How to Unblock YouTube Videos in Finland? Access YouTube From Anywhere


How to Unblock YouTube Videos in Finland? On 30th November 2017, Finish people were shocked to see this message when they try to access YouTube videos in Finland, “Video sisältää materiaalia, jonka omistaa TEOSTO. Video ei ole käytettävissä kotimaassasi.”

English Translation; “Video content owned by Teosto. The video can not be used in your country.” This is due to a failure in video licensing deal between YouTube and the local performance rights organization Teosto.

Hence, hundreds of popular Youtube videos are taken down in Finland. However, you can still access YouTube videos in Finland by using a VPN. In this article, I am going to show how can you unblock YouTube videos in Finland.

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How to Unblock YouTube Videos in Finland?

If you want to enjoy watching your favourite videos on Youtube you need to change you Finish IP address to unblock it in Finland. Furthermore, the best way to unblock YouTube videos in Finland is to use a VPN with many IP addresses. A VPN service masks your real IP and provides you with a different country’s IP. This way you can bypass the regional restriction by doging the Geo-restricted sites. Follow the steps below to unblock YouTube videos in Finland;

  1. Select any one VPN service from the list below and go to the website. I recommend ExpressVPN for that, however, choice is yours.
  2. Sign up for the VPN service by entering your email, username etc.
  3. Go to the VPN site again and install the VPN App as per your device; Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc.
  4. Open the VPN App and sign in by using the credential emailed to you by your VPN provider.
  5. Select any fast speed VPN server from the server list other than Finland.
  6. Now open incognito window of browser and go to YouTube from computer.
  7. You can now easily access YouTube videos in Finland using a VPN.
  8. Furthermore, a VPN will also let you access all the regionally restricted sites from anywhere like Hulu, Netflox, Amazon, BBC iPlayer etc.
  9. It also encrypts your online activity and provides you anonymity while surfing the web.

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Final Words- How to Unblock YouTube Videos in Finland?

Consequentlly, I can say that you must use the above-mentioned method to unblock YouTube videos in Finland. Additionally, a VPN is recommended for general browsing as well. As it secures you online and keep you away from many online privacy and securitu threats. However, it depends on the VPN you select, Free VPNs can cause your more damage than it provides benefits. So, always spend a little money to be secure on the web.



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