How to Access a Blocked Webpage?


How to Access a Blocked Webpage? Nothing is more frustrating than getting your access to an individual web page denied. When you are in dire need to get to that website. This may hinder your work or while you are on the go. And trying to reach your social media account. But suddenly got to know that the country you are currently in. Has blocked that social media website. This seems killing at once, but believe me, there are many easy ways. By which you can access a blocked webpage. In this article, we will take a deep look at the methods. And techniques that can be a real help for you. To unblock a banned content anywhere across the globe.

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How to Access a Blocked Webpage?

As a matter of fact, it becomes really annoying. When you often redirected to a page telling that you do not have access to a certain web page. Just because the location you are in, does not allow to access this website. This may affect your work process. If you are working remotely and want to access an important web page. From overseas and get denies your access request.

Moreover, if you are on the vacations, traveling for your good and hit the laptop. To update your status on social media or want to rock your eardrum with the latest music. But what if you found that these websites are blocked on the place you are current dwelling.

This can cause you to feel really upset and helpless. But never worry, as long as we are here to help you out. This article is purposefully written to guide you on how to access a blocked web page anytime anywhere around the world.

Why Do Web Pages Get Blocked?

This question comes out straight from the heart of a sufferer who knows how exactly does it feel to not being able to access the required web page, especially for a commercial purpose. Well, web pages get blocked by the higher authorities due to variant reasons. Some countries block those websites which could harm their religious and moral values; while some do this for their political concerns. Moreover, for getting advertisement and paid version, some site owners restrict their websites to few states that have taken their paid access.

How Are They Blocked?

These web pages are blocked by geo-restriction. This means the websites often get block by the region they are accessing from. The server identifies your location from your IP, containing the information about the country you are accessing from. For instance, if you are trying to access the website of Netflix from outside the US, then your access will likely be denied because the original content of Netflix US is region-blocked and cannot be accessed by a non-American IP address. (also see 5 Best VPN for Netflix)

How to Access A Blocked Webpage?

Here are we with the ways by which you can unblock your favorite website on the go and if you happen to move to any location where the leading streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu or Youtube are blocked, then you need to apply the following methods to get the access to a blocked web page.


Use A VPN to Access A Blocked Webpage:

VPN or Virtual Private Network is not only the best cyber security tool but also helps you to circumvent geo-blocking and access your favorite content that has been blocked in the state you are residing in.

A VPN reroute your internet data traffic through an encrypted tunnel connected to a remote server. This encryption of military grade makes the connection super secure. Thus, the chances of snooping, eavesdropping and hacking are minimized when using a VPN.

Moreover, it helps you to bypass geo-restriction by changing your original IP address with a virtual IP address present in the list of server locations offered by a VPN provider. These thousands of server locations contain virtual IP of that location that are used to fool the server so that the user can be given the access to any blocked website. (also read 5 Best VPN Services 2017 – Fast and Secure)

For instance, if you want to access a blocked web page of Star sports outside India. All you need to do is to get a VPN software installed, open it, choose Indian server location from the list of server locations provided by the VPN provider. This will change mask your original IP with that of fake Indian IP to fool the server. Now, connect the VPN and access the website of Star Sports from anywhere in the world.

Proxy Can Also Do That:

There is also another way by which you can access a blocked web page that is using a proxy. However, it is an easier way as compared to VPN, but it is not as safe as a VPN is. In the case of proxy, you just need to choose any reliable proxy, hit their website, copy and paste the URL of your desired website that you want to access, hit enter and get started with the fun.

Why Should You Prefer VPN Over Proxy?

The rationale of preferring VPN over a proxy is pretty much obvious that is a VPN is safer than a proxy. The proxy does not encrypt your internet data and does not assure you not to keep the logs of browsing history. This can trouble you seriously in the case of accessing torrent sites through a proxy.

If you attempt to access a blocked torrent site using a proxy, then allow me to warn you that this is not at all a safe act. This can land you in the jail and can charge you a hefty penalty. This is because proxy does not apply any encryption and hence your internet data is vulnerable to the hawk of ISP, snooping your online activity round the clock.

Furthermore, these proxy services are often slow and sluggish that can spoil your streaming and gaming experience.

( also read VPN vs PROXY vs Smart DNS – What is the Difference?)

Conclusion – How to Access a Blocked Webpage?

To sum up this, all I want to suggest you is to prefer VPN over DNS proxy services because there is nothing good that comes free. If you are offered free services then in such case you might be the product, and someone else is the consumer. So, be watchful in deciding whom you trust with your online privacy and choose that tool to access a blocked web page that comes with a secure connection.



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