The Pirate IPTV Services Will Become Inaccessible, Says the Manufacturer of Set-Top Box

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As per the latest reports from Infomir, the MAG range of set-top boxes has said that the Pirate IPTV services will be blocked. These will be inaccessible for various copyright infringement which ongoing in the entire world.

While people use different MAG devices for accessing legal services, this news is a huge blow for people who use it to access illegal platforms.

Further, to let you know more about the blockage of Pirate IPTV Services, let’s move ahead and discover some essential information on the same.

The Pirate IPTV Services Will be Blocked as Said by Set-Top-Box Manufacturer

Over the past few years, different illegal set-top boxes are coming into action and capturing the TV space. People are leaving cable connections as they are getting the IPTV Set-top boxes at a cheaper price.

Recently as per the report, the Pirate IPTV Set-top boxes are accessed by 5.5% of the Canadian and US houses. Here, the range of content given is truly phenomenal. These set-top boxes have almost every type of content which the users can view with whole ease and comfort.

With such growing popularity, these set-top boxes are coming into the limelight to give competition to major cable companies.

For people who are looking for a good IPTV experience, the MAG set-top box is the best tools in business. Thousands of users use these devices to access their favourite shows right from their houses.

Further, the IPTV services often give a URL which helps MAG and other devices for accessing the portal. in addition, the verification process takes place of each URL.

However, the Infomir is willing to prevent such portal URLs to open via set-top-boxes. There are lots of reports on this matter which clearly defines that such things are happening already.

A Word of Mouth by Infomir

“Infomir is an international company operating in over 150 countries globally. As a manufacturer of multimedia devices, we are subject to copyright and related rights legislation, which we respect and adhere to,” the company says.

“Upon receiving complaints from a copyright holder, Infomir is obliged to restrict access from its devices to any portal suspected of copyright infringement. The restriction will be maintained until the issue with the copyright holder is resolved.”

Even TorrentFreak had a talk with Infomir to get more information on banning IPTV set-top boxes.

Getting a lot deeper, some of the IPTV providers not only provide access to pirate streams. Instead, their content can be non-infringing and free from copyright issues. All depends on users circumstances and how they like to see the contents.

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Final Word of Mouth: The Pirate IPTV Services Will become Inaccessible as Said by Set-Top-Box Manufacturer

Finally, it’s not clear how many MAG devices do not have access to portal URLs. On the other hand, Infomir says that they will not share any information regarding this matter.

Therefore, now as the Pirate IPTV Services will become inaccessible, piracy groups are on the road to break-through such things, for sure.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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