Facebook and Google Preventing Privacy Options For Users, Says Report


    Facebook and Google Preventing Privacy Options: Facebook and Google have come under severe criticism in the case of privacy settings.  As per the new reports, they are pushing users away from privacy settings which are a matter of concern.

    The accusations came from the Norwegian Consumer Council which was given by the name ‘Deceived by Design’. Further, both Facebook and Google are said to use ‘Dark Patterns’ to try and push users from privacy options. The report is given on the basis of Norway in April and May when the companies were busy updating their privacy settings. These things are done before the arrival of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Facebook and Google Preventing Privacy Options Story

    The Norwegian Consumer Council has been accusing of a long period of time. The recent Facebook Scandal has made people much aware of this company. Further, Facebook was preventing users to choose their own privacy settings.

    For example, if the users are trying to disable their facial recognition, Facebook is not responsible if any stranger steals their image and does unlocking.

    Moving ahead, the finding is no more different for Google. Recently, Google came up with the motto, ‘Don’t Be Evil’ has made some tweak in their privacy settings. In this, they are giving users a complete control over personal data.

    But, after deep findings, Facebook and Google Preventing Privacy Options truth came out. It was extremely difficult to navigate on the dashboard. Apart from this, there were other privacy concerns too. There were different privacy options which were kept secret and the process was long and complicated.

    Furthermore, the report says that both the platforms are pushing users towards the privacy-intrusive settings. It occurs by making threats, using prevention tactics, no option for postponing decisions and much more.

    How Can You Stay Private While Being Online?

    While, there are different privacy options available on Google, Facebook and Windows 10, it is not that easy for use. After all, all the three companies want to stop keeping your personal data private. Hence, for privacy concern users, it takes them in a tricky position. For Facebook, its users are regularly deleting their accounts and the trend seems to continue.

    However, there are other options which you can follow to tackle the Facebook and Google Preventing Privacy Options issue. You can make use of a reliable VPN Service and can enhance your Internet security to a great extent. Even more, you can hide your IP Address and can become an anonymous user. Furthermore, you must be careful about not using any free VPN Service as they can leak your private data.

    At last, with Facebook and Google Preventing Privacy Options, Internet users must need to tighten their Internet Security. Other than VPN, you can even go for the DuckDuckGo Search Engine. This search engine is privacy friendly and can make your browsing secure to some extents. Now, everything is up to you. Choose a good VPN Service provider, configure it and make your personal data secure life-long.


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