How to Watch Star Trek Discovery Online From Anywhere?


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Star Trek Discovery does not need any introduction for the followers across the globe. The aficionadi must hearten themselves to behold a brand new prequel to the feature film on CBS All Access. A brainchild of Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller, Star Trek Discovery supplants the USS discovery crew that explores new worlds and civilizations. But, the bad news is that it does not broadcast outside the US, and even in the US, it costs quite hefty to get it streamed. So, if you are looking for the ways by which you can watch Star Trek Discovery online from anywhere in the world; then you have head over to a right place. Here, in the article, we are going to tell you how you can watch Star Trek Discovery online.

Star Trek fans gear up for another fantastic adventure, as a fresh series is now broadcasting on CBS All Access for your fun. Created by Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller, the new “Star Trek: Discovery” is a prequel to the feature films and original series. The story presents the events in space a decade ago and traverses the Federation Klingon cold war. The TV series will be casting Sonequa Martin-Green, Shazad Latif, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Jason Isaacs and Mary Wiseman, as the leading cast members. Continue reading this article to learn how to watch Star Trek Discovery online. (also read, How to Watch UFC Fight Night 119 Live Online)

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What’s Star Trek Discovery?

CBS’ new science fiction experience, Star Trek: Discovery, is eventually here. The première season is divided into two sections, with the first eight adventures airing from Sunday, Sept. 24 through Sunday, Nov. 5, and the second section televising in January 2018. If you believe you can just turn on your TV and proceed where no one has reached before, however, you’re wrong. The show is exclusive to streaming only; this means you will need to sign-up for CBS All Access; the company’s on-demand and live video streaming service, and append another subscription charges to your increasing list of monthly responsibilities.


While the first hour of the two-hour debut was aired on CBS proper; the second half; as well as the rest of the series; is only accessible via the CBS All Access video streaming service. That indicates you’ll require paying for yet another subscription service to get your Star Trek: Discovery fix; irrespective of your cable plan. You can reach the CBS All Access service both via CBS’ site, or its video streaming app; available on almost every device you have, that includes your iOS and Android devices, Roku player, Apple TV, game console (sorry, no Switch or PS3 support here), or Amazon Fire TV.

Plans Offering

There are two CBS All Access plans to pick from. You can sign-up for the Limited Commercials plan at $5.99 per month or the Commercial Free option for $9.99. Both choices offer a yearly plan you can purchase upfront; saving you a few bucks compared to the per month option.

Sure, you presumably just want to see the latest sci-fi adventure show; but it’s worth seeing that CBS All Access provides you more than only Discovery. The service proposes “more than 9,000 episodes on demand”—you can see programmes varying from primetime showings; old seasons of selected shows, and live TV based on your local CBS station. (also see, How to Watch Rugby League World Cup 2017 on Kodi)

Is The Live Streaming of Star Trek Discovery Available on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix is boastfully offering the live streaming chance to its users. If you have the Netflix membership; you can see all the chapters of the show. However, the only drawback is that the US watchers will have to see through CBS All Access. Though, the CBS Studios is introducing the series through the help of 188 locations worldwide.

Furthermore, the Star Trek fans residing in the UK can see the series via Netflix. Those users who are within the US and do not hold CBS All Access subscription can still watch the program. All they have to do is to connect to the UK server with the help of a VPN. Once they get connected to the UK server; they should sign-in their Netflix account. Therefore, this is how they can watch Star Trek Discovery online on their devices instantly.

How to Use a VPN in the US to Unblock Star Trek: Discovery

For US dwellers who prefer to spend their hard-earned money on a VPN rather than a hefty CBS streaming subscription; getting a VPN wouldn’t be difficult! Just follow these steps.

  • Select a VPN from our recommended list of best VPNs. To watch Star Trek Discovery online, connect to any server location outside the US.
  • Any VPN that provides high-speed internet to stream in HD quality will work perfectly. We recommend NordVPN and ExpressVPN because they are cheap, secure, and have servers locations in over 50 countries.
  • After deciding on the best VPN to watch Star Trek Discovery online, just navigate through the website and subscribe.
  • Download the VPN software for the platform that you need.
  • Launch the software; type-in your credentials, and choose a server outside the US to watch Star Trek Discovery online.
  • Connect server that you need to use. Connecting to a server that is nearer to you geographically will be helpful. If you’re in New York, for instance, a server in the UK would work best.
  • As soon as the VPN connects, you’re shielded with encryption (so that no one can snoop your internet traffic), your actual location (IP address) is hidden, and you look to be in the region you chose.

How Can I Watch Star Trek Discovery Online in Canada?

You can access to the live streaming of the series through the OTT service Cravetv and Bell Media’s Space channel in Canada. However, if you want to watch all the episodes of Star Trek Discovery through CBS within Canada,; you should try a VPN. By connecting to the US server; you can circumvent the region blocking restriction and fulfill your streaming desires. (also check, How to Watch Stranger Things 2 Online?)

Conclusion-How to Watch Star Trek Discovery Online From Anywhere?

No matter whether you’re in the US and want to fake to be in overseas to watch Star Trek Discovery online on Netflix, or outside the US and want to watch Star Trek on CBS; a VPN to watch Star Trek Discovery online is by far the best option. You’ll also need one if you want the privacy to watch pirated versions of Star Trek Discovery.


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