5 Best VPN for UAE 2018


The United Arab Emirates is on its way to enhance its image in the world and to make the UAE ultimate tourists destination to give its economy an edge before the oil reserves run out. It has so far successful in attracting many tourists from around the world by its unique architectural mega projects and enhanced urban infrastructure. In this process, UAE government strictly discourages everything that is related to defamation of the country that can be hazardous for the positive image building of the country in the world hence the government manages it by strict and rigid censorship laws and geo-restrictions policies on telecommunication, electronic media, and internet services. All ISPs strictly monitors and blocks any websites contains nudity, political news related to the ruler family, VOIP software, and even some VPN services are blocked by the government of UAE which follows strict control over all communication and broadcasting mediums either telecommunication, electronic media or internet, this is really a tough and annoying situation for all the expats working or traveling to UAE and even for the local who are unable to access all their beloved content from all around the world, but don’t worry you can still be able to access all the websites and content from UAE by using the best VPN for UAE that we have enlisted for you here.

5 Best VPN for UAE

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Need for a UAE VPN

UAE is famous all around the world for its friendly welcome to all the nations and providing facilities to them and has room for people from every country to gel in the UAE friendly environment but still it has very stern and rigid internet censorship laws which are implemented all over the UAE and all ISPs are asked to monitor and control strict censorship laws and block all websites which don’t fulfill their requirement and violates their censorship laws. It includes all the top ranked streaming websites liked Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon etc. and even worse it blocks VOIP technology which allows users to connect with their friends and family via internet video or audio calling software like Skype, WhatsApp ( call feature only), Viber etc. The block on Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology is due to diverting and enforcing the people to use the National telecommunication services instead of any free internet calling software which is a really disappointing situation for all those expats who are sitting far from their families and the best way for them to connect to their families and friend is via internet video or audio calling software, which allows them the freedom to connect to their families for a longer period of time with the benefit of video calling, but the simplest and most secure way to avoid this situation is to use a UAE VPN which allows you complete access to all the blocked websites with complete anonymity and enhances high-end security protection of the best VNP for UAE.

Perks of using the Best VPN for UAE

The UAE is considered as the region of most censored internet which blocks major websites which are admired by all the internet users globally, but by using a UAE VPN you van avail unlimited advantages and there are so many alluring perks and benefits of using a UAE VPN that is not possible to sum up in one paragraph or in some lines, but the major perks of using the best VPN for UAE are highlighted below;

Unblock Netflix, Hulu , Hulu Plus, Amazon etc. with the Best VPN for UAE

Web streaming is the trend of today and we all love to stream our favorite movies, TV shows, videos etc. on our streaming devices, whether you are an expat working in UAE or a UAE local you don’t stick to your old-style TV cable system but rather so for the cool trend of Netflix streaming where you can stream thousands on latest movies, top TV shows season, videos, songs, kids’ shows etc. complete ad-free and with the option of pause, rewind and forward, what else can you ask for a lazy weekend night? when you are tired enough for any physical involvement and want to have some fun to entertain your tired and exhausted mind, in fact, we are addicted to all the web streaming channel like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon etc. but sadly all these top ranked streaming websites are blocked in UAE which creates a real panic for many streaming lovers but the smart one knows that the smartest possible way to access all the top ranked streaming channels is to use the best VPN for UAE which allows you completely secure and super-fast access to all your streaming channel for the unlimited and fast streaming experience.

Enhanced Online Security with the Best VPN for UAE

Nothing is more important than to protect your online security, as it is the core objective to use a VPN service. The best VPN for UAE that we have selected for here provides you fool-proof security with enhanced security protocols for the ultimate protection of your online security from all the cyber threats. The best VPN for UAE offers you different secure VPN protocol like PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and OpenVPN so that you can boost your online security by choosing any given VPN according to your requirement and ensure the best protection by a UAE VPN security barrier.

Unblock VOIP software by using a UAE VPN

The UAE government really has a cruel face for all the VOIP technology software it allows no flexibility towards them even after a huge urge and demand to allow all such software in the region it strictly bans all the internet calling software available on your smartphones like WhatsApp (call feature only), Skype, Viber etc. which is a hurdle for all the expats who want to communicate for a longer period of time with their friends and families even for the businesses that are dependent on international client meeting via Skype videos conferencing feature, but all these problems can be resolved by using the Best VPN for UAE which helps you to bypass the block on such software and allows you complete access to all the blocked VOIP software in UAE.

How UAE VPN Works?

You certainly need an IP address of any country other than UAE when you try to access any website that is blocked by the government of UAE and you can get IP address of any desired country by using the Best VPN for UAE as it allows you to choose from its largest servers expanded in many regions of the world like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, China etc. so a UAE VPN alters your IP address to your selected country’s IP address and then you can access all the content you want with the help of the best VPN for UAE with ultimate security and anonymity which safeguards your online security by a protective shield.

Get the Best VPN for UAE

Now it’s time to get a UAE VPN for your online security, follow these simple steps and you can unblock whatever you want from anywhere in the world;
STEP 1 Choose a UAE VPN from the list above, click the link and go to the website.
STEP 2 Signup and install the required app of the chosen UAE VPN.
STEP 3 Enter the credentials emailed to you by the VPN provider and sign in, choose any country from the servers list and get started with the ultimate protection of the Best VPN for UAE.

Final Words

Internet is really a tough and censored medium in UAE, which due to its strict censorship laws blocks many websites which can be really disappointing if you live in UAE as an expat, to avoid such vexatious situation sign up for a UAE VPN today and unblock all the websites and content which you previously were unable to access and enjoy the freedom of internet with comprehensive security of the Best VPN for UAE, as we always say, ‘We Help You to Choose the Right VPN.’

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