Popcorn Time vs. Netflix: Which is the Best Streaming Service?


All the movie lovers and especially those who rely on Netflix on watching their favourite movies and wait for ages to be available on Netflix. They really need to know about the similar but more amazing online streaming app Popcorn Time. So, this article will cater you absolutely if you are looking for the comparison between Popcorn time and the popular streaming app Netflix. Here we have carried out an in-depth comparison that will lead us to the conclusion of Popcorn Time Vs. Netflix. So, keep reading this article to find out which is the best streaming service.

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The internet censorship and restrictions have really gone to the next level. Where the entertainment of a common netizen is being slaughtered and restricted in the name of copyright. All the movie maniacs are bound to either wait for ages or pay a heck of extra pennies to get their hands on their favorite movies.

Even online streaming services could not do much to bear fruits for their audience. Even the paid subscription services like Netflix can not stream the movies right after its launch in the cinema. The viewers have to either wait years or pay extra to watch their long awaited movies. This all is done only to benefit the copyright holders. But still, there is a streaming app that is nothing but a sigh of relief for all the movie lovers. That is none other than Popcorn Time. But, many people do not know about it and think it is not as much good as Netflix is. This is why today, we thought to come up with this Popcorn Time Vs. Netflix guide; to let you know which one is the best streaming service according to a consumer’s perspective.

What Is Netflix?

This comes as no surprise how great Netflix is. But just in case if you do not know; it is one of the most leading online on demand streaming service that streams both its original content as well as movies too. This is a US based streaming channel which has become the heartthrob of millions and billions of viewers over a short period. Not only in the US but outside as well, there are millions of fans who subscribe to this on-demand streaming service. (also check, What is Coming UP on Netflix in August 2017)

Why Is It Banned Outside the US?

Since it is an American on-demand streaming service and a media platform; it is region-restricted. That means not everyone can access the original content of Netflix which is exclusively for the lucky people living in the US. So, if you are leaving the US or live outside it, you may not be able to access the same content on Netflix as you used to do in the US. It is due to the geo-blocking, by which Netflix server determines the user’s location and allow the access of its original content only to those whose IP is American. However, you can still have the option of using a VPN in hand, if you want to bypass the geo-restriction and access Netflix US from anywhere around the globe. (also see, 5 Best VPN for Netflix – Watch Netflix from anywhere 2017)

What Is Popcorn Time?

Do you hate the time-taking download of torrent files and then wait for more to stream the content? Well, this can be a no-problem with Popcorn Time. It is a free and open-source software that works like a hybrid between BitTorrent client and an on-demand streaming service. Or to better understand it you can call it “Netflix for Pirates.” It is because it offers the same access as Netflix does but for free.

It works on P2P BitTorrent file sharing protocols and streams the content right on its platform. All you need to do is to search for your favorite movie, download it quickly and then play it then and there. However, it actually does not stream content. But they are downloaded and uploaded through other users, just how a P2P works.

Is It Legal?

Since the Popcorn Time streams the movies by using the BitTorrent files sharing protocol, there might be a thought popping in your mind; which is whether or not it is legal to use Popcorn Time. File sharing via BitTorrent is itself not illegal. But what makes it illegal is the sharing and downloading of that file which is copyright protected. Thus, downloading and watching any movie via Popcorn Time might get you a copyright infringement notice because it uses BitTorrent file sharing technique that is against copyright law.

But, in many countries, Popcorn Time is not inaccessible and using it does not make you a criminal. However, there are some countries where it is considered as a crime equal to using Torrent clients for file sharing. But you do not need to worry as long as you have a VPN for Popcorn time in hand. Read on our guide Popcorn Time Vs. Netflix to know more about the best streaming service. (also read, 5 BEST VPN FOR POPCORN TIME 2017)

Popcorn Time Vs. Netflix- Which Is Better?

In a bid to compare both Popcorn Time and Netflix, we have examined all the three primary parameters by which we could get to the conclusion of Popcorn Time Vs. Netflix. So, here we go:

Which Service Quality is Better?

There is no denying the fact that Netflix is the leading online video streaming service with millions and billions of users. But, this is also an undeniable fact that since it has changed its business model from renting out DVDs to streaming original content, somewhere and somehow it is losing its charm.

Going back to the golden days when Netflix used to rent out the DVDs; it had around 140,000 titles; which is actually an extensive database any streaming site can have. It enabled the users to navigate and choose from older to the newer hit movie from the Netflix. But when it turned into streaming service; since then it provides the user’s access to only 60,000 titles, and all that include the older movies only. Even worse for the overseas users; as they are offered only around 10,000 titles.

Though it charges premium subscription from its customers; still the library of Netflix has a dearth of new releases. In fact, any movies on Netflix comes after five years of its release; then after five years, it becomes available in the “All you can watch” category. However, with Netflix original content and movies this duration shortens to some extent.

On the other hand, Popcorn Time comes free of cost, and at the same time, it also exposes the Netflix limited content. It allows you to watch all latest movies right on your Popcorn Time app irrespective of your location. Though there is some region where it is not accessible, you can still use it using a VPN.

Revenue Model:

You must be thinking, if this Popcorn time is so much cooler then why is it free of cost and how does it make money. Well, let me tell you straight away that it does make money. It is because in the US, making money out of any illegal means is a far more bigger crime than uploading a copyright protected content on the internet for free.

This is the reason why Popcorn Time has still managed to survive because it comes ads free, no subscription charges and no premium account. It is all the same for everyone and anyone.
While Netflix has been earning its mighty dollars right from its inception. Presently, Netflix has over 94 million subscribers globally. So it has a diverse revenue model through which it earns. It offers a basic subscription package that starts at $7.99/month. Netflix has expanded itself as an online distributor, television production, and film production.

This also directs us towards the conclusion of Popcorn Time Vs. Netflix in favor of Popcorn Time as it suits a consumer more than the Netflix. It is because in Netflix you can not get your hands on the latest movies even after paying the extra money. While Popcorn offers you the very latest video for free. ( you might also need, HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND WATCH MOVIES AND TV SHOWS ON NETFLIX?- A GUIDE TO NETFLIX OFFLINE MODE)


In recent times, the popularity graph of Popcorn time has touched the skies, and there is no one to blame this for except the Hollywood; that has failed to offer an affordable option for its consumers. Also, some credit goes to the failure of Netflix that is unable to let its users watch the brand new content even after paying hefty! And lastly, its revenue model also deserves some credit that because of that it manages to survive; and the government finds it difficult to shut down this service. While Netflix has also seen a sharp growth in its international customers but the US customer growth graph has declined a bit; that should be a matter to worry for Netflix.


The conclusion of Popcorn Time Vs. Netflix is as clear as crystal. All three parameters we used to compare both the streaming services. And all of those three shows that Popcorn Time is the best streaming service; as it offers you the latest content for free.


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