Ivacy VPN Review 2020

+ Pros

  • High-end 256-bit Encryption
  • 5 Simultaneous Connection Option
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Limitless Server Switching
  • 450+ Servers, 100+ locations
  • Split tunnelling feature
  • 99% Uptime with unlimited speed
  • OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP protocols
  • Providence of dedicated servers for downloading the torrent files in a secure manner
  • P2P file-sharing support
  • Zero-log VPN Service
  • Internet kill switch
  • Automatic & Smart Purpose Selection
  • Vigilant 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30-days Money-back guarantee

– Cons

  • Limited No of Add-ons available
  • Server Download and Upload Speeds are not up to the mark
  • No Free Trial Offer

Ivacy VPN Review: An Affordable VPN, You really Can’t Resist

Over the course of time, I have reviewed some of the most popular VPNs where each service provider was better than the other. This time, I am going to give the Ivacy VPN review and will try to dig in every detailing for you.

Further, in this article of the review of Ivacy VPN, we will be covering its features, other essential things pros as well as the cons of Ivacy VPN.

So,   what are we waiting for? Let us go ahead and unwrap all-new review of Ivacy VPN.

Ivacy VPN Review: A Different Type of review, this Time

Before we actually hope down to unveil the review of Ivacy VPN, let us know what actually a VPN means.

What is a VPN?

Whenever you visit any website using a browser, it sends a signal from where you get the desired information. But, in the case of VPN, the things are done in a bit different manner. Here, when you activate the VPN, an encrypted tunnel is created by the VPN Company itself. Though this tunnel is in between your computer and server, it boasts of good security. From there, you can have an access to the inaccessible websites

Even if you are connecting to the HTTPS websites, the data will still remain in its encrypted form. Hence, this is the major reason that you need a VPN Service.

Key Features of Ivacy VPN

  • 450+ Servers in 100+ Destinations
  • VPN Servers optimized for Kodi
  • 100% Access to NetFlix, Kodi, and More
  • Kill Switch and Split Tunneling Available
  • Advance Feature available to Torrent Users
  • Availability of P2P OpenServer: Makes Downloading Faster

Features of Ivacy VPN

VPN Protocols

In this Ivacy VPN review, the VPN protocol section inevitably stands as the very first one. In Ivacy VPN, you get the privilege to choose more than one protocol which is designed to protect your data. Further, most of the people prefer the Open Protocol for most of the cases.

Further, coming down to the windows app of Ivacy VPN, it supports the OpenVPN in UDP as well as TCP flavors. Overall, when it comes to protocol using, Ivacy has got all the latest technologies right under their hood

 Servers and their Locations

Whenever we compare different VPN companies, we surely look at server location as one of the most important features. Here, we look at the number of the company’s server and where they are actually located.

In general, the closer is the location of your server, the faster page loading you will get in any case. Hence, the more are the servers of a particular company, better will be the customer experience, as simple as that.

Now, in this review of Ivacy VPN, we went deep into their server section and found some interesting things. At first, Ivacy VPN has got only 459 servers which is a bit on the lower side. More often, the minimum server collection by any VPN Service provider has to be 500. In fact, there are other VPN Service providers which are exceeding even more than 1000 servers.

Hence, Ivacy truly lacks in server collection but still, there are some other things worth considering. Their servers are well distributed which pose some serious speeds without any issue whatsoever. As a VPN Service provider, Ivacy offers 100 servers locations which are spread across 59 countries.

In addition, the Ivacy VPN has got some of the finest strategically arranged servers. With this, most of the VPN service providers ignore the location of Africa. But, here in this Ivacy VPN review, the company has got something for you. They have got their six servers in Africa which can be one of the best things.

On the other hand, South and Central America are the regions which many VPN Service providers neglect. But, not Ivacy as they have their servers in such regions too. In addition, they also have their servers in China, Turkey as well as Russia where censorship is of the highest rate.

Overall in this review of Ivacy VPN, the company makes use of only 26 virtual servers. Although the number is on the lesser side, the company still manages to do a pretty decent job with the available list of servers.

Privacy with Ivacy VPN

Well, even before this Ivacy VPN review, there should be one good reason for using VPN, right? Hence, the main reason to use Ivacy VPN is to protect your data from the ISP’s and other hackers. Further, even the government agencies are hacking data which we must look into consideration.

Hence, in order to increase your privacy metrics, we need a good VPN Service provider which can tackle the above issues. As for me, I read every detailing the privacy policy of the Ivacy VPN and have come up with a conclusion.

Although, the privacy of Ivacy VPN is not clearer, still is readable and it might sound a bit odd to most of the users. Moving ahead in this review of Ivacy VPN, let us move ahead and unwrap the privacy policy given by Ivacy VPN.

At first, Ivacy claims that they do not “Log or Monitor” any browsing activities of the user. Further, they claim to not use user’s logs for any illegal activities.  Further, to let you know the things which the Ivacy VPN doesn’t access, they are as follows:

  • Viewing Original IP Address
  • Browsing History
  • Outgoing Traffic
  • Connection times
  • Data which the users have access
  • Accessing DNS Queries

Well, that’s exactly what you will hear from one of the most popular service providers: Ivacy VPN.

In addition, as per the Ivacy VPN wordings, they said,” Ivacy does not, under any circumstances, share, sell or rent users’ personal information provided during the registration process”.

Well, from the user’s point of view, the above thing is excellent in any case throughout the Ivacy VPN Review. Further, the company doesn’t inject the ads into customers traffic making it full of bloatware and irritable to use.

Spanning across the privacy section, we came across some of the items which Ivacy does collect. For most of the part, the company is known to retain the mailing address, payment method, name and other site functionalities.

On a more strict note, the policy says the data which is in relation to “inactive customers” is removed every 12 Months. Hence, the cleaning process is essential in any case and that’s what the Ivacy VPN does every 12 months.

Further, moving ahead in this review of Ivacy VPN, it is essential to know the location of Ivacy VPN company. Here, because of the stringent locations of most companies, users cannot freely make use of the VPN which is not a good thing.

As per the location, Ivacy has its headquarters in Singapore and has its operation under the legal jurisdiction. Still, such a thing is an essential consideration which every customer must pay attention to.

Further, as with many VPN’s, Ivacy too tells that they gather very little information about their customers.

A word of mouth by Ivacy VPN’s representatives

Our Servers, Processes, and Systems do not keep any personal and sensitive information. By Design, Ivacy VPN has no sensitive data to share, even when legally bound to do so.”

As per my word of mouth, I suggest every consumer choose a VPN Service provider as per their requirements. With this, I encourage taking your own decisions and the right service provider will surely come along the way.

Speed and Performance

Overall in this Ivacy VPN Review, I know most of you people might be waiting for this section, Right? So, here we are to unwrap the speed and the performance of Ivacy VPN.

At first, if you are using a VPN, there will be a reduction in your daily speed because the data has to travel through a secure tunnel. Hence, there will be an increase in the latency which every consumer must look at.

For the Internet Speed Testing of Ivacy VPN, I made use of an Internet Tool to accurately measure the speed criteria.

What did I do in the Speed Test? Find Out from the Below Section:

  • Dropping the Highest and Lowest Speed Results
  • Keeping VPN Active and performing High and Low-Speed Tests
  • Performing International Speed Tests

Now, in this review of Ivacy VPN, there are tons of speed factors which have to be taken into consideration. First of all, there are different factors which can affect the overall speed performance of any VPN Service provider. As in the case of Ivacy VPN, the story revolves the same way.

Speed and Performance Test Results of Ivacy VPN

At first, we started with the latency tests, the performance of Ivacy was poorer where the latency had an increment of 2,360 percent. Hence, right after the AnchorFree Hotspot Shield,s abysmal, this score was the second worst one. Overall, Tore guard came up with the best possible score.

Further, in Ivacy VPN Review, when we came to the domestic speed tests, the story of Ivacy VPN was the same. The downloading speed was reduced by 19.1 percent which was the worst compared with the top brands.

Now, coming down to the uploading speeds, the Ivacy’s mediocre streak was in continuation. It had the third worst score recorded. Here, the speed was reduced to a whopping 31.9 percent which is not acceptable in any case.

Yet again, the uploading and downloading tests were just a mirror of Ivacy’s domestic performance.

Overall, after the speed test review of Ivacy VPN, I must say that Ivacy performed on the poorer scale. From my assumption, such a thing is happening due to the smaller pool of their servers. Whereas, the companies which have got a number of servers are performing better than the rest.

Still, for a beginner who wants to get their hands on VPN, Ivacy VPN is a good choice. Nevertheless, the International performance of Ivacy VPN is far better than the domestic ones.

Customer Service Support

In this Ivacy VPN review, the customer support is one section in which, the Ivacy VPN will need to improve itself in any case. Starting with the basics, their customer support has got all the basic stuff. And, even comes with the latest Live Chat Option.

While we appreciated the live chat option, it would be more helpful if they offer a personal approach for the same. Hence, with this, users can get the live chat support with the personal agents altogether.

Does the Ivacy VPN Works with NetFlix?

Well, this is the question which every NetFlix lover will come searching for. Yes, streaming video is becoming the modern trend where people are relentlessly streaming their favourite videos.

For example, if you are the user outside the US, you can use Net-Flix to watch Star-Trek: Discovery. But, when it comes to the US citizens, they must have the CBS AllAccess Account for accessing it.

However, if you are travelling to other countries, you will know the Netflix functionality is not available in any case. Hence, here with the use of a VPN, users can access NetFlix without any issue. With the help of a VPN, the traffic can be redirected to a different server disguising the countries government.

Happily, in this Ivacy VPN Review, if you are willing to opt Ivacy VPN, there is a good news for you. I tested to run NetFlix on windows using Ivacy which ran pretty fine. However, your speeds can vary depending on the location of your server.

Ivacy VPN for Android

If you will look at the Google Play Store, it will appear as if the Ivacy VPN is offering three Android Apps. Whereas, the starting is done from Ivacy VPN, Ivacy TV and the Ivacy Lite (Free Version).

Further, in this review of Ivacy VPN, OpenVPN protocol is used for creating the connection. Well, it is great as OpenVPN protocol is one of the best currently available in the market.

Ivacy VPN for iPhone

Moreover, the Ivacy’s iPhone app has resembled a lot more with the Android one. Yet again, there is the Ivacy Lite version available for the iPhone users too. With this version, you can get your hands on the free version of Ivacy VPN. After which, you can go on to buy the paid one, without any issue.

Further, when it comes to the protocol using in this Ivacy VPN Review, the iPhone app lags in this case. Still, the Ivacy VPN uses the older IPSec protocol which is good but not to that extent. Hence, Apple developers will need to work hard to give an access to OpenVPN which will be a game changer, for sure.

Ivacy VPN for MAC

When it comes to Mac, Ivacy has an offering of only one app. However, you won’t find the app on the Mac App Store. Hence, you will need to download the app right from the Ivacy Website which can be done much easier.

Moving ahead in this review of Ivacy VPN, some talking’s of the Ivacy representative came out. After which, we came to know that the Mac App of Ivacy VPN supports only IPSec protocol. Well, that’s on the disappointing side because a number of new protocols have already come into existence. From my side, I prefer some of the latest protocols such as OpenVPN and others to implement in the same.

Ivacy VPN for Chrome & Firefox

When it comes to offering browser extensions, there are tons of the companies which offer it to their customers. To be honest, such extensions are light in weight and can be available with just one click on your native browser.

Coming down to the Chrome extension by Ivacy VPN, they offer few settings which are worth considering. It offers a much easier access to Ivacy’s servers and comes with a search box for making the process simpler. In addition, there is a separate Purpose Tab which can provide a boost for streaming services.

Well, the Ivacy’s Chrome Extension resembles the Firefox extension in terms of overall functionality. That is super great so as to maintain a perfect consistency across every single extension.

Pricing of Ivacy VPN

Well, talking about one of the most highlighted factors of Ivacy VPN. This is probably, one of their biggest selling points and is proven with their affordable pricing. Hence, in this Ivacy VPN review, let us move ahead and unwrap the different pricing altogether.

In addition, in this Ivacy VPN review, we are proud to announce a humongous collection of payment methods. Hence, to let you know all of them, the same is given in listing as follows:

  • Paypal
  • Payment With Card
  • BitPay (Bitcoin Payments accepted)
  • Coin Payments
  • Paymentwall
  • Perfect Money

7-day Money Back Guarantee

Although, there must be a provision to refund your money, not every VPN Service provider has this functionality. Hence, if you are choosing Ivacy VPN, the phase can shift down on the brighter side. Here, you can get a massive 7-Days Money Back Guarantee which is good in any case. However, before opting for one, you must read their terms and conditions beforehand.

Other things in relation to the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee is as follows:

  • Claim Must be done within the 7-Day submission or the renewal date
  • You must not breach the clause of Terms and Usage
  • You must not use more than 500MB Bandwidth
  • Your session must be less than 30 Days.

Wrapping Things Up: Ivacy VPN review

Well, in a world where every other company is thriving hard to give their best VPN Services, choosing a VPN is a steep ask. Hence, as of now, I hope you have gone through the above review of Ivacy VPN.

Talking about Ivacy VPN, if you are looking for a budgeting option with a crunch of Privacy, opting for such a VPN can be a good choice.

Other than this, the company has got a good number of servers which are fast enough to make inaccessible sites available to you.

Do I Recommend You to Buy Ivacy VPN?

At the very end of the day after the Ivacy VPN review, several things have come to my mind. At first, Ivacy is a quality VPN which has got good speeds, affordable prices, and a decent customer service.

In addition, they also offer an abundance of the settings which can come to your rescue. Hence, despite it being far away from perfect, being a newbie, choosing Ivacy VPN can be the best every option, for sure.

Last but not the least, you can share this article with the ones who want to buy a VPN. And, make them choose the very best one.