Does VyprVPN Provide Complete Web Anonymity And Privacy?


Does VyprVPN Provide Complete Web Anonymity And Privacy? Switzerland based firm Golden Frog (the parent company of VyprVPN) has been an essential player in the battle for online privacy since the beginning of the internet.(also see, How to Bypass Geo-Restrictions With VyprVPN?)

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Does VyprVPN Provide Complete Web Anonymity And Privacy?

VyprVPN’s fundamental mission, as asserted on their site, is simple.

…protect your privacy online, secure your Internet connection and restore your freedom.

To achieve this goal, they give their users with OpenVPN protocol (default) as well as PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP and they tend to encrypt all of your data traffic using the ultra-secure AES-256 encryption key (the same standard used by the FBI, CIA, and NSA).

Moreover, in recent years, draconian states like North Korea and China have been snapping down on VPN users utilizing something known as a ‘Deep Packet Inspection or DPI which scans the metadata and hunts for tell-tale signs that designate someone is using a VPN.

Once they’ve got onto your trace, these governments will start to block or restrict your usage to assure that you cannot favourably use a VPN for any object (legal or otherwise).

What Workaround Does VyprVPN Have?

In answer to these new crackdowns, VyprVPN formed an exclusive technology recognized as Chameleon™ that scrambles the metadata to let you continue using your VPN without getting hit by the DPI scans.

And if your real location is any country like Russia, China or Turkey; then this can be literally a lifesaver!

So far, things are looking great for VyprVPN!

What About the Logging Policy?

With such a long and rich history of fighting for internet security and individual privacy rights, you would imagine that VyprVPN would provide a strict “Zero Logs” policy.

Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case.

VyprVPN Logging Policy

As you can observe in the screenshot above, VyprVPN keeps the following data for 30 days after your last session.

  • VyprVPN IP utilized by the user
  • Connection start and stop time
  • Total number of bytes used

While this isn’t indeed a deal breaker, I was still baffled that a company with such a strong stance on the internet privacy would implement such a lax and dubious logging policy.

It’s also critical to consider that, even though Switzerland remains outside of the five, nine, and fourteen eyes countries, their data retention laws and the internet privacy policies aren’t as positive as various people claim and they could pose as a possible issue for some users.

Is VyprVPN Safe?

To double check the online privacy and safety of VyprVPN, I ran a few of scans using IP and DNS Leak detection software to assure that all of my data was indeed being kept private.

Here were the results that I found…

After running more than four tests, I can safely say that I had no IP nor DNS leaks while using VyprVPN.

Conclusion -Does VyprVPN Provide Complete Web Anonymity And Privacy?

At the end of the day, if your main concern is security and anonymity, VyprVPN is one of the best VPN services on the market.

However, if you are in search of the best all-around VPN that will give you the greatest bang for your buck, then I’d suggest checking out our EXPRESSVPN REVIEW 2018 and NORDVPN REVIEW 2018


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