Torrenting VPN because while downloading Torrents your internet must be encrypted so that your internet activities are untraceable by the ISP. NordVPN has 500+ servers in more than 49 countries on which it allows P2P file sharing with a fast downloading speed. While a torrent download if your VPN connection disconnects, your IP address can leak, but with NordVPN has an Automatic kill switch, you are safe while downloading torrents and with the zero-log policy of NordVPN which makes it a reliable and best VPN for Torrenting and P2P file sharing.

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#2: ExpressVPN – The best Torrenting & P2P file sharing VPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Torrenting and P2P file sharing because of its excellent and high-quality anonymity mechanism which protects your identity over the Torrenting websites and P2P file sharing websites and gives you a safe and secure access to all the Torrenting and P2P file sharing website.

With its high-level encryption protocol, your anonymity is secure which makes you completely untraceable over the network and keeps all the snoopers and cyber evils away from you and. Its strong network of servers of more than 100+ locations expanded in more than 78 countries gives you a huge choice to connect and switch to any network. Most of its servers allow torrenting on their networks which means you can get smooth and unlimited access to all the Torrenting websites with super-fast downloading and uploading speed of ExpressVPN.

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#3: VyprVPN – A Sustainable Torrenting & P2P File Sharing VPN

VyprVPN is a sustainable, high-quality VPN service outperforming many VPN services for many years now. It is rated as the most viable VPN for Torrenting as it has the highest number of 700+ powerful servers in more than 50+ countries of the world. Which gives you enormous power to choose and switch between different servers to get the secure, safe and smooth access to all Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites, from any region of the world. With the fail-safe privacy protection of VyprVPN, all your online details are always hidden and encrypted by high-level encryption protocol used and offered by it which gives you a great downloading and uploading experience on all Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites globally.

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#4: Private Internet Access VPN – Optimum Torrenting & P2P File Sharing VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the optimum torrenting and P2P file sharing the solution, and the reason is its thousands of strong and sustainable servers. Which gives you the complete power and advantage of switching servers. Many of the servers allow BitTorrent traffic with the high-level security. With strong encryption of PIA VPN your Torrenting and P2P file sharing, the experience becomes extravagant. With all the availability of secure payment methods of bitcoins etc., you can enhance the Torrenting experience with full privacy shelter of PIA VPN with ultra-fast downloading and uploading speed of files on torrenting and P2P file sharing which is the ultimate benefit of it.

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#5: Ivacy VPN – Fast & 100% Anonymous Torrenting

Ivacy VPN is a Zero-log VPN service which believes on absolute privacy shelter for its users that is mandatory when it comes to Torrenting, so with Ivacy VPN App you can download or upload on Torrenting websites 100% anonymously with excellent speed, which means optimum security and privacy protection while Torrenting. Ivacy VPN allows P2P File Sharing and Torrenting on most of its 200+ servers in more than 100 countries so that you get the flexibility of choice according to your need and requirement. It is compatible with all the devices and OS which you can use for Torrenting including Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, etc. On which you get all the incredible online security and privacy features of Ivacy VPN; like high-end Encryption, DNS Leak Protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, etc. which makes it the best anonymous VPN for Torrenting.

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How the Best Torrent VPN Protects You?

A Torrent VPN can provide your safety while downloading files so that your real IP address could not be visible to everyone the benefits of using a Torrent VPN can be briefly described below;

  1. Torrent VPN provides end-to-end encryption for optimum privacy.
  2. Makes you untraceable by providing an anonymous IP address.
  3. You can choose from different servers and locations as per your need.
  4. High level of encryption for ultimate privacy protection.

Points to Consider in VPN for Torrent Downloads

Is Torrent Legal in your Country or illegal?

Many countries in the world don’t have strict rules for torrenting, and it is not illegal, though. If you are living in such a country, then it is a possibility you may don’t need a Torrenting VPN for your Torrent downloads. Most of the top developed regions like UK, Europe, North America, etc. have strict laws about Torrenting, and if you don’t use a VPN while torrenting, then you can get notices from your ISP regarding violation the copyright laws. So better to watch out before downloading anything via Torrent.

Free VPNs have nothing to do with Safe Torrenting

While searching for the best VPN for Torrenting, you may come across a lot of free VPNs as well, but these are of no use for Torrenting reasons are as follows;

  1. The customer of free VPN for Torrenting are not the paying customers, so such VPN companies will not take the risk of allowing Torrenting and P2P file sharing and in return get themselves in trouble by receiving DMCA notices and other copyright complaints.
  2. Only those free VPN services which rather steal users data and sell it for profit allow Torrenting and P2P file sharing, but on the cost of your data sold to some third-party companies, no way such a crap.
  3. There is no such practical free VPN for Torrenting as they provide limited bandwidth and slow speed useless for Torrent download and it is a catchy way to allure you to buy the premium version instead.

Do a Leak Test for Absolute Protection

To check whether you are protected or not by a VPN you can check it for your satisfaction and for ultimate security, just you have to do is to get your VPN connect and go to IPleak.net. If you can’t see your real IP address or the originating IP address of your ISP, it means your VPN is perfectly working, and if you can see either of the IP address, it means you have IP leak, however, please note that IPleak. net doesn’t show detect IPv6 leaks, and to test you can visit test-ipv6.com.


Use a Kill Switch while downloading

Nothing is perfect, and even top-notch, and best VPNs for Torrenting can be disconnected in the middle of your heavy-sized downloading file. Here you can get in trouble as it will show your IP address, to avoid such situation by using a kill switch. It prevents any internet connection outside your VPN, most of the top Torrent VPN providers have this with their VPN app for different devices. If not then you can buy the third party kill switch as well, or you can build your own if you are tech-savvy it is a must for Torrent VPN.

NAT Firewall for Torrenting

Many VPN services offer NAT Firewall which prevents and blocks the connection from peers on P2P networks, and this can cause Torrents on the P2P network to function irregularly. You can disable the NAT firewall by changing the settings of your VPN, remember it decreases the level of security while torrenting downloads and P2P file sharing.

Port Forwarding VPNs for Torrents

To enhance the P2P experience for downloaders most of the Torrent VPN use port forwarding. In Simple words, it is a method to modify the P2P file sharing experience for downloaders. A NAT firewall is used by most providers to prevent incoming connections from the internet which slows downs the speed of P2P process but enhance the level of protection. Practically, speed is reduced to enhance the security some BitTorrent clients have done it already for the users and used NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP) and UPnP port mapping to automate port forwarding.

Selecting a Good Torrent VPN

When we talk about technological aspects, any VPN service can be good enough to provide you access to P2P or Torrenting network, but not all do it. Due to increasing restrictions of copyright laws and ISPs and copyright holder making it difficult for VPN services to allow P2P and torrenting on their servers (especially the US and UK based services) due to copyright infringement. The legal consequences of permitting P2P and Torrenting are too severe for VPN services in the US, UK or some other countries. So a good Torrent VPN must not be the US or UK based provider.

When a VPN allow P2P and torrent downloads on either all of its servers or some of its server, then you are safe. You can check it by performing a leak test as mentioned earlier. If it is leaking your IP, DNS or WebRTC then you are not safe while downloading torrents (see our comprehensive guide to IP, DNS, and WebRTC Leaks ). Which means you can get warning letters from your ISP as your browser will be sending DMCA to it. Here we have gathered some important points which you must  look in the best VPN for Torrenting;

VPN Speed

The speed of the connection is really important when downloading files from the torrent. It is important to select a VPN service which provides fast speed connection for fast downloading and uploading speed and does not throttle your connection speed after switching on the VPN (also see the fastest VPN services). Keeping that in mind we have only recommended those VPNs above in the table which are fast speed and have no speed caps while you are connected to them.


If you love torrenting you know how horrifying is bandwidth throttling for you. When suddenly the download speed drops while downloading a torrent. It is done by some VPN providers to avoid overload on their servers which results in individual user bandwidth throttling, and as a result, you face slower download speed while downloading files. The best thing is to always ask your VPN provider before subscribing to the service. However, our best torrent VPN list above has no such thing as bandwidth throttling, we have asked it to you.

VPN Protocols

VPN security protocols play an important role in the security of a torrent VPN. L2TP/IPSec with 256-bit encryption is the best combination protocol for safe and anonymous torrenting with a fast speed connection (read more about VPN encryption terms). The VPN protocol PPTP only provides the 128-bit level of encryption which is not at all recommended and secure for anonymous torrenting. Our list of VPNs above has all the VPNs which offer L2TP/IPSec with 256-bit encryption best, secure protocol for anonymous torrent downloads.

Server Locations

It is crucial when choosing a VPN for torrenting to look for broader server range. Many servers expanded throughout the world help you with torrenting safely as they laws for torrenting are different in all the countries. So, you can enjoy torrenting fearlessly with a VPN with hundreds of server locations which allow P2P traffic on them.

Payment Options

You must not want to expose your identity even when purchasing the VPNs, as some services ask for your credit card details which have your real and sensitive information like your location etc. So it is wise to choose a VPN service which offers anonymous payment method like Bitcoin or PayPal, in which you don’t have to disclose your real identity, and you can safely do the transactions (get the best Bitcoin VPN). Our list of VPNs above offers anonymous payment method to provide you security and anonymity online.

Log Keeping Policy

Not many people are aware of this fact, but some VPN service providers keep the log of their user’s online activities and share it with some third-party companies so gain cash. It is imperative to look for a VPN service which doesn’t keep and log which could leak your Personally identifiable information PII. Our best Torrent VPNs stated above have the zero-log policy and safe for anonymous torrenting and privacy as well.

Internet Kill Switch Feature

Imagine due to any reason your VPN connection drops while downloading a torrent file and your real information got leaked, horrible isn’t it? The internet kill switch is a saviour in such situation which automatically kills off your internet connection as well as soon as the VPN connection drops for any reason. This could save you from IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks while downloading torrents. So, select a VPN for the list above, and you get this feature in all of our recommended torrenting VPN here.

NAT Firewall

Network Address Translation (NAT) is responsible for assigning and modifying IP address to the data packets so that they can be routed to the destination, the internet and can be identified. In short, it provides a specific and unique IP address to all the devices of your so the data packets are identified as authorized and allowed incoming and blocks all the unauthorized data packets. When you are connected to a VPN, it creates an encrypted tunnel for your data traffic and then passes through the NAT firewall. It is unable to recognize your data as it is encrypted, so the VPNs which do not support NAT firewall continuously face blocks and problems. While our best VPN for Torrenting provides a NAT Firewall between the VPN server and the Internet so to keep filtering your data through a NAT firewall.

Port Forwarding

In most of the cases, NAT firewall creates constant trouble for torrent users as it also slows downs the download speed due to its working mechanism. This issue can be resolved with Port forwarding features in which the user is allowed to pass the torrent traffic via a specific port in NAT firewall without any slower speed and hurdle of blocking by the NAT Firewall.

Issues and Threats faced by Torrent Users Globally

Due to the increase in torrent banning and making the law against torrent download many torrent users and the people who even download torrent occasionally face some major issues and threats frequently these days. Below we have gathered some of the top issues and threats of torrent lovers these days and how to cope up with them.

Copyrights Infringement Notice

People who are torrent addicts must have heard this term before which is called copyright infringement notice. As many countries have passed laws against torrenting, some of them banned torrenting and blocked the sites torrent lovers are pissed seriously. In some countries, if you are caught downloading torrents you have to face legal implications while in others you may get away with just a warning letter and notice from your ISP and as a result stopping you from torrenting. The solution is a safe, secure and anonymous VPN for torrenting which keeps all such things away from you.

Beware of Malicious Torrents

Some cyber attackers are taking advantage of this eagerness of torrent lovers to get torrenting sites unblocked. Due to that, they are so anxious they can click on any randomly recommended links which can be a click bait and contain malicious torrent created by cyber attackers to gain the access to your system. So, beware and trust some good and reliable sites only for torrenting sites and don’t let yourself get trapped in any of such hack attempts.

Whopping Fines and Lawsuits

The media industry, of course, is not happy for a long time with all the torrent sites due to the very obvious reason. So, many media groups and entertainment industry works as copyright freaks and files thousands of lawsuits against torrent users around the world. So the point is, only your ISP can recognize if you are downloading torrents, and if you don’t use a safe and anonymous VPN, then you have to face some large fines as a penalty and can get into some legal trouble and even behind bars for torrenting.

Speculative Invoicing Outside the UK & India

Many countries including India and UK have banned torrenting sites and blocked the access to the internet. In India, it is officially illegal to access and download torrents after the lawsuit has been established for torrent users. In the case of violation, users may have to face serious amount of money even prison of some period. While in UK government has also implemented strict laws against piracy and torrenting. However, the copyright owner offers speculative invoicing which offers cash settlement instead of facing legal trials. Keep such situation miles away from you and use a Torrent VPN for safe and anonymous torrent downloads.

Closure of Popular Torrent Sites

Since the last year when Kickass Torrent (KAT) has been shut down (see the substitute of Kickass Torrent), many other torrent giants either said goodbye voluntarily to their users and halt the site on the immense pressure of copyright freaks and court orders. Currently, not all the torrenting sites are banned, but the case is different in all the region of the world. In most of the countries around the world accessing torrent site is prohibited hence the government has put restrictions on it, and it is blocked and inaccessible. This urge for a secure torrent VPN which not only unblocks all the torrent sites for you but also let you download torrents anonymously and safely.

VPN is the best Solution to all the Torrent Problems

To avoid and get away with all the major issues and threats faced by torrent users globally as mentioned above, a Torrent VPN is all you need. Not just any other VPN but a secure, anonymous and reliable VPN service which you can trust for anonymous torrent downloads without any hassle (read out torrent guide if you are a beginner and want to know everything about torrenting).

Conclusion of Best VPN for Torrenting

If you are an addicted Torrent downloader but too careless to use a Torrent VPN, then you must revise your attitude and think about getting in huge financial trouble just to save money, so be safe and enjoy Torrenting!

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Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts is technology admirer and a computer specialist who is always curious for new technological advancements in the IT industry. With her extensive experience and apprehension of IT industry and technology, she writes after concrete research and analysis with the intention to aid the reader the content full of factual information. Being so ambitious to facilitate the readers, she intermittently tries her hand on the tech-gadgets and services popping frequently in the industry to reduce any ambiguity in her mind related to the project on she works, that a huge sign of dedication to her work.

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