Replacing DVD’s With Online Screeners Will Not Stop Piracy

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Despite a series of lawsuits and allegations on pirate sites, piracy seems to be unending. Every day, new pirate sites are coming live and spreading piracy on a relentless basis. Within the entire movie industry, there is a call of replacing DVD’s with online screeners to stop piracy. The Emmy has already made their mind to do such things and is seeking the support of other music companies.

On the other hand, other music companies such as EVO are disagreeing on the same. Still, what’s the actual matter of DVD’s replacement with online screeners, lets come along and discover every single information.

Replacing DVD’s with Online Screeners Will Not Stop Piracy

The very last week, big news from the entertainment industry came in. The Emmys are about to switch from their physical DVD-screeners to online steaming streaming by the year 2020. This transition is said to bear a lot of positive outcomes. For the Emmy, it will be cost effective whereas they can put movies online. In the case of DVD’s, large manufacturing cost was involved which will not be the case in terms of Online Screeners.

Another great advantage is that it’s much easier to keep pirates away from the online screeners. Yes, they do come with some good security which can prevent pirates from accessing movie files.

In recent times, there haven’t been many TV-Screener leaks. However, if the DVD screeners are removed from Oscars, it can end screener distributing among the pirates. It’s true that the online copies can’t just get lost over the Internet. Still, when it comes to pirates, they are smart enough to access almost any file.

Despite keeping a password, music companies will have to implement some extra set of measures to prevent pirates from accessing online screeners.

A Word of Mouth by EVO’s Member

“We had access to digital screeners and they are indeed easy to leak. The DRM on it is a joke. We had an account last year with three screeners on it and they were pretty much MP4 ready to encode, from what I’ve seen, doing Ralph, the DVD protection on it was increased, since it was a nightmare to crack,” the EVO team tells TorrentFreak.

Still, the group believes that the current security measures of DVD Screeners are sufficient enough. After all, there hasn’t been much piracy of DVD Screening and there is no need for Online Screener.

Also, if the screeners leak, the quality is kept low so that the people who are buying them won’t get the full benefit.

Now, whether to choose online or offline screeners, the security depends on security measures. If the security is stringent, nothing can happen to the privacy of the movie.

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Final Word of Mouth: Replacing DVD’s with Online Screeners Will Not Stop Piracy

If a DVD is secured with a watermark, it’s much more secure than online screeners, as per entertainment groups. However, as the Emmy is replacing DVD’s with Online Screeners, it’s their set of choices. For other entertainment companies, they will have to find out ways to protect their content, as soon as possible.


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