5 Best Mozilla Firefox VPN Addons That Actually Work in 2021


Firefox VPN Addons: What is the best VPN for the Firefox browser? Which VPN service provider offers VPN browser extensions for Firefox Browser? As much as a credible VPN service can fully protect you from a broad range of online perils; there are a few elements that may not really make you all that satisfied from subscribing to a VPN provider. 

A full-scale VPN service is obliged to significantly decrease your speed since a large amount of bandwidth gets used on getting your internet traffic encrypted. This means you might have to wait a few more seconds for your HD video to load; or complete getting downloaded for your large file.

 Additionally, there could be some applications that won’t integrate well with your VPN service. And this means you will have to choose between either not using the VPN to do the work you need to through your app; or having VPN service working and searching for another alternative to your incompatible application.

While Firefox already offers some excellent security features and add-ons that enable you to block ads and pop-ups and manage cookies, plausibly; you will still want to enhance your safety online by using a quality VPN.

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A quality VPN for Firefox can help keep your data secure, provide access to geo-blocked content, and stop cybercrime, such as hacking, ID theft, and fraud. This article will cover the best VPN services for Firefox, based on our extensive testing.

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How to select the right Firefox VPN Addons

The best VPN service will depend on your requirements. If you want to stream videos, be sure you get a VPN service with high speed. And, if you wish to digital privacy over everything else, get a VPN service with high-grade encryption.

Firefox is heavier than Chrome and takes time to load. So be sure about the Firefox VPN Addons you install is lightweight and installs and loads quickly.

What Is a VPN Add-on?

A VPN add-on is also known as an extension, is an extra, browser-based solution that some VPN service providers offer.

Almost all add-ons are more straightforward; lighter versions of VPNs, which offer some but not all of the full VPN benefits.

The chief reason people use VPN add-ons is for a lighter way to access geo-blocked content; and with faster speeds than with a full VPN service.

What Kind of VPN Add-ons Are There?

It is important to understand that the sort of proxy that each provider uses is distinctive. The two most common types of proxy that VPN providers use are HTTP or HTTPS.

An HTTP proxy enables you to connect to a geo-blocked website; but it doesn’t provide encryption or privacy for what you’re viewing from your internet service provider. I would always recommend using this kind of proxy alongside a full VPN for security and privacy.

On the other hand, an HTTPS proxy enables you to connect to geo-blocked content while also encrypting your data. Some HTTPS proxy extensions conceal DNS requests, while others do not, so you should check with your provider to verify what is kept secure and private.

Should I Use a Firefox VPN Browser Extension or Full VPN?

Using a Firefox VPN Addons instead of a complete desktop VPN or mobile app does not provide the same protection level.

This fact means that Firefox extensions are not fit for all users, such as those who are more concerned about their privacy or security. For others who are only worried about accessing geo-blocked content, a VPN browser extension may be enough.


Due to the privacy and security issues listed above, you will typically find that most VPN service providers include the Firefox add-on as part of a more comprehensive VPN package. They encourage users to implement both.

Where possible, I would recommend that users sign up for a full VPN service that provides access to Firefox extensions alongside desktops and mobile apps. This way, you are fully protected across all of your devices.


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