EU’s Copyright Directive Threatening the Online Free Speeches


    EU’s Copyright Directive Threatening: Over the course of time, EU has come under several controversies. Apart from these controversies, it does have a deeper impact on the people’s lives. As of now, the EU’s lawmakers will vote on a legal proposition which is known as the Copyright Directive.

    Such an initiative by the EU can have a massive impact on the usage of Europeans on the Internet. According to the critics, this proposal can widen Internet censorship, stifle information sharing and make different meme drawings illegal.

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    What is Copyright Directive?

    As the EU’s Copyright Directive Threatening issue is in the debate, people really don’t know its actual meaning. In simpler words, the EU’s copyright directive is in use for protecting the copyrights. Its main goal includes to regulate the illegal streaming and downloading of pirated moves and music. Here, there are two articles, Article 11 and Article 13 on which everyone is talking.

    At the present, individuals are solely responsible for sharing their content or violating someone’s copyright. So, according to Article 13, the scenario will become different. Here, the websites and the companies will become responsible for implementing the AI filters. Well, there are a major set of issues with the AI and EU’s Copyright Directive Threatening will eradicate such issues.

    Furthermore, if we talk about Youtube, it is ramping its own censorship efforts in response to the Copyright Directive Law. If Facebook gets this thing wrong, things can go wrong with Facebook much sooner. In the recent attempts of Facebook for regulating political content, critics have made this a matter of debate. Apart from the social media companies, even New York Times faced challenges for sharing political content.

    Article 11 And EU’s Copyright Directive Threatening

    Article 11, is a kind of strange proposal which can allow the different publishers for charging “link tax”. As a result, if any link is there with the copyright content, the creator of that link will have to pay the publisher.

    On a serious note, the Article 11 will be a disaster in the field of the Internet where tons of issues are already ongoing. Different bloggers and small content creators cannot afford such link tax. With this, they will stop using those links and this will stop the natural online flow of data.

    Can we Stop EU’s Copyright Directive?

    Well, the Copyright Directive journey has begun and is ready to pose some serious damages. As a result, the things are looking pretty nasty and people are left with only one option. Yes, despite EU’s Copyright Directive Threatening, VPN is that one service which can protect you to some good extent. This service can hide your IP address and can make you anonymous from EU. Other than this, you can sign the petition on if you looking forward to stopping Copyright Directive at the earliest. However, the chance of the EU will become greater with each successful voting. Hence, it depends on the people’s unity to prevent such threatening from EU, much sooner.


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