Russia Sees Increase In Pirate Sites And Blocking Could Be A Reason

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As per the new research out by anti-piracy outfit WebKontrol, Russia Sees an increase in Pirate Sites during the during the recent months. The rise has been up to 43% whereas Blocking is named as a major cause. Also, with the development of mirror sites of the actual one, the percentage has grown to a significant extent

Since the government is busy in implementing blocking measures, lets come along and discover useful insights on  Russian Pirate Site ban.

Russia Sees Increase in Pirate Sites Story

All over the world, Russia is probably one of the strongest countries in the present date. Over the years, they are busy blocking pirate sites and are using the latest tools and technologies. Still, all their effort seems to go in vain as the percentage of pirate sites is on an increasing scale.

Over the years, around 10 thousand platforms have been blocked for different reasons. Right from the promotional terrorism to copyright infringement, pirate sites have seen their way to dust.

Every month, new sites are added to the country’s blacklist whereas the local ISP’s are told to prevent subscribers from accessing such sites.

With an intention to control piracy, new research from Russian Anti-Piracy outfit WebKontrol has thrown a new section of trouble.

Compared with the year 2017 where the site listing was near to 1,200, it grew to around 2000 by the year 2018. This is probably a significant rise whereas the Russian Government is implementing all sorts of blocking measures.

Further, despite such stronger measures and restrictions, in 87% cases, the first copies of premier titles come onto torrent sites. Even before coming on to streaming platforms, torrent companies are catching hold of such things.

A Word of Mouth by WebKontrol

“According to WebKontrol’s, data, out of various website types, the number of streaming resources had increased by 2% – from 69% to 71% [2017 v 2018] – which placed the streaming websites in the leading position, the company told TF. The share of torrent-trackers has also increased by 3% – from 19% to 22%. At the same time, the analysts have noted that the number of link sites and cyberlockers went down from 5% to 3% and from 6% to 3% respectively.” Said WebKontrol.

In the year 2017, pirate sites delivering content to the Russian Audiences dropped down to 10% by the year 2018. Also, the anti-piracy outfit detected an increase of 43% in pirate websites.

Hence, despite every stringent anti-piracy measure, the torrent companies are still working without an issue. They have made dozens of mirror sites and are busy fighting with the Russian Government.

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Final Verdict: Russia Sees Increase in Pirate Sites Story

Meanwhile, the Russian government is busy investigating the site-blocking measures. Even more, they are creating certain systems which can catch hold piracy and permanently block it with immediate effect.

Also, as Russia Sees Increase in Pirate Sites, the ISP’s are told to prevent subscriber access to pirates sites. Lastly, it will be good to see which newer plans Russia has to stop piracy, in the nearby future.



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