Ivacy VPN Review 2018

+ Pros

  • High-end 256-bit Encryption
  • 5 Simultaneous Connection Option
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Limitless Server Switching
  • 450+ Servers, 100+ locations
  • Split tunnelling feature
  • 99% Uptime with unlimited speed
  • OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP protocols
  • P2P file-sharing support
  • Zero-log VPN Service
  • Internet kill switch
  • Automatic & Smart Purpose Selection
  • Vigilant 24/7 Customer Support
  • 7-days Money-back guarantee

– Cons

  • No Free Trial Offer

Know Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN was established in 2007 and gained popularity. It is due to its dedication towards providing outstanding and unique security and privacy features. Hence, when in 2010 it launched Split Tunneling feature. It became the first VPN company to provide such VPN feature. Which we will explore in this Ivacy VPN review.

Pricing Plans

Furthermore, Ivacy VPN offers three pricing plans for the flexibility of customers. Hence you can pick one according to your need. Additionally, The three pricing plans include one monthly plan, with the monthly rate of $8.95 with no discount on the monthly package. However, you can cancel this plan anytime as you pay on a monthly basis. The Second pricing plan is the yearly plan where you get 66% discount on the monthly rate of $3.00.

The third and the most recommended pricing plan of 2 years, where you get the greatest discount of 78% on the monthly rate of $1.99 which is the cheapest rate any VPN service is providing in the market. If you are still unsure and want to be safe, then we suggest you try the service with the 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee for a Risk-free purchase of Ivacy VPN. In our Ivacy VPN review, we have brought the look of the plans provided by Ivacy, take a look below. 

Core Features of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN provides outstanding features keeping in mind all the purposes you use VPN for. It boosts your online security and privacy barrier, to keep the hackers, spammers and all the snoopers away from you and to let you enjoy the internet without restrictions by empowering you to bypass many constraints and censorships over the web and let you access all your favourite content from anywhere in the world. Our team of tech-experts at Best VPN Analysis have analyzed all the features of Ivacy VPN to present the best factual Ivacy VPN review for your convenience.

Absolutely Anonymity with Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN has outstanding features to ensure fool-proof privacy and optimum anonymity while surfing the internet and it is a Zero log VPN service which keeps no track of your online activities so that your online details and information is secure and hidden from all the hackers, spammer, and snoopers with the following security and privacy features we have elaborated in our Ivacy VPN review.

Data Encryption

When you get Ivacy VPN whatever you do over the internet is completely hidden from the other people on your network. Eventually, you get protection from the spying and prying eyes of snoopers and other cybercriminals. Ivacy VPN provides you with an encrypted tunnel of 256-bit encryption for ultimate protection. Which transfers the internet data you send or receive in an encrypted and unreadable form via a secure tunnel of Ivacy VPN with no limit on data transfer. So stream, browse, download, upload and share as much as you want absolutely securely.

Automatic Wi-Fi Protection

The most vulnerable network is the open network like Wi-Fi and hotspot which can be full of hackers and spammers. Which are looking for any loophole in your security and privacy parameter to attack your device and take advantage of your private and confidential information and sensitive data. With Ivacy VPN running on your device you don’t need to worry about the network you are connected to you are always safe and secure with a high-end security level of Ivacy VPN.

No More Identity Theft

Cybercriminals are always hunting their prey to steal confidential information. Which is related to your online identity that is your IP address to access your device and steal much useful information and valuable data and exploit it for their benefits such as your bank account details, your credit card information etc. which can cause you serious financial loss and mental stress. Ivacy VPN protects your online identity with military-grade privacy and security shelter by masking your real IP address with a fake IP address for optimum privacy and security from cyber identity theft.

DNS & IPv6 Leak Protection

With Ivacy DNS leak protection feature, all your searches and browsing request are transferred through Ivacy’s DNS server which ensures no DNS leaks. Ivacy also provides you unbeatable protection from the known IPv6 vulnerabilities by enforcing all IPv6 traffic into the VPN by this way it blocks any possible leak at the source.

Security Protocols

Ivacy offers all the VPN security protocols to provide you the flexibility to choose the level of protection according to your requirement with all the following high-end secure protocols;

  • PPTP (Recommended for faster Streaming with less security)
  • SSTP
  • L2TP/IPsec
  • OpenVPN (Most secure, best for P2P file sharing)
  • IKEv2

Access to the Unrestricted Internet

By reading this Ivacy VPN review, you will know that Ivacy VPN believes in freedom of internet and provides you access to all the restricted and censored websites and content no matter where you are you can get the access of all the blocked content with unlimited bandwidth and limitless server switching, because with Ivacy VPN not only your online details are secure, but you have the superpower to unblock all types of restriction, censorships and bans over the internet to access whatever you ever wish for from any region of the world.

Blazing-Fast Streaming without Lag

As mentioned earlier Ivacy VPN is not just your online security and privacy shield, but it is optimized to provide you uninterrupted access to all the popular streaming websites so you can watch your favorite movies, videos, TV shows etc. via online streaming with supreme speed and optimum security with no connection delay and speed lag for the enhanced and superb streaming experience.

Optimized P2P File-sharing Servers

P2P file sharing made easy with many strong and sustainable servers of Ivacy VPN optimized for P2P2 file sharing with unlimited bandwidth and 100% anonymity for the unbeatable protection and privacy shelter which keeps you secure while sharing files on such crowded and insecure networks.

Split Tunneling Feature

Now you will decide which data to transfer through VPN tunnel and which to transfer via your internet connection network, data prioritization helps you to keep your personal and professional internet activities separate especially at work.

Server Locations

Ivacy has strong and sustainable servers in all major regions of the world. With more than 450+ Server in more than 100+ locations expanded in many distinct locations. And frequently updating and adding new servers to different locations that we will update time to time in this Ivacy VPN review. Ivacy allows P2P file sharing on most of its servers with unlimited server switch for a better Torrenting experience.

Compatibility with Devices & Operating System

Ivacy has dedicated apps for all the devices, operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Linux etc. it is even compatible with VPN routers, Gaming Consoles, Smart TV, Kodi, Openelce, which means you can enhance and boost the security and privacy shelter for all the devices and Operating Systems you own with Ivacy VPN with no hassle, and can stream, download, share, upload, browse, play games etc. absolutely securely with the high-end security shield of Ivacy VPN.

5 Simultaneous Connection Option

There is no use of such VPN service which is unable to provide you security and privacy barrier for more than one of your device, with Ivacy VPN you get its privacy and secure shelter to 5 devices and operating systems at the same time with just one VPN account with its 5 simultaneous connection option.

Ivacy VPN Desktop & Mobile Apps Installation & Setup

We have simplified the manual installation and setup steps for you below for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone with PPTP protocol if you are looking for any other protocol setup you can find it here.

Ivacy VPN Android App Manual Setup using PPTP

  1. In this Ivacy VPN review, we have also brought you the setups for Android and iPhone.
    Go to “Settings” and tap on “More” now go to “VPN” then tap “+” in the top right corner.
  2. Now name the VPN as you wish, like ‘Ivacy PPTP’ in “Name”, ‘PPTP’ in “Type”, and in “Server Address” field, enter your desired server.
  3. Scroll down, uncheck “PPP encryption (MPPE)” and save settings.
  4. Now tap on your newly established connection “Ivacy PPTP”.
  5. Enter “email” in ‘Username’ field and “Password” (use the same details you used at the time of registration) tap on “Connect” to enjoy Privacy with Ivacy.
  6. Congratulations! you are now connected to Ivacy.

Ivacy VPN iPhone App Manual Setup using PPTP

  1. Go to “Settings” from home screen and open “General” then select “VPN”.
  2. Now, hit “Add VPN Configuration” now in the “Categories”, select ‘PPTP in “Description” field type ‘Ivacy PPTP’, in “Server” field, enter your desired server address.
  3. In “Account” field, enter your ’email’ and in the “Password” fields enter your password and save settings.
  4. Now, tap on “Ivacy VPN” to establish a connection and enjoy Privacy with Ivacy.

Ivacy VPN Manual Setup for Windows Vista using PPTP

  1. Click on the Start button and click “Connect To” then set up a new connection by clicking on “Setup a connection or network”.
  2. Now “Connect to a workplace” by selecting it and clicking “Next” then connect using “Internet connection (VPN)” and select “I’ll set up an Internet connection later”.
  3. In the “Internet address” field, type or paste your desired server name, in the “Destination name” field, you can type any name like ‘Ivacy PPTP’.
  4. Leave the option “Use a smart card” Allow others to use this connection if you want other users to use it, otherwise leave it unchecked. click “Next”.
  5. Click “Continue”. Now enter your ‘username’ and ‘password’ emailed to you by Ivacy then check “Remember this password” and click on “Create”.
  6. Ignore Connect now and click “Close” in “Connect to a network” window, right mouse click on the Ivacy connection and click on “Properties”.
  7. Now select the “Networking” tab and select ‘PPTP VPN’ from “Type of VPN”drop-down menu, remove checks from ‘Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)’ and ‘File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks’. Hit “OK”.
  8. Now connect to the newly established connection, in the new window, click on “Public location”, hit “Close” and enjoy Privacy with Ivacy.

Ivacy VPN Manual Setup for Mac using PPTP

  1. Open “System Preferences” and go to “Network” then click on “+” button on the bottom left.
  2. In “Interface” field select ‘VPN’, select ‘L2TP Over IPSec’, enter the name e.g. ‘ivacy (L2TP)’ now in “Service name” field and hit “Create”.
  3. Next in “Account Name” field, enter your Ivacy ‘username’ emailed to you by Ivacy, now in “Server Address” field, enter your desired server address and click on “Authentication Settings”.
  4. Now in a new window, enter your ‘Ivacy Password’ (found in configuration email) and enter ‘12345678’ in ‘Shared Secret Field’.
  5. Then Click on “Apply,” and open “Advanced settings,” then check “Send all traffic over VPN connection,” and click “OK,”.
  6. After that Click on “Apply” again, click on “Connect” and enjoy Privacy with Ivacy.

Customers’ Feedback

Ivacy VPN has gained immense popularity and customer loyalty with its efficient service and quality performance and they never hesitate to express what they feel about Ivacy VPN which we feel to share with you in the Ivacy VPN review.


Customer Support Staff

Hence, In our Ivacy VPN review, you will find out that how Ivacy manages their valuable customers. Moreover,  If you want to know anything about the service or need help while connecting or any other issues. You can get your issue resolved within minutes or a few hours with the 24/7 Customer Support Response staff via

  • Live chat, you need to login to access live chat option
  • Email ticketing,
  • Knowledge-based Articles and FAQs,
  • Phone and Skype call for instant solution.

Ivacy VPN review- Final Words

Finally, After the comprehensive Ivacy VPN review. We have found Ivacy a reasonable and affordable VPN service.  With much amazing security and privacy features of a high-end VPN service. Furthermore, As per affordability and quality is concerned. Ivacy is fit for an all the people. Who doesn’t want to spend a lot of dollars but still concerned about their online security and privacy. Hence, want to get power to bypass all the restrictions present over the internet. Additionally, We are confident till now you must have cleared all the ambiguities from your mind. Furthermore, it would be not a bad deal to give a risk-free try with 7 days money back guarantee offer and try it yourself.