When Do You Need A Dedicated IP VPN

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Typically, virtual private networks, popularly known as VPN, use dynamic Internet protocol addresses because of factors like efficiency and cost. Still, such can be problematic because they’re allocated to all users and subject to change.

For anybody who wants his VPN to be as secure as possible and wants to get the best online experience, there’s another alternative to dynamic IP addresses, and this is called dedicated IP VPN.

What Should You Know About Dedicated IP VPN

Once you sign up for a dedicated IP VPN, you’ll be given a distinct IP address that no one else can use that doesn’t change, and that’s also different from your IP address.

On the contrary, those who don’t use a dedicated IP VPN would end up using an IP address which has been designated to their chosen VPN’s server which they’ve connected to. That IP address isn’t unique and would be allocated to anybody else accessing the same server.

There are various dedicated IP options that you can consider, and they work differently in comparison with the dynamic IP. Because they’re assigned, static, and unique to a single user, only your online traffic will be routed through the address. Therefore, once you connect to various VPN servers, you won’t need the same IP address as some users.

Use Dedicated IP VPN When You’re Doing Online Banking

Online banking services tend to get suspicious whenever you use multiple IP addresses. Banking websites do their best to prevent account theft. Once you use different IPs, it shows that you’re logging in from unsecured areas or somebody else is accessing your account. It means you’ll need to go through some security verifications and questions. However, if you use a dedicated IP VPN, any banking website will recognize you, and you won’t experience any hassles.

Use Dedicated IP VPN When Using Streaming Services

If you’re wondering about the best time to use a dedicated IP VPN, it’s when you’re accessing streaming services. Without a dedicated IP, most popular streaming services would likely block shared IP addresses.

But, by using a dedicated IP VPN, you can easily watch and stream content without worrying about any interruptions caused by the services blocking shared IPs. For instance, you can enjoy Netflix from anywhere with your friends.

Use Dedicated IP VPN When Playing Video Games

Have you tried accessing a video game service only to find out that you need to re-verify yourself? It might be because of the service knowing your real IP. Once you try to log in again with a different IP, your activity might be flagged, causing you to re-verify, or for your account to be locked temporarily.

Such security protocols are in place to prevent account theft or account sharing. With a dedicated IP VPN, your video game services can easily recognize you as you’ll have the same IP always rather than having different shared IPs.

Use Dedicated IP VPN When Working From Home

For business users, a dedicated IP VPN can be useful to gain access to a particular network. Several networks are accessible only through certain IP addresses for some safety reasons.

Through this, your employer can be assured that only those with access to your office’s Internet connection can reach crucial documents and some business data. However, the system’s drawback is that you can’t access those files with your own home Internet connection or with a shared IP address provided by a VPN provider.

Luckily, with a dedicated IP, you can access such networks, regardless of where you are. It can be of great help if you like to work from home or even when you’re on the go.

With a dedicated IP, you can connect to the network of your office. It can also protect your Internet connection at all times. But, make sure to note that you can’t access your business network with any dedicated IP. So, the best thing you should do when using dedicated IP for your work is to contact your employer and have them arrange a more secure connection with an IP address with or for you.

Use Dedicated IP VPN When You Want Faster Emails

Another great time to make the most of a dedicated IP VPN is when you want faster emails. One of the best things about dedicated IP is that emails are more trusted by mail services compared with emails sent using shared IP addresses.

Email traffic via dedicated IP addresses has priority over the generated traffic through shared IPs. For example, emails sent using shared IP addresses have to be checked by the email service provider. Such emails could end up in the spam folder of the receiver.

To ensure that your emails will be sent to their recipients more quickly and won’t be considered as spam, it’s wise to use dedicated IP. Through this, you can communicate much faster, which can be essential at work or in your business.

Use Dedicated IP VPN When You Want To Stay Off The Blacklist

If you want to stay off the blacklist online, it’s a great time to use a dedicated IP VPN. With this IP address, you won’t get blacklisted quickly.

If you have a dedicated IP VPN, multiple websites will receive you as an Internet user because, unlike using a shared IP address, a dedicated IP won’t cause suspicions.

Use Dedicated IP VPN When You Want To Protect Your IoT Devices

If you use smart doorbells, security cameras at home, and other IoT devices, you can use a dedicated IP VPN to restrict their live feeds. Through this, you can guarantee that they’re for your eyes only, encrypted, and protected because the last thing you’d like is to have strangers keeping tabs on you.

Final Thoughts

A dedicated IP VPN provides you the opportunity to browse online in a secure manner with the same IP address. This IP address isn’t the same as the usual IP you have, but it can’t be shared with some VPN users either. Like other things, a dedicated IP VPN has pros and cons. Generally, it’ll make you more visible to various websites, which can be useful if you don’t always verify your identity. Once you decide to get a dedicated IP VPN, make sure to choose a trustworthy provider to make the most of its benefits.


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