First Pirated DVD Screeners Has Been Leaked Online


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At present, the first pirated DVD Screeners have made their way into the industry of pirate sites. This very year, the honour went to the Green Book which was then followed by Ralph Breaks the internet.

After which, the Release group Hive-CMS says that this year, it’s a bigger challenge as they have lost different contacts. But, they are not the only group in this game as different other companies are involved in it too.

So! What’s the actual matter about the first pirated DVD screener’s leakage? Let’s move ahead and find out the same.

First Pirated DVD Screeners Leaked Online Story

As we move towards the very end of this year, movie screeners are being sent to industry insiders. They are the one who cast votes for award functions and other major awards such as Oscars.

This time, it’s the most anticipated time for the pirate industry who are hoping to get copies for the latest blockbusters.

If we talk about the year 2018, the wait was fairly long but the screener’s season has begun their work. As of now, the release group Hive-CMS have got some good sources after they came out with Green Book. It is still playing up in theatres which shows its popularity and significance.

Moving ahead, after a backlash three years ago, the group released prominent titles before the actual release of a theatre show. This time, the same group is paying attention to timing.

In this case, the Green Book became the major highlight because it surpassed more than its actual budgeting cost.

However, it’s unclear how many screeners of Hive-CMS have access to it. In addition, the group even lost access to the websites, emails after which, they have lost their important contacts.

A Word of Mouth by the Group

“Well, one year has passed and it’s that time of the year that everyone is waiting for. SCREENER Time. As usual, we love to share with friends all over the world,” the group notes.

Since we lost our site/mail with no backup and with it all contacts gone, it’s quite complicated to get things going this year. We want to get things back as they were, but it will take time,” they add to the note.

Now, even in the releasing stages, Hive-CMS is having trouble releasing their titles as they did in the past years. However, they are not the only group who does such things and plenty of more are there in the line-up.

Usually, it remains a mystery so as to where the screeners came from. Every now and then, the FBI is busy tracking the source and finding new sorts of information.

Further, the group is stressing that the leakage screeners is not hurting Hollywood at all.

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Final Word of Mouth: First Pirated DVD Screeners Leaked Online Story

Seeing the present state, we are sure that Hollywood disagrees with the current situation. But, as the first pirated DVD screeners have leaked online, nothing much can be done. Therefore, it will be a hard time for the movie companies to put everything back on track, for sure.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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