Best Torrent Sites For Comics 2018


Best Torrent Sites For Comics– Superhero films are coming faster than ever, but followers have their cores on the comics! If you’re a comic fan; then you can’t doubt the joy that comics give by representing excellent stories than any motion picture can proffer. Let it be Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Watchmen, X-Men, Frank Miller’s Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Daredevil, Wonder Woman or any other superhero; comic stands as the top medium to depict great stories. Let’s find out the best torrent sites for comics below.

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Best Torrent Sites For Comics

Here’re the best torrent sites for Comics 2018:

1-The Pirate Bay

With needing no formal enlightenment, Pirate Bay holds the position of leading torrent giant after the shutdown of KickAss and Owning over 50,000 comics available in its library, Pirate Bay gives comics of almost every genre that exists. With a smooth site design, Pirate Bay keeps the torrent search engine as candid as possible, so that torrenters can get a coveted comic immediately. Moreover, torrents are elegantly arranged in alphabetical order and file size.(also see, Best Pirate Bay VPN- Access Pirate Bay Site Securely and Anonymously)


TorrentDownloads is listed among ideal BitTorrent websites. With easy-to-use website user-interface; TorrentDownloads grants thousands of comic books, belonging to popular, hit and niche classes. Besides these, TorrentDownloads takes a measure further and extends comic collections belonging to particular superhero. If you wish for an all in one torrent website to download torrents of different categories, then TorrentDownloads is the best option.


YourBittorent is another top-rated torrent hub that offers comics belonging to a vast range of media. Users can download comics of Walking Dead, Daredevil, Star Wars and much more from YourBittorent. However, YourBittorent is relatively fresh than other torrent sites on the internet but still embraced by numerous comic lovers.


With having a vast number of comics available in the library, 1337x is rated among top torrent sites that offer a massive collection of comic books. A substantial comic library, a sophisticated search engine, and remarkable site design make 1337x a suitable website to download comic book torrents. Furthermore, 1337x gives the newest set of comics waiting that you can download with just a click.


TORRENTPROJECT is relatively a fresher among other torrent hubs. With a well-managed torrent library, TORRENTPROJECT gives a rich collection of comic book torrents. Torrenters can download as many files as they want with zero limitations on their way.

6. Zooqle

Zooqle is an interesting option for those torrenters who wish to explore relevant comics torrent directly. The popular website offers search engine feature by which you can download your craved stuff in no time. If you want to search marvel comics torrent or Batman comics torrent, you should think of using Zooqle for this end.

7. Books-Share

Books-Share is one of the best torrent sites for comics; that you may think of, to explore your chosen comics torrent straightaway. Furthermore, the website helps you to find out star wars comics torrent or Superman comics torrent through options like categories and favourite. You can also utilize the site to explore your preferred comics torrents like spider man comics torrent or Superman comics torrent.

Be Safe While Downloading Free Comic Torrents- Use a VPN for Torrenting

On all Torrenting websites, your IP address is visible to all the users downloading the Torrents. It has its risks and threats involved in it. Only an anonymous Torrent VPN can keep you secure while Torrenting. As it provides you with another fake IP address and conceals your original IP. So no prying and prying and spying eyes.

Furthermore, people on Torrent swarms can access to your login information that is your IP address. Which makes you unsafe. The best VPN for torrenting hides your IP and makes you hidden while downloading torrents. Before you get a VPN make sure you do a little research on it. As not all the VPN services can provide you complete anonymity while Torrenting. Only some dedicated Torrent VPN services protect your Torrent download. These are the VPNs which take your privacy and anonymity seriously.

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Conclusion -Best Torrent Sites For Comics 2018

Is there anything better than reading your favourite Superhero comic without splashing out a single penny? Only true comic fans know the opportunity of knowing about the real beginning of superheroes. Flicking through comics isn’t just about knowing the characters, but it’s about finding some great stories uniquely.

Interestingly, the best torrent sites for comics will aid you to get all-time favourite comic books for totally free. Just use the 5 Best VPN for Torrenting-Download Torrents Anonymously, get protected against DMCA, ISP surveillance, copyright trolls, legal notices, fines and download comic book torrent instantly & safely from any corner of the world.


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