How To Install Nemesis On Kodi


How To Install Nemesis On Kodi? Our guide will help you install this fantastic add-on in a few minutes. A new thing new technology new awareness yes we can say it’s a Nemesis Kodi add-on. The Nemesis Kodi add-on brings you a lot of new sections that you can watch on your home TV screen. It’s a new intuitive add-on that will attract a big audience on the Kodi scene.(also see, How To Install Brettus Anime On Kodi?)

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What is Nemesis Kodi Add-on?

Nemesis add-on is the new name for Stream Army Add-on that has it all from music and sports to TV shows and movies. There are some fantastic sections available in this Kodi add-on. Some of the main sections include Sports, Movie, TV, Music, Audiobooks, Air Traffic Control, Scanner, Kids, Cartoon, Anime, and mature. This is mainly all in one Kodi addon with some additional sections as well. The content and the user interface makes it worthy to install on your Kodi device.

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How to Install Nemesis On Kodi

If you are out there in search of a mega-solution on video streaming, your search ends with Nemesis. This add-on offers a collection of various types of media that you have been dreaming about. We don’t know about you, but this is the add-on you don’t want to be without. If you choose to try it and get the experience yourself, read our guide to help you install Nemesis on Kodi.

Steps to Install Nemesis on Kodi

Here are the steps to install Nemesis on Kodi:

  • Open Kodi and navigate to Settings. Use the gear icon in the top-left corner, just under the application’s logo;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image2

  • Now click ‘File manager‘, as shown below;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image3

  • Double-click on ‘Add Source,’ on the left-hand side of the screen;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image4

  • A pop-up should now emerge, named ‘Add file source‘. Double click on ‘<None>’ and you’ll be required to enter a new URL;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image5

  • Now proceed and enter the following URL: Next, hit the ‘OK’ button;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image6

  • Now, name it that will help you to recognize it in a couple of steps. You can name it ‘Stream Army’. Click ‘OK’ once again;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image7

  • You should now notice a new folder, called Stream Army. This indicates that you’ve supplemented this source to Kodi – but you now require to install it;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image8

  • Head back to the home screen of your Kodi and choose the Add-ons button from the main menu;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image9

  • After opening the Add-ons page, you should view an open box icon at the top-left corner of the page. Click on this icon;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image10

  • Next, choose the ‘Install from zip file’ option;
  • Using a newly opened pop-up, go to ‘Stream Army.’ Click on this item to open it;
  • Finally, double-click on file titled ‘’. Wait until you get a notification of successful installation of the repository.

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image12

  • Moreover, to install Nemesis on Kodi, click to open ‘Install from repository’. That’s where you should view a list of your installed repositories. Open the Stream Army folder, as shown below;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image15

  • Now, click to open Video add-ons folder, as illustrated below;

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image16

  • While in the ‘Video Add-ons’ folder, locate Nemesis and click on it. You should notice an overview of this add-on. Lastly, click on the ‘Install’ button in the bottom-right corner.

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image17

  • Wait for a while for the Nemesis add-on files to download and install on Kodi. If this is your first time installing an add-on, this method might take a while. Once completed, you should view a notification of prosperous installation in the top-right corner of your screen.

Nemesis Kodi Addon - image18

Conclusion- How to Install Nemesis on Kodi

That’s it! Hopefully, you’ve successfully installed the Nemesis Kodi addon. You can return to Kodi’s Home Screen, open the Add-ons section, and your new add-on should be waiting there. Click on its icon to launch it. Also, for bypassing geo-restriction and avoid being troubled by copyright holders, we always recommend using 5 Best Kodi VPN Services.


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