What is Torrent? & 5 Ways to do Torrenting Anonymously


Torrent in the most demanded internet feature. Which works as a collaborated medium of peer-to-peer file sharing. Furthermore, the act of using Torrent is called Torrenting. Additionally, BitTorrent is the most preferred and famous protocol of P2P file sharing. It is due to its fastest speed of downloading and uploading files. That works of a unique mechanism of downloading files directly from the computer of the person who shared. Hence, as many people are allowed to share the same files.

Hence, even if 10,000 people are downloading one file at a time. It will not affect the rate of downloading. Moreover, it is due to a shared downloading mechanism. By which file is downloaded from various sources, not just one source. Furthermore, BitTorrent is used by millions of internet users from all around the world. Additionally, it is famous among people mainly for the download of the latest movies. However, you can download anything from BitTorrent. Either movie, software, videos, research papers, academic documents, e-books, etc. Hence, it is a very useful tool. For all the internet users globally.

How BitTorrent Works?

Furthermore, Avoiding much deeper technical details. And simplifying the phenomenon of how BitTorrent works. Hence, to make it understandable for all readers. Moreover, BitTorrent has two major working mechanisms. First ‘Indexer’ and second ‘Tracker’. The indexer is a site. That collects and accumulates Torrents and its details. Where users can download and upload files. By a proper community with rules for BitTorrent content.

Additionally, A Tracker is a server for these sites. That routes the small data packets to the downloader. And facilitates connecting to its fellow peers. This enhances the speed of the overall downloading process. And that is how even huge-sized files are downloaded and uploaded at a very fast speed. Hence, it makes BitTorrent the most reliable and preferred medium for all file sharing addicts.

Top 3 Ways to do Torrenting Anonymously

Moreover, When you google ways to use BitTorrent anonymously. You may come across many options. That might make you perplexed about the selection. Hence, I have tried here to guide you. Furthermore, here are the top three ways to download torrents anonymously.


Furthermore, A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best and most secure way to use Torrent anonymously. Additionally, millions of users prefer VPN services. To access and use Torrent from all around the world. However, due to copyright law, many VPN services have banned Torrenting traffic. On their servers due to complications involved in running it. Furthermore, it is due to continuous notices by DMCA and shutdowns by ISPs.

Hence, before opting for a VPN service to be used for Torrenting. You must ensure it allows BitTorrent traffic on its servers. However, As mentioned not all the VPN service providers have banned the Torrenting traffic on their servers. Additionally, some top quality and reliable VPN service providers have rejected the ban. Hence, they diverted their BitTorrent traffic through the servers. Of those countries which allow torrenting. Such Torrent VPNs provide protective security and privacy shelter to its users by hiding their real IP address on such over-crowded BitTorrent servers which by default exposes the IP address of the users, but a safe and secure Torrent VPN creates a private encrypted tunnel and channelizes your internet data traffic through that tunnel which keeps you away from all the prying eyes on the network.

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Proxy services are also used by many users to use BitTorrent anonymously. It hides the IP address of the user from the public on the servers which help users to stay hidden and secret, but it is not as efficient and smart technology as a VPN and proxy has many security flaws and sometimes non-functional and reduce the speed of the connection some popular proxy services for Torrenting are BTGuard and TORRENTPRIVACY.


You can also use Seedbox for the supreme high-speed download speed on the BitTorrent server. A Seedbox is a jargon of BitTorrent use on high-speed servers and users of seedbox can download their desired files with supreme download speed while keeping their online identity hidden from the public.

Final Words

No doubt Torrent is the most preferred file sharing medium over the internet, and millions of internet users from all around the world use it to download and upload all kinds of software for free of cost, but due to increasing copyrights laws many countries in the world have banned the Torrenting website to avoid copyrights and piracy violation, and many ISPs block users access to such Torrenting websites but still, Torrent addicts always look for ways to use Torrent anonymously so to continue their download addiction without being caught by their ISPs. In this article, we have helped you to select carefully the top three ways to use Torrent anonymously.

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