VyprVPN Review 2018


+ Pros

  • 700+ servers in 50+ locations
  • Covers five continents with 200,000+ IPs.
  • No server down issues and connections are always available.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited server switching.
  • Blazing Speed and easy to use Apps.
  • Chameleon technology to defeat VPN blocking.
  • No third party servers are involved.
  • Easy to use apps for every device.
  • Multiple protocols support
  • NAT Firewall to provide additional security.
  • Has 24x7x365 customer support.
  • Their transparency in business promotes its services.

– Cons

  • BitCoin is not supported.

Short Review of VyprVPN

Golden Frog’s VyprVPN protects both personal data and legal entities. VyprVPN constantly makes innovations in its services and applications to respond to the changing internet requirements and restrictions.
From our VyprVPN review, it is clear that it owns and manages all of its servers, hardware, DNS, and networks. It has made a significant investment to drive through success. It uses a flexible design and requires no expensive hardware to be purchased, for its deployment.

Pricing and Plans

It has three different pricing plans and an exclusive plan for business. Though the price is slightly on the higher side, the quality of VyprVPN connections is far above when compared with its competitors. It also provides a free trial for its users. Our VyprVPN review will explore all the plans offered by VyprVPN.

  • VyprVPN Plan: It supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN protocols. It uses 256-bit encryption and provides NAT Firewall protection. It costs $5 if you select to pay annually and if you opt to pay monthly it will cost you $9.95 per month. It allows unlimited data usage and three simultaneous device connections.
  • VyprVPN Premier Plan: It supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN protocols along with Chameleon and uses 256-bit encryption, NAT Firewall. It costs you $6.67 if you select to pay annually and if you opt for monthly payment it costs you $12.95 per month. It also allows unlimited data usage and five simultaneous connections.
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee: VyprVPN offers its users a 30-days money back guarantee and a free trial. The free trial request can be made easily by submitting the information in the ‘contact us’ form. From our VyprVPN review, it gives more emphasis on giving free trials so they can make their users experience the quality of service it offers. That can be changed to long term subscribers.
  • 3 Days FREE TRIAL Offer: VyprVPN offers 3 days free trial offer on the purchase of any of there plan, so you can try it risk-free.

Features of VyprVPN


Managing Own Servers for Absolute Anonymity

VyprVPN has its servers, network, DNS and hardware. They never depend on third parties for servers, and we can say there is no chance for the user’s information to go out to wrong hands. Since every communication happens within their network channels and servers, hacking is impossible. From this VyprVPN review, we can confirm that it is anonymous in all the internet activities.

Blazing Fast Connection Speed

VyprVPN deploys the latest hardware and higher quality software by every possible means. With the usage of unlimited bandwidth, there is no restriction in the data that travels through the VPN tunnel. Even if there is an issue with a particular server, the unlimited server switching option enables blazing fast connection speed throughout the server locations.

Easy to Use VPN Apps

VyprVPN team has its apps, and they have simpler installation and setup procedures. Exhaustive guides are available to provide knowledge about those procedures. Hence, even a first time user can themselves learn and deploy VyprVPN apps.

Unlimited Server Switching

If there is an issue with any of the servers of VyprVPN or when a load of a server is higher, then it automatically switches the connection to another server. This switching is allowed many times and VyprVPN charges none extra amount for such a service.

VPN Protocols

The protocols that VyprVPN offers are based on the plan we opt for. For the Basic plan users, it provides only PPTP protocol support. But for Pro and Premium plan users, it extends its support to PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. Apart from these, it has its proprietary protocol which is Chameleon for added security.

VyprVPN Encryption Level

Our VyprVPN review confirms it uses both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption standards to ensure the security of data through their VPN tunnel. For the Basic plan users, VyprVPN uses 128-bit VPN standard. For Pro and Premium users, it uses the military grade 256-bit encryption standard and guards our data against the hackers and cyber criminals. Their proprietary Chameleon also uses a 256-bit encryption standard to protect its users against various unexpected data thefts.

Chameleon Technology to battle off VPN Blocking

Chameleon is a proprietary technology of VyprVPN, and it is exclusively designed to safeguard the user’s data from going to wrong hands. The protocol and encryption standards followed by this technology are higher in offering security and privacy. Our VyprVPN review says it is the only VPN which provides extra focus on protocol and encryption with the availability of Chameleon. With the OpenVPN and 256-bit encryption, it masks the VPN traffic such that countries like China, etc. which has more Internet regulations, cannot block VyprVPN users. We need unconfigured ports to be used for this service; it automatically selects the port. If we like to do our configuration by our own, then we have the option.


DNS Leak Protection

VyprVPN is a GoldenFrog owned networking solutions providing company, and it owns all of its DNS services. It translates the DNS hostnames into machine-readable IP addresses and always replaces the actual IP with the ISP’s IP. Bypassing geo-restrictions and provides a secure and private access. There are no complaints against VyprVPN for DNS Leaks, and it is offering the DNS Leak Protection in an extraordinary manner.

NAT Firewall

It is an extra layer of security provided by VyprVPN connection, and it requires none additional configuration or software. It runs on the VyprVPN servers, and it can protect all our devices connected to the VyprVPN. NAT is especially used in wireless routers where Network Address Translation (NAT) is done to share an internet connection among different devices in the network. In such a case access gets rejected as wireless routers reject unrequested inbound scans and most of the internet access without VyprVPN comes in this form. But a VyprVPN provides a dedicated internet connection without passing through the wireless routers. So our connection is not shared, and the NAT firewall guards us against such rejections.

Other Security Features

Lock Down Cloud Infrastructure
This lock down feature protects and reduces the count of attack vectors on the public cloud infrastructure we use.
Protection against vulnerabilities
The usage of open SSH sometimes is vulnerable to hacking and data thefts. VyprVPn extends its protection by exhaustive scanning.
Whenever there is a connection failure while we use a public network or wi-fi’s, the VyprVPN connects by itself with the auto-reconnect facility.
Internet Kill Switch
The connection failures are unexpected in a public wi-fi or in any poor networks through which we sometimes need to access the internet. Those connection failures leave our sessions unclosed, and it becomes vulnerable to attacks. We may even lose our sensitive data such as account number, passwords. In this scenario. But when we use VyprVPN, it automatically kills such sessions and guards our data. This is an option to provide complete data security and privacy even with public networks.

Server Locations

VyprVPN has 700+ servers in 50+ countries around the world. These servers are designed in such a manner that eliminates all frustrations that are associated with VPNs traditionally. Their servers are in Europe, North America, Asia, South America and Oceania. The configuration of VyprVPN server is very simple with a modern and easy-to-use web interface. We can spin up multiple servers as well for our increased service needs. With more than 200,000 IPs, our VyprVPN review suggests that it can be effectively utilized for businesses around the world. Below is the list of server types that VyprVPN offers to its users.


Cloud VPN server

It uses cloud computing technology, and it never exposes our operations and servers to the public Internet. All our information is wrapped and sent through a secure and private tunnel.

Corporate VPN

It supports corporate companies by providing a single and secure access for all of its employees for accessing their internal network.

Private VPN server

It has different private VPN servers such as DigitalOcean, Amazon web services, and Virtual Box. The DigitalOcean server set up is mainly for the personal use of VyprVPN servers with its logging policies and IP addresses. The Amazon web services servers are developed by Amazon.com to support e-commerce services. The Virtual box servers are to ensure remote access when we are on travel.

Platform Compatibility

VyprVPN supports platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. We can download the VyprVPN Client for Windows Vista and Mac OS X from the golden frog’s website. It also supports DD-WRT, OpenWRT, ASUSWRT, Boxee, Synology NAS, and Blackberry.

VyprVPN Windows Client

This VyprVPN review is incomplete without exploring the VPN Apps offered by VyprVPN. It’s Windows Client is user-friendly in the interface and very effective in design. It supports connection options like Auto-reconnect, Connection on start, Kill Switch, and Connect on Untrusted Wi-Fi. All of its features can be enabled by just checking a box. Because of its easier access and fast connections, it is useful for those who travel often. We can configure the different protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. There is an option to configure the proprietary Chameleon technology with simple clicks. It also supports enabling DNS Leak protection and other advanced options to suit the needs of users. The DNS solutions are provided with their VyprDNS and with third party DNS. It extends it support for Windows Vista and higher versions.


VyprVPN for Mac OS X

This VyprVPN review brings the highlights of Mac OS X client offered by VyprVPN. The Mac OS X Client is almost with similar easier deployment options as that of Windows Client. It supports fastest server selection with 50+ global server locations. MAC Client supports L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and Chameleon protocols and both 128-bit and 256-bit encryptions. It supports OS X 10.9 and higher and the Applescript. VyprVPN MAC Client allows both automatic and manual port selection for UDP traffic. We can also opt for their Beta programs in the GoldenFrog’s website.


Device Compatibility

VyprVPN is compatible even with the latest kinds of devices. It offers excellent support for handheld devices and even for routers. VyprVPN has its Client for Android devices and Apple devices. It also provides setup guides to configure routers and Linux based devices manually.

VyprVPN App for Android

You will know about the VPN apps for Android and iOS in our VyprVPN review. It supports Android 4.0 and higher versions, with VyprDNS and other third party DNS. The supported protocols are OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption and Chameleon technology. With this Android Client, we can either select the port automatically or manually for the UDP traffic. There is a beta program available for VyprVPN Android app.


VyprVPN App for iPhone/iPad

VyprVPN provides its Client for iPhones and iPads, with the single one-time setup. We need not bother about configuring any iOS settings as all of them were done by the VyprVPN development team. It allows the fastest server selections and there is an interactive Map facility specifically developed for iPad to access the server quickly and easily. With this Client, we can also access the internet through public Wi-Fi’s, as VyprVPn will encrypt all your internet traffic. It extends its support for IPSec protocol and iOS 8 and other higher versions of operating systems. Port Selection is not available with iPhones or iPads, and VyprVPN provides its DNS and third party DNS for these devices. Our VyprVPN review explores the features of iOS and Android AVPN Apps provided by VyprVPN so you can see what it can do to your Android and iOS devices.


VyprVPN for TV

VyprVPN provides a better streaming experience with high streaming speed, accessing geo-blocked contents and providing security even in streaming services. It supports Android TV by just downloading and installing the VyprVPN Android in the Android TV. It is similar to how we access its services on an Android phone. It also supports other smart TV devices such as OpenElec/Kodi and Apple TV. We can defeat throttling in Apple TV by using the VyprVPN Router App.

VyprVPN Router App

This App is mainly for routers on the Tomato MIPS/ ARM Framework. When we equip our router with VyprVPN protection then all the devices, irrespective of platform, operating system, device type, etc. , connected to the router are well protected. Even when we wish to exclude a particular device such as the smart TV from the VyprVPN protection, it is also possible. These preferences can be made with unique settings options available with the App. It is managing all our device connections from a single place which is the router. This App works like a Plugin, and step-by-step setup instructions are also provided.

VyprVPN for AnonaBOX and BlackPhone

AnonaBox being a hardware company that focuses on security and privacy in each of its products, it has deployed VyprVPN Client to ensure those qualities. VyprVPN even supports BlackPhones which are the world’s first smartphones that focus more on privacy.

Privacy Policy

From our VyprVPN review, we can figure out it is giving first preference to privacy and security than any other quality features. VyprVPN is owned by Goldenfrog which was founded mainly to preserve security and to respect user privacy. It is a tier-1 Swiss-based company and therefore it is free of the U.S. and the U.K. legal internet regulations. Even though it operates its business from the United States, it does not affect its privacy policies. The few negatives are it does not support anonymous payments such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and it does log user data for 30 days period. But it offers a higher quality service when data security and other privacy factors are concerned. Because of this data log, people sometimes consider VyprVPN as not a privacy promising VPN network.

Performance and Speed

When VyprVPN is analyzed for its performance and speed with a 30Mbps connection, the connections exhibited a fast pace. Both the U.K. servers and the Netherland servers operate with an average download speed of 10 Mbps. This is on an optimal side for browsing and streaming purposes. With server switching when a load of a server is on the higher side, it is automatically to other servers. This is another mean to ensure the performance of the overall network.

Customer Support

LiveChat: It assures 24×7 support throughout the year and provides instant answers to our queries. Their representatives can even resolve minor technical issues in connections.
Email: This is a much useful option when we need non-technical help to assist us in configurations or other service confusions. Their response time is faster, and it happens within 3-8 hours.
Ticket system: This is mainly raised to resolve technical issues to be solved quickly. The tickets are all handled by true professionals, and we receive apt answers.
FAQs and other User manuals: VyprVPN is well-known for providing exhaustive knowledge repository supplying the information.

Conclusion of VyprVPN review

VyprVPN with its Chameleon protocol, NAT Firewall and Tier-1 VPN network, is the best in providing secured and private access. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and with widespread servers in 50+ countries, it makes more users to try its services. Also, it uses own servers, DNS, hardware and software which means there is limited scope for third parties and data being handled outside. Our VyprVPN review picks the most expected and the unavailable feature as missing of Bitcoin or other anonymous online payment support. Also, the Basic Plan supports only PPTP, and it is appreciated if can extend its support to a few other protocols.