How to Watch US Netflix in India?


How to Watch US Netflix in India? For all my Indian readers or the people who just travelled to India and missing their US Netflix Content; this article is written specifically to help you. Although Netflix has arrived in India now, still they have as little to offer you as 7% of the US Netflix content. So, if you are looking for the ways to watch US Netflix in India, then this article is inevitably going to help you.

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In this article, we will find out why Netflix content differs from country to country especially in Indian. Also, if you happen to live in India, you can get to know how to watch US Netflix in India.

What’s Netflix?

Netflix is a website that enables you to see movies and television shows whenever you crave and as often as you wish. A monthly subscription proffers you access to all programs available on Netflix for your region; which you can watch on your smartphone, PC, smart TV, or other digital media player.

Why People Prefer To Watch Movie Or TV Show On Netflix?

The life of a TV and movie fanatic is hard if you imagine about it. Assume if there’s a superhit movie that you have been waiting to release. Do you prefer watching it in cinemas as soon as it releases out? That will fetch you a pretty penny. Do you sit back until the film has a physical release, and then purchase it? It’s still expensive; there’s no telling if you’ll even watch the movie more than once; and the player (or disc) may quit running or become antiquated.

And when we talk about watching shows on TV. There are tons of distinct things that can have between you and your favorite show. The channels in your service provider package aren’t televising a fresh episode for another week; or maybe more. Or perhaps the show is available on a premium channel; for which you will have to pay additional money to subscribe to. Or possibly you don’t have adequate space on your digital recorder to store your show and all of the other stuff that you want to watch.

This is the reason why most of the people; who aren’t content with these choices, switch to With Netflix, you can see as many movies and TV show episodes as you want. And you don’t have to wait for a cinema to update a show time; a CD/DVD renter to get a physical copy in stock, or a channel to broadcast the new episode. As long as a movie or TV show is available on Netflix; you can watch it whenever you want. And all of it costs as little as $8 a month. (also check, What is Coming UP on Netflix in October 2017)

India Has Netflix Now!

So Netflix India has eventually launched. While this is thrilling news, the stuff Netflix will be streaming in India is perversely nowhere proximal as impressive as what Netflix renders in America. While Netflix currently obstructs access to their US website if you are in India. That means even having had Indian Netflix accessible; you still can not watch Netflix in India, the content that is American Netflix library specifically. But, that does not mean you should forget American Netflix content and settle for what little Indian Netflix is offering you. This article has some really nifty ways to help you watch US Netflix in India.

Why Does Netflix Library In India Is not Same As in the US?

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings disclosed why the similar content isn’t available everywhere: territorial licensing. Here’s a brief description of how that operates.
The producers of any TV show or movie aspire to maximize earnings from their product. So they permit their production to various content distributors in diverse parts of the world. Naturally, the highest bidder attains the rights.

For the sake of example, let’s talk about Star Wars, one of the greatest geek movies of all time. As a distributor, Netflix has to determine if sufficient people in the U.S, the UK, India, and other countries will watch Star Wars to recover the cost of purchasing the rights.

Anyway, the fact is Netflix content varies from country to country, and the best of all content it offers is for American Netflix subscribers. All the other region Netflix has so little to offer in comparison with Netflix America. But, you do not need to worry about it. No matter where you live, even if it is India; you still can watch US Netflix in India with the help of some handy ways that we have compiled in this article for you. (also read, How to watch Disney Movies Online)

How To Watch US Netflix In India Using VPN?

If you try to visit the Netflix website in India; you will get to see the Indian Netflix region. That is because Netflix server has identified your Indian IP and imparted you access to Netflix India subsequently. That implies that switching IP addresses is equal to substituting Netflix regions. In other words, to watch US Netflix in India, you require an American IP address. You can use VPN to get a US IP address outside USA. Once you are connected to an American VPN server, you can watch US Netflix in India.

Using VPN unblocks all US streaming channels including US Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Watch ABC.

All your internet traffic gets encrypted while using VPN. That implies that websites are unable to track you and that your personal data will be guarded against snooping eyes.

Since all your traffic is rerouted and encrypted your Internet speed will imperceptibly dwindle. If you do not have high-speed Internet; you might think using Smart DNS instead of VPN to watch US Netflix in India.

VPN apps are available on many platforms including Android, PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Install the VPN app on your streaming device. Connect to a US VPN server. Unblock and watch US Netflix in India.

How To Watch US Netflix In India Using Smart DNS?

Given that in India some netizens suffer from the slow internet; so unblocking American Netflix using VPN might not be the perfect solution. With Smart DNS, you can watch geo-blocked content without affecting your Internet speed. That is because Smart DNS neither rechannels all your traffic nor encrypts it. Thus, Smart DNS might be the better option for you to change your Netflix region to the USA in India if you use a slow internet connection.

All your streaming devices can be set up with Smart DNS. Watch US Netflix in India on Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android.
No Internet speed drops when using Smart DNS. No need to download and install additional software.
Using Smart DNS makes it possible to unblock geo-restricted channels from different regions without changing the Smart DNS configuration. That means you can watch US Netflix and BBC iPlayer simultaneously. (also see, How to Unblock WWE Network Outside US with a VPN)
Some Indian ISPs do use DNS hijacking and transparent proxies. Both these methods prevent Smart DNS from working. If you suspect that your ISP is one of them, use VPN instead of Smart DNS to watch US Netflix in India.

VPN Or Smart DNS? Which Is Better To Watch US Netflix In India?

Both VPN and Smart DNS solution come very handy and have their own advantages. But, when it comes to choosing any one out of these two to change your location; all it depends on your requirement. According to my experience, the key difference between using a VPN and a Smart DNS is the encryption and speed.

A VPN encrypts your internet data traffic and makes sure no one can intercept it; while Smart DNS has no encryption policy due to which it does not affect your internet connection speed. So, it depends on your priority, if you think security is a non-compromisable thing for then you should opt for VPN; or if you already have slow internet connection, then Smart DNS will suit you better.


As a movie and entertainment zealot, I myself prefer watching my favorite stuff on Netflix. And due to work, I often travel; where I find it hard to resume watching my favorite TV shows episodes from where I left them. So, I always seek VPN’s help to change my location and secure my connection at the same time. However, both the above-discussed solution are equally good to watch US Netflix in India. But if you are also a concerned privacy person like me, then VPN will be suitable for you. (also see, Best VPN Deals 2017)


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