Why Do You Need VPN When Traveling To China?


If you’ll be traveling to China any time soon, you might want to ensure that your devices have a reliable VPN. Whether you are going for business purposes, a getaway, or you simply want to explore the massive wall of China, a VPN will help you stay connected to your favorite websites and TV Shows. But why do you need a VPN when traveling to China?

We want to assume that you already know the reasons for using a VPN for browsing. One major reason is that it hides your identity and prevents ‘spying’. But it’s important to know why you need it when you are traveling to China. So, let’s get on with it.

The Main Reason Geo-Blocking

In recent times, the firewall of China has become more complex and less permeable. There are too many restrictions and barring when it comes to accessing specific websites in China. Therefore, the only sure way to get past the firewall is to use a reliable VPN connection. With this VPN, you can easily access social networking platforms, country-specific websites, blogs, or any other website.

This is also known as geo-blocking. In other words, China will block some sites when you try to access it from the country. Take, for example, the New York Times, a leading blog that has a lot of daily followers. If you try to access it while in China, you will be blocked and unable to get through.

The regional restriction of a specific website is very common in China.  

The VPN services, in this case, will make your computer or mobile device look like it is located in a different country, based on the server location that you choose. This way, you can then access any website without worrying about the geo-blocking.

How to Enjoy Your VPN When Traveling To China

Too many people make a mistake whenever they are going for a trip to China, especially when they want to enjoy the VPN privileges.

The best way to go about this is to set up the VPN on your laptop or mobile device before you move to China. If you are coming from America, try to set up the VPN before leaving the country.

One reason for connecting your VPN before moving to China is to ensure that everything is working properly outside your country of origin. If you try connecting while in China, you may not know where the exact problem is. But when you do it outside China and it happens to have connection problems, you will know how to fix it. That is why you need to connect the VPN outside China and be sure that everything is working accordingly.

Another reason is that some of the alternate websites might not be accessible from China. You can never be 100% sure that the alternate websites will be accessible.

But why can’t you set up the VPN when you are in China?

Well, China already knows that people are using VPN services to get through the blocked websites. For that, they will block the websites of VPN providers in China. As usual, you will need to visit the website of a specific VPN provider for you to set up your VPN and enjoy your secure private network.

Is It Illegal to Use a VPN in China? Doesn’t the Government Block VPNs?

In simple terms, it is not illegal. Nevertheless, operating an un-registered VPN service in China is illegal. But people can easily take advantage of the overseas-based VPN. The only thing you shouldn’t do is to use the VPN services to spread political messages and cause trouble with the government. Doing so would definitely make it illegal. But if you are simply using the VPN to watch your favorite TV shows and movies or visit your favorites sites (blogs), then it is very legal to use the VPN.

One reason that makes the VPN free to be used in China is the fact that the providers don’t normally have servers in China. Therefore, they are not bound by the laws in China.

But why is it not completely free to use VPN in China?

First off, China doesn’t want its citizens to have free access to the internet because they would visit the wrong sites and most probably spread the wrong political message. But on the other hand, China wants investor in the country. For that, they will allow foreign investors and multi-national companies to access corporate networks.  

If the VPNs are blocked completely, the economy and foreign investment in China would be negatively affected. That is why some commercial VPN traffic is allowed so that investors and foreign visitors can access blocked websites.

So, Which is the Best VPN Service to Use in China?

Honestly, it wouldn’t be right to mention a specific VPN provider that you should use when visiting China. However, you can always find one that offers the best services and one that can protect your identity accordingly.

For instance, here are the top 10 best VPN services you can use when you are planning to visit China. They have good customer services and that they are reliable enough. Don’t forget to check out the review of each VPN service so that you are sure of what you are getting in return. Out top pick is NordVPN

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What about the iOS Users?

You might have noticed that Apple has removed all the VPN apps from the China App Store. This makes it challenging to download a VPN app from the store. Nonetheless, you can beat this by creating an iTunes account using a USA address. That way, you can download the app while in China, but indicating that you are in a different location. Here is where a VPN would help you.

Some of the top VPN services come with great iOS apps that can be used in China and help you protect your identity. Always ensure that you find the perfect VPN service that can help you access your favorite sites and platforms while in China.

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