EarthVPN’s Disappearance Case is Becoming Curious Every Passing Day


    EarthVPN’s Disappearance Case: In the 21st century, with different VPN Service providers all over the world, EarthVPN is one of the best the one. Recently, they were found to cough up the logs straight on the Dutch terror location. However, such thing has disappeared and there is no trace on such an issue.

    Being one of the longest VPN running services, EarthVPN’s Disappearance Case is proving to be a lot stranger one. Despite its reputation, its long-running history has been a mystery. Situated on Northern Cyprus, the EarthVPN always had some sorts of mysteries in relation to their services. As of now, the latest disappearance of this VPN is creating a sense of confusion in the minds of every VPN User.

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    EarthVPN’s Disappearance Case Insight

    Based on an unrecognized state like Northern Cyprus, it has come in the matter of debate for the VPN Industry. Generally, Northern Cyprus is an illegal region which not many people know.

    Aside from the country Turkey, there is little or no country which can recognize Northern Cyprus. It is under the control of Turkey and to date, no one knows what the reason behind it is.

    Over the course of time, the EarthVPN was providing lucrative prices to the customers all over the world. The pricing was cheap and which was one of the reasons for the popularity of EarthVPN. Their last activity on their Twitter account was in the year 2013 which clearly tells their story.

    EarthVPN Remains Silent

    In some case, one can forgive the twitter account. But still, there are some interesting which are of worth considering. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2015 which is clearly unacceptable.

    On the recent Alfred Chong post, they said, “Their customer service sucks. And no guaranteed refund. U will regret. It doesn’t get much better at TrustPilot with 4.3 out of 10 score and recent comments such as “I noticed that they were charging me twice per month instead of once. Contacted them once, didn’t get any response Kinda forgot about it. Contacted them again, got ignored again. So basically they’re stealing from me.”

    From the above scenario, it appears that EarthVPN’s Disappearance Case is slowly turning out as a nightmare for the VPN Consumers.

    People Must Avoid EarthVPN at any cost

    If you are an Internet user who is much concerned about its security, EarthVPN will not be an ideal choice for you. They have got tons of flaws and their recent disappearance clearly tells the whole story. However, EarthVPN is still functioning because they have a set of adverts which is still running on Google. With that, they are able to take payments for their VPN Services.

    In either case, if you look around, you will find pretty good VPN Services at an affordable rate. Thus, if Internet and data security is your sole purpose, you can look for the best VPN Service Providers. And, as the EarthVPN’s Disappearance Case goes, the company will shut down surely, sooner or later.





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