Reporting During the Period Of Pirate Releases Is Illegal Now


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First of all, the PreDb is a database which gives advice to the users whenever any pirate site hits the internet. This database is completely online and all of its operations are done in a digital manner. To be clear, the majority of such services are for an informational purpose and contain no pirated links. However, in today’s scenario, reporting during the pirate releases period is said to be illegal.

Further, even the anti-piracy companies are not able to tell an exact difference between pirated sites.

Therefore, let’s move ahead and discover each and every essential information on the Pirate releases story

Pirate Releases is Illegal During the Period of Reporting

While different users visit BitTorrent Site to see what is available for them, not much content has been released online. From trying to wait for a new release to checking sites, things have become a big mess.

For people who are looking for additional information on whether the contents have hit the Internet, it’s much feasible to use the PRE Database. These are the sites which can be manually or automatically managed. It even contains a list of release names which will be available online with some information.

While there are some PreDb sites which contain links to pirate sites or even NZB files. Still, they are simple forms of information which any copyright holders cannot claim.

Recently, even TorrentFreak had a big discussion with the SweTracker which is a PreDb service. This service focuses on giving information for different Nordic releases.

While plenty of PreDb sites examine the ‘Scene’ releases using the IRV information, the SweTracker examines BitTorrent trackers and then publishes copyright-free content.

Now, as per our views, we don’t think that SweTracker really needs such level of information. However, the operator of SweTracker says that he had some intense problems in the past when some huge companies targeted his site.

A Word of Mouth by Nordic User

“As a Nordic user, I wanted to see where all the Nordic releases are, where to find them, and who had them first,”

“ [another release tracking site] still existed back then, but it didn’t say in plain text which specific tracker had the content, so you had to visit all the possible trackers. So then I decided to create my own version of Swenews but detailing the specific tracker. This was about two years ago.”

Further, he even reveals that his company took back his complaints about various copyright infringement contents. This effort took more than a day whereas the site was made completely inaccessible.

According to the Google Transparency report, the had 2,204 URLs reported by different anti-piracy companies. In addition, Google removed links of around 65% of the total indexing.

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Final Word of Mouth: Pirate Releases is Illegal During the Period of Reporting

As of now, the reporting during the period of pirate releases is illegal now and it’s unclear why the sites are inaccessible But, they have a release name which is enough to make them a pirate site. Therefore, companies must use a whitelist to eradicate such issues and find a solution to the potential piracy problems.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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