Anti-Piracy Companies Are Reporting IMDB As A Pirate Site

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For movie fans all over the world, IMDB is one of the best sources of information. But, in the world full of piracy and copyright infringement, companies are failing to differentiate IMDB from a pirate site. With this, the anti-piracy companies are reporting IMDB as a pirate site out of nowhere.

More to this, their complaint is doing nothing to Google but hurting the visibility of the content claim. Therefore, to let you know more about this matter, let’s move ahead and discover some essential things on the same.

Anti-Piracy Companies are reporting IMDB as a pirate site

First of all, if we talk about IMDB, it’s a goldmine of some valuable information about movies where you can find detailing about each and every movie. Be it the star cast, crew, user reviews, trivia or a trailer, IMDB has got everything in the bags for you. They even provide different data points for allowing the consumer to invest and research in the content.

It is a completely legal company but is regularly subjected to different takedown notices. They claim that the site is a pirate one and notices are definitely sent one after the another.

Even one step ahead, the company working with TV Company RCN TV filed a complaint to protect their TV show, “The Law of the Heart”.

Now, as we dig deep into the notice, it lists 132 IMDB URL’s where each one promotes the public show and none of them offers episode for free. Here, Google did the right thing not to remove any of them and leave the matter as it is.

But, if we keenly observe the scenario, it’s not only the foreign companies that are trying to remove IMDB page. Some of the biggest Anti-Piracy companies are still in the hunt for its removal.

A Take on the Notice

“[The URLs contains] illegal pirated copy of RCN’s copyrighted episodic series La ley del Corazon episode/s 01-130 RCN TV has not in any capacity, authorized to distribute its content,” the notice reads.

“RCN herby requests that based on the DMCA and Google’s own copyright infringement rules, that said portal be removed from its system in order to prevent further abuse and financial losses to our brand as copyright owners”.

Between such unnecessary notice giving, Columbia pictures too sent a notice on behalf of the Spider-Man 2 movie. However, this notice still didn’t get much attention and all the companies effort went in vain.

Now, as the Anti-Piracy companies are reporting IMDB as a pirate site, they are doing something wrong.

When sending different notices to Google, instead of using IMDB as the source of information, they listed it as a copyright infringement site. This notice was sent by the National Geographic listing such examples.

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Wrapping Things Up: Anti-Piracy Companies are reporting IMDB as a pirate site

Looking at the above issue, IMDB is definitely not a pirate site as per our information. For the anti-piracy companies, they are doing some pretty good mistake whereas fixing it must be a priority.

Finally, for a massive company like IMDB, their reputation is on the stake. And they will counter such responses, with immediate effect.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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