YouTube Terminates ‘Kodi No Limits’ Account Which Had 600K subscribers


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As of now, the famous ‘Kodi No Limits’ channel which was filled with different educational videos about Kodi was removed by YouTube.

The service said that they received different third-party copyright claims. Such claims came for the videos which promoted divergent third-party ‘piracy tools’.

While there were more than 600,000 subscribers all of them are gone as YouTube has terminated the Kodi No Limits channel.

YouTube Ends ‘Kodi No Limits’ Account Having 600K subscribers Story

Over a decade now, YouTube has opened doors for people who like to make videos and earn money from it.

However, in recent times, Piracy has increased gradually on YouTube and the same goes in the case of Kodi.

While YouTube itself doesn’t allow the users to upload copyright infringement content, many piracy videos are yet present on YouTube.

In the case of Kodi No Limits, lots of tutorials were revolved around the Kodi media player. While Kodi is on the legal side, there are different third-party add on’s which is turning it into a piracy platform.

A search for the “Kodi addon guide” right on YouTube revealed some interesting thing. Plenty of the features from Kodi Addons had pirated sites and where showing user steps to access them.

Although this was going for years, the actual issue has come into consideration right now.

Hence, as you know, a good channel having 600,000 subscribers is not available seeing the request from copyright holders.

A Word of Mouth by the Channel

“This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted,” a message was present on the channel.

Till now, which were the videos having copyright infringement is still unknown. But, as far as we know, the account didn’t post any sorts of pirated content. Hence, the copyright holders reported tutorials which had the steps in relation to pirate content.

However, in the midst of the fight between Kodi and Copyright Holders, their website is still online. It is still featuring different Kodi tutorials all in a text format.

There is a chance that Kodi will take this into consideration and will update it as soon as possible. Losing 600,000 subscribers is definitely a huge blow to the whole Kodi organization.

In addition, their Twitter account is still active along with other social media accounts. Here, wrote a new message with a fresh ‘No Limits’ YouTube account.

Now, the real question is that how long they will stay online and will the copyright holder take action or not.

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Final Word of Mouth: YouTube Ends ‘Kodi No Limits’ Account Having 600K subscribers

The real question remains is that for how long the courses will stay on their websites.  As for YouTube, the channel is not available and Kodi No Limits will have to fresh start their YouTube campaign.

Finally, Torrent Freak had a talk with Kodi No Limits but nothing is clear as far as we see the current case.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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