Why Data Encryption Matters even if you have Nothing to Hide?

Secure Data with Encryption to Protect Vulnerable Information

You might have a misconception regarding the need for data encryption. That this term is only for the technology geeks and the corporate sector. Many people think that if they nothing to hide or keep confidential. They do not need to have any data encryption. If you are one of those people. Then this article is for you. Here you will find the reasons. Why you need data encryption even if you do not have anything to hide.

The Basis of Privacy

Furthermore, Privacy is a fair expectation of an individual. So as to not to disclose his personal affairs and information to the third party. Privacy is the right of every person. Its most typical example is home. From where the concept of home originated? The need of home was felt when people started thinking about their right to privacy. As far as internet privacy is concerned. This is also something unavoidable. No matter what privacy should never be compromised. Even if you use the internet only for web surfing. Using your Facebook account. Or streaming videos (get the best VPN for Streaming services). Irrespective of your mode of internet use. It is your absolute right to speak up or make necessary measures if you feel your privacy is at risk.

Mass Surveillance

Furthermore, The unfair culture of mass surveillance. That implicitly demands us to let the state know everything about us. That monitors our online activity around the clock. It is nothing but an attack on the right of our privacy. For having privacy concerns. You do not have to a tech-geek or should belong to the web industry. Even if you are an ordinary internet user Your privacy concerns should matter as it does for the geeks.

Privacy Concerns Lead to Data Encryption

Additionally, privacy concerns are something that everyone should be worried for. If you think that privacy term is only associated. With the corporate sector or people from the web industry. Then this is the high time to change how you use to think. The privacy should be your concern. No matter for what purposes do you use the internet. Even if you have nothing to hide. Your internet privacy is the first thing you need to think about. Do you like to be watched by the state when you use the internet? Of course not. None of us likes this. So this is the matter of privacy.

Moreover, Mass surveillance by the state is a clear violation of the human rights of the netizens. But despite some protests on different platforms. The governments across the world turn a deaf ear. And continue to spoof their netizens. This privacy concern leads the netizens to data encryption. Hence, software like VPN is here as a savior. (read what a VPN is and how it works in our VPN Guide ). Furthermore, VPN is designed to give the solution to the netizens who are having privacy concerns.

What Is Data Encryption?

Data encryption is a security tool. That is designed to translate the internet data into encrypted data. That is locked by a secret key. So, only accessible to the people who know this secret key. This secret key is called a password or decryption key. The translated internet data is called ciphertext. Whereas the data before the translation is known as plain text. Now, data encryption has become the most popular tool for internet security. Some internet users are increasingly opting for a data encryption tool. So as to encrypt their Internet data. So that it will not be accessible by the third party. The data encryption tool is categorized into two kinds. One is asymmetric encryption. That is also known as public-key encryption. And the other is symmetric encryption.

Where is Data Encryption Required the Most?

Additionally, Data encryption is used the most. When there are very strict internet censorship laws and mass surveillance culture is popular. So in countries like Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, UK, and USA. Where NSA mass surveillance is very strengthened. And is working day and night to monitor the online activity of the netizens of these countries. These are the countries where data encryption is required the most. And people there have been opting for data encryption. To protect them from being the victim of privacy breaching.

Why Data Encryption Matters, When you have Nothing to Hide?

So you think you have nothing to hide? Well, we all have something to hide. Although I do not have anything. That seems relevant to the NSA. However, still when I use social media. I do not share everything with everyone. I do not share my personal life with peers. And do not talk about my family with my friends. So these are the things that I keep private. Even though I lead a very low profile life. I do not like my search history to be disclosed to anyone. Or my personal messages, bank account information. Or the time that I spend searching for celebrities. And contribution in any political discussion anonymously.

Hence, These things everyone wants to keep private. Hence, if you have a feeling that is being watched by the NSA. You will never feel free to use the internet. So, you are not a guilty person who is involved in any crime. However, still being watched over is feeling. That has nothing to do with freedom. So if you want to attain your internet freedom. Then you should consider using a data encryption tool.

Steps to Begin with The Data Encryption

  1. Use an Anonymous VPN Service

Using an anonymous VPN service will help you get rid of the hawkeye of NSA mass surveillance. VPN or Virtual Private Network helps you to use your internet connection securely. It works on the principle of data encryption. It translates all the internet data packets into ciphertext. By sending them through an encrypted tunnel to a remote server. This security software lets you be anonymous over the web so that nobody can see your actual IP address, not even the government’s watchdogs. Check out our best anonymous VPN.

  1. Use a Privacy Search Engine

Privacy search engines are something that you should seriously consider using. These are search engines that let you search with complete privacy. Privacy search engines do not keep the logs and also delete the cookies immediately after using it. This way nobody can track you and watch your online activity. Unlike Google and other famous search engines, privacy search engines do not serve NSA with the information of the users. So if you want to search with complete privacy, a privacy search engine is all you need. There are many privacy search engines; you can take a look for the best privacy search engines.

  1. Use Social Media Carefully and Anonymously

Where social media has provided a good platform to the people to connect with friends and family, it also has brought some question to privacy concerns. While using social media, you should be very careful especially when sharing your personal information with the people you do not know. All that glitters are not gold! Yes, the world of social media seems very appealing and these days even the kids have a social media profile. But it is important to know the proper way of using social media to make yourself protected and avoid any privacy violation.  Using social media anonymously can help you to protect yourself against the privacy attackers. The more you be anonymous, the less you put your privacy at risk. So when it comes to using social media like Facebook (learn 5 Facebook settings you need to know), Twitter, etc., you should be extra cautious to avoid any trouble with your privacy.

  1. Other Privacy Hacks

Other privacy hacks involved the use of public wifi, as it brings a significant threat to your data and your data becomes vulnerable to hackers and spoofers. You should also avoid clicking on weird links and junk emails. This way you can be the victim of phishing. On the other hand, your casual attitude while using the internet can also add to the risks to your internet privacy. Using public computers and not removing your login details, cache and browsing history is a blunder. Criminals can easily track you and hack your account. Have a look at our ultimate privacy guide to better know about the privacy dos and don’ts.

Conclusion – Why Data Encryption Matters even if you Have Nothing to Hide?

In a nutshell, privacy matters to everyone, and hence data encryption is for all the users irrespective of how they use the internet or whether they have anything to hide or not. So whether you a techno-geek or not data encryption is all you need to use your internet and browse with the sense of freedom.

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