5 Best VPN for Netflix – Watch Netflix from anywhere 2017


Netflix is the most outstanding and rapidly growing internet television network of the world. Its popularity can be measured as it has over 83 million subscribers in over 190 countries enjoying the world’s largest internet T.V library listed with 10,000 items in various categories including original series, documentaries, movies, TV shows and Kid’s shows. It is so popular worldwide that it outranked cable T.V in the US, and why not when you can watch your favorite movies, shows Ad-free from anywhere anytime with the facility of pause, forward and rewind option with the alluring binge-watching option. As mentioned earlier Netflix is available for streaming in more than 190 countries, but do you know what? The content library is not same as of Netflix US ( with 10,000+ items for streaming) and second thing what about the regions where Netflix is unavailable for streaming, no worries the answer is a Netflix VPN. A Netflix VPN is the most feasible and smart solution to cater both of the above mentioned queries, yes you can access the Netflix US library from anywhere in the world and even you can get it in the region where Netflix has not reached yet and all you need is the best VPN for Netflix that we have listed down here.

Netflix and Geo-restriction

It is no doubt the world is crazy about Netflix US content but unfortunately not all the countries are lucky enough to get the Netflix US library and it is due to the geo-restrictions because of various content licensing and copyright issues, so if you love ‘’Orange is New Black’ or ‘’Daredevil’’ but can’t access it in your country instead see a frustrating message says the content is not available in your region, then you need a Netflix VPN to unblock it in your region very easily.

Why You Need a Netflix VPN?

If you live outside the US then you don’t want to miss out on the 10,000+ items available for streaming while paying the same subscription money as of a US subscriber, then the best VPN for Netflix is what you need, we know it is like adding more sugar to a dessert, but that how things get sweet. For instance, according to a report by if you live in Australia, your Netflix library has only 1900 item available for streaming with is not even half of Netflix US library.

Best VPN for Netflix

#1: ExpressVPN – Ultra-Fast Netflix Streaming & Extreme Security

Millions of Netflix users from all around the world use ExpressVPN for its incredible ultra-fast streaming speed of Netflix with the extreme security barrier. ExpressVPN has shown remarkable performance for streaming such high-traffic streaming websites like Netflix due to its strong and sustainable large number of servers expanded in many regions of the world. Netflix is available to limited regions in the world but its demand is increased from all over the world but due to content licensing and geo-restriction in many countries of the world Netflix is either inaccessible of partially available for online streaming but ExpressVPN gives you power to access Netflix US library that is the largest library with thousands of movies, TV shows, Videos, Songs Album etc. on any streaming device as it compatible with PC, laptop, MacBook, Android, iPhone, iPad etc. and from any country of the world even from the world toughest region for internet and specially for streaming China which literally blocks everything but ExpressVPN is always one step ahead and provide access to all streaming channels even from China as well, It is possible due to the huge list of extended servers of ExpressVPN in all major regions and countries of the world with the fastest speed and with the extreme security and privacy shelter of ExpressVPN which keeps your online identity secure while streaming on such crowded and high-traffic websites.

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#2: NordVPN – A Smart VPN for Netflix

After the Netflix crackdown on VPN services many VPN providers were cut off from the Netflix network and customers who use a VPN to access US library from other countries were unable to access it due to the block, but NordVPN is still in the game by its SmartPlay feature which is embedded on most of its apps, except the new iOS app which uses secure the IKEv2 security protocol which prioritizes security over streaming convenience, which make NordVPN a smart and high-end streaming VPN for Netflix with the other enormous security features like double encryption for added security and other beneficial VPN features including Automatic kill switch, 30-day money back guarantee,3-Day free trial.

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#3: BufferedVPN – A Rapid-Fire Netflix Streaming VPN

Buffered is comparatively a very speedy VPN for Netflix which is continuously improving its service by introducing new and innovative features. For streaming videos like you do on Netflix and other streaming channels the main thing you need is the speed for a better and uninterrupted streaming with no speed lap and connection delays with full security and privacy as it only supports OpenVPN which is the most secure VPN protocol which makes Buffered the high-end VPN with super-fast Streaming Speed for Netflix. Buffered VPN has VPN servers in 33 countries all around the world which provides you the flexibility to choose the server country as per your choice.

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#4: VyprVPN – Effective VPN for Netflix

VyprVPN is one of the most comprehensive VPN services in the market. It has covered all the modern tools and techniques effective for a VPN service to provide the best of the VPN service quality to its customers. It is the most effective VPN service for Netflix with more than 700 server locations in more than 50 countries around the globe. The Chameleon technology provided by VyprVPN is the most advanced technology to evade the censorship as it can battle off the most restricted censorships and firewall over the internet which causes VPN blocks, so it helps to bypass such VPN blocks and let users access their most favorite streaming channel, Netflix from any region in the world with fast streaming speed due to unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switching the options are limitless, which makes it a reliable Netflix VPN so far. VyprVPN offers you more than 200,000+ IPs to choose which enhance your flexibility for a better user experience from any country of the world. You can use it on any of your devices as it is compatible with all the major streaming devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux etc. VyprVPN is absolutely safe to use as it manages its own servers which prevent eavesdropping by privacy intruders and provide you a private and anonymous connection for all the purposes you wish for.

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How Netflix VPN Works?

When you outside the US, and access Netflix your IP is read by its network and it only shows the items which are available in your region due to many complexities in content licensing and political and religious issues for instance in the Middle East there are many countries which restrict a lot of Netflix due to content censorship laws in the region. However, if you use the best VPN for Netflix it provides you a list of many strong servers in USA which you can select and your IP address will be changed to US IP address and then you can easily access all the shows blocked before using the Netflix VPN.

Is Netflix still restricted anywhere?

Netflix is trying hard to bring its services to the Global market and successfully achieved it, but still some regions are intact and Netflix is still restricted in these countries that are China, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea, however you can still be able to access Netflix from these countries as well by using the best VPN for Netflix.

Why is this Netflix Limitation?

The major content provider of Netflix is Hollywood studios and other TV and movie content makers follow the outdated copyright laws according to which the content can only be distributed where it is made, other regions interested must pay a huge content licensing fees to get the copyrights of that content so in that way the best way to overcome this issue is to use a Netflix VPN, and enjoy your favorite shows and movies anywhere anytime.

Netflix Blocks VPN-Update

After the immense pressure by the content providers Hollywood studios and other Netflix announced the crackdown on all the users who use a proxy or VPN service to access Netflix, according to many tech analysts and many articles written on the topic that it is not possible for Netflix to block all the VPN providers on its network as it a profit-based business entity and it doesn’t want to lose all its 20% of the potential subscribers from all over the world to end up with a big loss in its credit, then what about this Netflix VPN crackdown? What we believe (that could be wrong) it is all just a shallow play of Netflix to show its content producers that it also seriously thinks and abide the copyright and content licensing laws, but in reality it will not block all the VPN providers, never, however, when it all started and how it took turns is all summed up below in the Netflix vs VPN summary datewise;

01 January 2016: The Netflix VPN ban rumors started to circulate over the internet.

22 January 2016: Netflix started its action against some VPN and SmartDNS services.

07 March 2016: Android App for Netflix was updated resulting in the halt all of the VPN and SmartDNS unless you manually update DNS settings. iOS App for Netflix was working fine, but any update could be the same for VPN and SmartDNS as of Android update and stop them working of Netflix network.

18 April 2016 Netflix CEO accepted that VPN users are in a minority and cutting them would not be an issue for the profit of the company, however, this was taken as a green signal for the VPN users by Netflix.

19 April 2016: Canadians were annoyed as VPNs were blocked in the country again but before a massive rage, VPN services found their way back and got Canadians connected to the American Netflix.

June 2016: Another bout of outages causes mass VPN blackouts, some providers don’t recover at all and some are affected for days before managing to once more find a way to unblock the US catalog.

January 2017: It is reported that IPVanish VPN has surrendered the battle of Netflix vs VPNs (and stopped unblocking the US service) so we want all our readers to know that.

Netflix Gone Global

Last year Netflix announced its official services in more than 130 countries around the world. It has more than 200k paid subscribers in Australia alone (see the best VPN for Australia to unblock all geo-restricted sites in Australia). To eliminate the use of VPN and to bring a better streaming experience to its users, Netflix expanded its service spectrum last year, but it seems still it is unable to bring what people want, the similar content library as of US Netflix. This is due to many complexities in content licensing procedures and the heavy fees countries have to pay to acquire the content license, many countries seems uninterested in it due to so many reason, finances is one of the main reasons of course. The major content provider of Netflix; Hollywood has imposed larger content licensing fees for various regions on the basis of their income, richer countries require to pay more money than the poor ones to let many Netflix show available in their region. This is the reason Netflix is unable to bring the same content library as of US to all of its countries where it is officially operating and people are much more interested in the US only content because most of the shows and movies foreign users want to access are blocked in their countries for online streaming, so the best VPN for Netflix seems a good solution to bypass this restriction (note: unblocking any unlicensed content in your country is illegal, so unblock US Netflix at your own risk). However, as per the latest stats here, where I have compared the content catalogue of Netflix US to other countries. In American Samoa people can get access to 98.8 of the full US catalog of Netflix, Puerto Ricans can access 82.89% of the US content, which is way more than 22.69% in Spain and 8.53% Hong Kong (extremely low). With such discriminated percentages of how much people can get of US Netflix, there is not debate why people love a Netflix VPN to access the US content library.

Netflix and Dedicated IP Address

As you all know Netflix has blocked many VPN services on its network now. The reason it is easier for Netflix to find out and block VPN is that those VPN services offered shared IP address (read in detail about shared IP vs dedicated IP VPN services). A Shared IP VPN services means hundred and thousands on its users has the same network IP, when Netflix sees it that thousand of people are accessing its network using the same IP, it instantly knows that they are using a VPN service to break into US Netflix and it blocks that IP and so the VPN service.

To battle of this Netflix behaviour and to keep working on US Netflix VPN service has to rent out new Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to allocate new IP address to its users. And even after when the IP is used by many of its users, it soon gets blocked. The solution of this is a Dedicated IP address, which is assigned especially to one user by a VPN service and no other user has that IP. A dedicated IP is hard to track by the Netflix as it seems that the users is accessing Netflix US from the USA like a normal US resident. So, currently the list of VPNs above use dedicated IP feature to let you unblock US Netflix outside the US. It is recommended not use the dedicated IP address for any other purpose and keep it especially for Netflix.

Accessing Netflix US Catalogue

Millions of people look for US catalogue of Netflix, which is sadly and unfortunately blocked outside the US. the US content library of Netflix has more than 7,000 items available for online streaming including movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Kids’ shows etc.

Some points to remember to Access Netflix US Catalogue;

  • Choose a Netflix VPN with Dedicated IP Address Feature

A Dedicated IP address VPN service will let you unblock US catalogue of Netflix from any country. Note than a dedicated IP is not as secure as a shared IP address, because you can be easily traced because of the specific IP address, but it is a winner to unblock US Netflix outside the US. Our list of VPN services recommended as the best VPN for Netflix above have dedicated IP address feature to unblock US Netflix from any region of the world.

  • Choose the Right VPN Server

Choosing a right location is very important to be able to access Netflix US. When you switch on your VPN service always select USA servers, as you have to access American stuff it is important your location must be from USA.


Netflix US while Travelling outside the US

When people living in US travel outside the US for work or vacation, the question that frequently comes in their mind is, do I have to subscribe a foreign Netflix account to be able to login and watch? The answer is ‘’NO’’. Your Netflix account will remain same wherever you go as Netflix works on the basis of your location from where you login your account. So, for example if you are going to Dubai, (United Arab Emirates-UAE) for vacations and want to stream online movies you will only see the content available for streaming in UAE (see also the best VPN for UAE to unblock everything in UAE). Which is way shorter than US content catalogue. So, here is the savior and it is the best VPN for Netflix by which you can spoof your location to US and access US Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Netflix Hidden Categories

Even many Netflix lovers are unaware of how can they get best out of their Netflix subscription. Netflix have many hidden categories and features which let you enhance your Netflix online streaming. So fill yourself with more of your favorite streaming channel’s knowledge and know 11 hidden Netflix hacks you need to know.

How to Watch Netflix from Australia, Canada or Japan?

Even though Netflix has already expanded its networks and provided the services across the borders to many regions like Canada, South America, Europe and Australia after increasing demand, but it doesn’t mean you can get access all the exclusive and valuable content that is available only for Netflix USA, but now you know how to unblock Netflix US from anywhere in the world to enjoy the largest online streaming library over the internet with super-fast speed and many servers.

Netflix UK

UK people seems to be the craziest for Netflix US to the date it has 5 about more than 5 million households subscribed to Netflix which is far more than its rivals (Amazon & Sky TV) which are forecasted to be increased to 9 million by 2020. However, geo-restriction limit the users to access Us content library but the best VPN for Netflix that we have listed here still give you access to American Netflix from the UK.

Netflix Australia

As mentioned above Australia is the region with a huge demand for Hollywood content and online streaming, but they feel discriminated when the content library is restricted and shorter than US Netflix so VPN is a must in Australia for this popular streaming with the full content media.

Netflix Japan

Even after Netflix announced that it is now available in the whole world, that could be an alluring shallow statement because Netflix is still unable to bring the same media content library to the world. Similarly having many subscribers from Japan and if you are one of them you now need a VPN to access the largest content library of Netflix containing more than 10,000 item available for streaming.

Netflix for Apple TV, Smart TV, PS4, etc.

Netflix can only be accessed through Apple TV, Smart TV PS4 etc. with MediaStreamer DNS service available in our list of VPN provider and top recommended is ExpressVPN to access Netflix through VPN on all these devices.

Netflix for iOS and Android Apps

All the top Netflix VPN service providers have dedicated apps for Android and iOS to easily install and run on these OS, for a better streaming experience internet connection must be really speedy.

Best Netflix Originals

We are sure you never want to miss out and want to watch these top rated and the most famous Netflix original series of all the time.

House of cards

House of Card was definitely a game changer for Netflix which brings tons of dollars in Netflix pocket and it is currently the longest running series on Netflix with 52 episodes which also brought Emmy Awards for Netflix.


Marvel’s Daredevil

When Marvel and Netflix came up with Marvel’s Daredevil they did not expect that it would be a hit and push Netflix to new heights of fame.


Orange is new black

The Comedy drama Orange is the New Black is the most popular and top rated original series of Netflix with its seventh season it would be the longest running TV series on Netflix.


What is Coming Up on Netflix?

Stay Tuned with us to know what you can stream next month with our “What is coming up on Netflix“.

How to Setup VPN for Netflix?

Now you are few simple steps away from the best VPN for Netflix. It is simplified below;

  • Choose a VPN service from the table above as per your requirement and sign up for the service by visiting its website.
  • Install the required VPN app according to your Netflix Streaming device and sign in to the VPN by entering your username and password.
  • Choose the USA from the server list and here you are ready to access the Netflix US library from any country.

Final Words

Using a VPN not just gives you access to geo-restricted websites like Netflix, Hulu ,Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer Channel 7, NBC etc. but also provides your device complete security from rapidly increasing cyber crimes, hacking and spamming attempts by concealing your IP from the people on the network you are accessing to so surf safely and get the full advantage of internet by using the best VPN service.

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Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts is technology admirer and a computer specialist who is always curious for new technological advancements in the IT industry. With her extensive experience and apprehension of IT industry and technology, she writes after concrete research and analysis with the intention to aid the reader the content full of factual information. Being so ambitious to facilitate the readers, she intermittently tries her hand on the tech-gadgets and services popping frequently in the industry to reduce any ambiguity in her mind related to the project on she works, that a huge sign of dedication to her work.

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