Will BitTorrent’s Paid ‘Fast Lane’ Breach Net Neutrality?


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Having a plan to improve the overall quality of BitTorrent protocol, TRON along with BitTorrent are trying their best. The users will get the privilege to use seeding more effectively and can even have faster access. While this can sound good to some people, others are having an issue on BitTorrent’s Paid ‘Fast Lane’.

BitTorrent is on an increasing road to fight for net neutrality and with an intention to let you know the story, let’s move ahead and uncover every information one by one.

BitTorrent’s Paid ‘Fast Lane’ Net Neutrality Issue

A few months ago, BitTorrent along with its owner TRON came up with a novel plan for extending the BitTorrent protocol. This was said to be done with the help of an “in-client token economy”. The idea behind such a project was to add currency to the BitTorrent Protocol with different types of extensions.

For the seeders, this becomes a favourable scenario as they can be awarded financial incentives. This will even help to speed up the entire process whereas paying process will pick up speed.

Earlier this very week, CEO of BitTorrent Justin Sun said that the latest BitTorrent Token (BTT) will enhance the overall network speed. Still, it’s hard to review the product which hasn’t been released. But, with the initial look of the product, will it breach net neutrality stands as the major issue.

People are asking such a question because BitTorrent has been a great source of the open internet. They are being criticized for paid traffic prioritization and even for fast lanes.

On the contrary, BitTorrent went even farther and made the “Internetbetter” Website. With this, they advertised the campaign on a huge billboard which involved massive advertising cost.

A Word of Mouth by BitTorrent

“The FCC’s proposed changes to Net Neutrality would create a preferential fast lane for designated traffic,” BitTorrent wrote.

“Those with the deep pockets to pay for this fast lane will have the ability to access and distribute content at higher speeds. Those who lack the purchasing power will be disadvantaged. This moves us towards an Internet of discrimination.”

Their efforts didn’t do any harm to the net neutrality but BitTorrent’s Paid ‘Fast Lane’ is looking to do something different. It even appears that their plans may not sync with the ‘Open Internet’ scenario either.

In the case of FCC, fast lanes are those companies which pay the customers for improved access. Or else in simpler terms, those who pay will have faster access than those who use it for free.

While the detailing as of now is not much, it’s not clear about BitTorrent’s next move. It’s even not clear how the entire project will work and the ways in which it will benefit the customer. But, it’s more likely that the person who will pay for services will get better access over others.

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Final Word of Mouth: BitTorrent’s Paid ‘Fast Lane’ Net Neutrality Issue

Being said that, payment incentives will increase in the upcoming future. As the scenario for BitTorrent’s Paid ‘Fast Lane’ goes, are they affecting Net Neutrality or not? We will have to wait and watch out for.

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