What Are Torrent Magnet Links, and How Do I Use Them to Download Torrents?


What Are Torrent Magnet Links, and How Do I Use Them to Download Torrents? Since every other technology is evolving, be it communication, internet or transportation, by the time everything has transformed into something greater than what it used to be since its inception. Likewise, torrent and peer to a peer protocol network have also evolved remarkably for the torrenters’ good. From the beginning till now, the technology of torrent has morphed, bringing easy and nifty ways for torrenters to help them save their time and make torrenting ever more leisurely.

Such advancement is torrent magnet links that have introduced in torrenting to make downloading of torrents time saving and much easier than ever before. In this article we aim to give you complete guidance about magnet links, how do they work and why they are using when torrenting. So stick with us to get yourself acquainted with all about magnet links in torrenting. ( also read Is PeerBlock For BitTorrent Still Safe?)

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What is Magnet Link?

If you have been to any torrenting website like The Pirate Bay or any other, chances are you might have come across torrent magnet links that must not have bothered you as they redirected the user’s right to the BitTorrent peer’s download to get started with your file installation. In a bid to get the whole meaning of this term magnet link, you must be acquainted with the conventional way of downloading torrents that needed several requirements to be fulfilled.

So, in order to download torrents via torrent files, you should have torrent client like BitTorrent, a torrent file that could be downloaded from the BitTorrent server and works as a torrent facilitator or provider and last but not the least seeders and leechers of the relevant torrent. This used to be a two-steps method, in which first you were supposed to download the torrent file from the server, then this torrent file was requisite to redirect you to the peer’s file through which your actual downloading could begin.

With this magnet link, your torrenting experience could take less of time because it skips the first step of downloading torrent file from the BitTorrent server. The magnet link is the complete information that is required to begin downloading the desired file right from the peer directly. In short, BitTorrent magnet link is a serverless method of getting the wholesome data which is ample to begin the downloading of the requested torrent. These links can be widespread by emails, messengers and other platforms of communication. But mostly these torrent magnet links are found in the torrent indexing websites like the Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, etc.

Merits Of Torrent Magnet Links?

As this is an advancement in the world of torrenting so it must offer some great deal of advantages both for the torrenters and the BitTorrent indexers. The most alluring benefit for the torrent hosts is that they no longer have to keep torrent files on their server, that itself has several advantages. It could help to minimize the pressure build from the media fraternity or their legal issues and be useful in cutting the corners of hardware infrastructure expenditures due to the less downloading and tracking.

On the other hand, the user can also benefit with this torrent magnet links. It is because it saves their time and makes torrenting easier than before. All a user is supposed to do is to click the link that redirects him right onto the requested torrent from the peer. Besides, the users can also share this link with anyone more quickly as compared to the torrent file way.

How To Download Torrents Using Torrent Magnet Links?

Well, there is no rocket science involved with using the torrent magnet link in order to download torrents safely. But before we proceed you need first to understand the several parts in this link. The magnet link is made up of four different parts combined.

  • The first one is the magnet identifier.
  • ?xt=urn:btih defines BitTorrent information Hash.
  • 5dee65101db281ac9c46344cd6b175cdcad53426 is a content Hash.
  • &dn=name contains the name of the file.

xt=urn:btih:5dee65101db281ac9c46344cd6b175cdcad53426&dn=downloadthis is how an actual torrent magnet link looks like. There could also be additional parameters for torrent magnet link that is given with detailed information on the websites like Wikipedia. There is one nifty parameter which is worth mentioning, and that is  as= parameter, having coded information about the source of download. This also does wonders in speeding up the process of getting the first peer.

The method of downloading torrent by using the torrent links is as simple as to just click on the link and redirected to your BitTorrent client that would start downloading the requested file you wanted to download. Nothing more complicated than this. All it takes is the fewer clicks than before in the process of torrenting. Now, all the leading torrent hosts like the Pirate Bay, uTorrent and others have opted for the torrent magnet links and got rid of torrent files so as to be free from legal kinds of stuff and cut down the infrastructure of tracking or downloading from the website. ( also check how to download torrents on iPad)

Why Does Magnet Link Use DHT?

Here a question arises when it comes to the identification of the torrenter downloading or seeding the file in a tracking-free environment. The question is how could the downloading take place if there is a trackless system that is unable to notify the BitTorrent peer about the seeders and downloaders of the torrent. Well, DHT or Distributed Hash Tables is the answer to this query. This is used to identify the peer of the BitTorrent with DHT, and many of the leading torrent websites like Vuze are featured with DHT by default.

Risk Involved In Torrenting

There are some grave risks in torrenting using either torrent magnet link or torrent files. Both can bring some literally dangerous threats to the torrenters. It is because of the bitter fact that torrenting is one of the topmost cybercrime. And there have been some strict laws in most of the countries across the globe. You can even land in jail if you get caught while torrenting.

Moreover, it could charge you the hefty amount of penalty. This all depends on the severity of the copyright infringement laws exist in your region; the more stern rules are, the worse consequences the torrenters have to face. So, we recommend you to be extra cautious while torrenting. And go some extra miles in a bid to take precautionary measures so as not to get caught while torrenting.

How To Make Torrenting Safer with a VPN

The best precaution to make your torrenting safer is to hide your IP address. So as to stop everybody from tracking you. There two ways by which you can successfully do it. One is by using Tor. That routes your Internet traffic from multiple layers of encryption. That is hard to intercept. But because of these layers, the data needs time to reach the destination. Hence, making the overall speed slow ( also read Is Using Tor Safe For Privacy?).

While, on the other hand, VPN or Virtual Private Network does miracles in protecting your online anonymity. And protect you from the copyright infringement laws. The VPN works by sending your internet traffic through a high-level military grade encrypted tunnel. No one can intercept this encryption. Not even by your ISP, making you safe from the risks of torrenting. Moreover, VPN does not make the connection deadly slow. Especially some good VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Which are fast, reliable and affordable, perfect for torrenters out there.

VPN For Torrenting

While choosing VPN for torrenting, the factors you should keep in mind are. Speed, bandwidth limit, server locations and VPN protocols. Furthermore, the most important thing that you should look for in a VPN. Like for torrenting is whether or not it offers the server location of those regions that are pro torrenting.

This will be helpful for you when you have to access any torrent indexer. That has been blocked in your region. So, the right VPN for torrenting is a must do precaution. Before kicking off torrenting using either torrent magnet links or torrent files. ( also read our best VPN for Torrenting)

Ending Note- What Are Torrent Magnet Links, and How Do I Use Them to Download Torrents?

To wrap it all, the torrent magnet links prove a real advancement in the field of torrenting. That enables the users to skip the first step of downloading torrent files. And reach the BitTorrent peer file directly just by clicking on it.

So, this was all about the torrent magnet links. And how you can use these while downloading the torrents. But do not forget to use VPN while torrenting. Hence, to save yourself from the getting the notice of copyright infringement.


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