6 Reasons Every Traveller Needs a VPN


Planning to travel? You must have taken all the things that you will need but have you thought about a VPN? Yes, every traveler needs a VPN whether he is going for business purposes or any personal reason. This fantastic service has become part and parcel for every frequent traveler for it has many benefits. A VPN will make your trip more exciting and secure at the same time. While traveling, you can access all your favorite social websites or video streaming websites. That may be blocked in the country where you are going.

Other than this, using a VPN on the go has more awesome perks to offer you. One of them is the secure use of the internet. If you intend to use public Hotspot, then you must know many of the public WiFi is not safe. Anyone can access your personal and financial data such as credit card information and account login details. This article will tell you the reasons every traveler needs a VPN.

Why a Traveler Needs a VPN while Traveling Abroad?

Traveling is not as easy as it sounds. You have to prepare many things before going if you want a peaceful and enjoyable journey. If you can use a secure internet connection. Then you can browse freely without any restrictions than what else a traveler can dream of. This all can be possible if you get a VPN service before traveling. And make use of it while traveling. The people who intend to travel for work purpose and want to stay connected to their office remotely, they are the individuals who need a VPN the most. A VPN can help such people connecting to their work and make good use of their time while traveling. The following are the six reasons every traveler should use a VPN.

  1. For Online Privacy and Security

VPNs were initially made for business purposes, but VPN service providers did not take much time to realize the need of VPN for ordinary users who wish to encrypt their home routers because privacy is a serious concern for all of us (read our ultimate privacy guide to know more about internet privacy). When we plan to travel abroad, what we stress about the most is our security, not every travel destination is a safe haven, so we all make all the necessary measures to keep ourselves secure.

When it comes to online safety and privacy, you need to rely on a good VPN service that can encrypt all your data and make your internet connection secure. While traveling, we all use public Wifi of hotels, airports, coffee shops, marts, etc. Do you know this can put you in big trouble? It is because public Wifis are like open treasure and are not safe. Your personal and financial information like credit card details can be intercepted easily, and it can result in your significant loss abroad. To save yourself from any loss, all you need to do is to have a VPN while traveling abroad.

  1. To Get Access to your Favorite Streaming Services

Leaving all your favorite things, people, and shows at home and traveling abroad alone is not at all easy but there is a way to which you don’t have to forget using Netflix and other favorite streaming services when traveling abroad. That magical boon is called a VPN. Yes, using a VPN while traveling will give you access to all the blocked websites and streaming services that are blocked in the country where you are going.

This way you can enjoy all your favorite shows and will not miss any episode of it. You can take all your favorite movies in your online library and watch it anytime anywhere without worrying about any restrictions. A VPN can offer a traveler to watch all his favorite online channels securely and freely without any fear of snooping and any censorship (get the best VPN for streaming services).

  1. To Access Social Media

  Living in a social website-less world or even passing a few days without social websites seem to be a nightmare. The people of this era has become addicted to the social sites. Have you ever imagined a life without Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Even if you are traveling, you can not resist yourself from updating a status, checking news feed and things like that. But what if you have to move to a country where these social websites are banned? Won’t it be terrible for you to pass a single day without socializing? And what if that country blocks VoIP services too?

Many countries like U.A.E and Oman have banned internet voice call services. Although using such services can be cheap for a traveler or an expat in comparison to a landline, it is blocked in all the Middle Eastern countries. The reason they have done so is a state nationalized company monopolizes telecommunication. And If they allow their citizens to avail VoIP services, this can affect their revenue of overseas calls. However, this ban can be real isolation for the people living in such countries but if you want to get rid of this restriction you can opt for a good VPN while traveling that will bypass the restriction and will allow you to make use of VoIP services and access all your favorite websites abroad.

  1. To Save Money On Flights, Car Rentals and More

A smart shopper is the one who is always looking for discounts and ways of getting cheaper but the best items. Offers and discounts vary in different countries. For instance, booking a flight from the US can cost you 26% less than Germany. Likewise, the rental car services rate can be different everywhere. VPN allows you to switch your location by changing your IP address to any of your desired country IP address.

This way you can avail of any discount offer around the globe and save money on flight and car rental services when traveling abroad. Who does not want to save money? Especially when you are traveling, you try hard to save money and make use of it in something worthier. Thus, a traveler needs a VPN to mask its location and enjoy all the discounts freely.

  1. To Stay Secure on Public Wifi at Cafes, hotels, airports, etc.

When it comes to security and privacy, we never care about money. People spend thousands to feel safe and secure. In the same way, as far as online safety is concerned, you should not take even a second in switching to a VPN while traveling. While traveling, people use public Wifi at cafes, hotels. Airports, trains, etc. This unencrypted network connection can be a dangerous threat to your online privacy.

Anyone using the same network can access your personal data, your valuable information, financial information like credit card details, or even eject a malware to your system. To protect oneself from all these risks, a traveler needs a VPN while traveling abroad (learn 10 cyber security tips you need to know to stay safe while traveling).

  1. To Bypass The Censored Internet

Internet censorship has always been a bone of contention for netizens and the governments. Despite numerous protests against internet censorship, the government has always turned a deaf year and continued to enact the internet censorship laws all around the globe, and in some countries, it reached a bottleneck situation. If you have to travel to such a country where internet censorship is strictly enacted then, you need to use a VPN to bypass the restriction and get access to all your favorite websites, streaming services, etc. without any hindrance.

A VPN works by hiding your original location. This way you can access the geo-blocked content and make your journey full of enjoyment and can access any of your desired websites by using a VPN while traveling (read in detail how to unblock geo-restricted sites).


One of my friends shared his experience with me when he traveled to Bangkok. He shared with me his feelings when he got to know that he was unable to open his emails and could not even log into his online bank account for it needs his home country IP address. He further added that he found it impossible to stay connected to his work while traveling. Fortunately, one of his friends told him about a VPN. My friend then started to use a VPN and found it not less than a miracle. With the help of a VPN he was able to bypass restrictions and access all his favorite websites, due to its encrypted network he was able to use a safe and secure internet connection, he could shop smartly and did not miss any of the episodes of his favorite TV show.

Moreover, He made hundreds of internet voice calls to his family back in Canada for free and could stay connected to his work. In the same way, if you are also planning to travel to such land the first thing you need to get is your VPN. We strongly recommend every traveler to have a VPN before planning any trip to abroad. Whether you are going for a business trip or for having pleasure, every traveler needs a VPN while traveling abroad (to learn more about VPNs and its security read our comprehensive VPN guide).

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