YouTube Strikes Are Being Used as Scammers Extortion Tool


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In an era of intense abuse of YouTube’s copyright system, YouTuber is reporting that different scammers are using “three strikes” system for extortions. The YouTuber has filed two complaints against ObbyRaidz whereas the scammers contacted him to demand cash. The channel of the YouTuber is in extreme danger and is on the verge of deletion. However, in different YouTube Strikes on a particular channel, YouTube is doing nothing from their part.

Therefore, to let you know more about the YouTube Strikes story on a particular channel, let’s move ahead and discover each information, one by one.

YouTube Strikes Used as Scammers Extortion Tool Story

Every week, YouTube uploads million of videos where pirated video forms a basic part. In search of profits and reaping revenue, people dive into the YouTube business without knowing its negative outcomes.

On different occasions either pirated or normal users land into some sorts of content trouble. Where their content gets hit by YouTube strike and all they can do is to know when it went wrong.

While the complaints can be dealt on a quick manner, scammers can make YouTube strikes a lot more stringent. Making use of YouTube’s Content ID system, scammers can claim copyright on almost anyone’s account.

If you get three copyright strikes by YouTube, nothing can save your channel and all your hard work will go in vain.

As we have reported on different occasions, the same goes on for piracy videos too. Though pirate videos are taken down on a legal basis, the same doesn’t apply for people who upload genuine videos.

The YouTuber named ‘ObbyRaidz’ uploads Minecraft videos reported that he got two bogus strikes on his channel. While such a thing is not new and YouTube industry comes with a lot more bad things.

From the strike, it appears that the scammers deliberately inserted malicious codes to take money from him.

A word of Mouth by ObbyRaidz

“I have been striked twice and basically extorted, ObbyRaidz revealed this morning. If I don’t pay this dude he’s going to strike a third one of my videos down. It’s not fun and I’m gonna be really sad to see if my channel gets terminated. Then I have to go through the process of getting in contact with YouTube and stuff. YouTube is very broken and I want to see if they can fix their system so this doesn’t happen to other content creators,” he further says.

Also, the YouTuber was given a short period of time to either give money or lose the channel. Since the scammers involved in illegal activities, they might have direct connections with the Pirate industries.

Still, seeing the state of the YouTuber, YouTube must levy certain policies for such activities. They must work in making their systems secure where YouTubers’s can get some amount of tight channel security.

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Final Verdict: YouTube Strikes Used as Scammers Extortion Tool

While different False YouTube strikes are being used as a clear abuse thing, YouTuber’s can’t do much in this case. It’s the work of YouTube to make their system strong and prevent such attacks in the nearby future.

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