How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On CHROMECAST?


Can you watch Amazon Prime video on Chromecast by using your Android, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac? Streaming services are on the verge of popularizing worldwide. There are millions of viewers who prefer using streaming services rather than settling for conventional television programs. The freedom of watching their favorite TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere is what incline the people the most. If you also want to know how to watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast; read this guide to help you know the ways by which you can do it.(also see, 5 BEST VPN FOR HULU 2017)

Of course such services; allowing you to watch high-quality content anytime and anywhere do not come free. Also, it requires necessary technical know-how, to begin with, it. But, this has not stopped its fans; especially the young generation; from watching their favorite TV shows via streaming services and enjoying shows on the go.

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Is it Possible To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Chromecast?

If you have a Google Chromecast; you have plausibly noticed that you aren’t allowed to stream Amazon Prime videos on it.

Why is it so? Amazon itself says that Chromecast and Android do not support Amazon Prime and Instant Video services. This is bad news for Prime subscribers who want to stream shows on Chromecast. Most of them assume that they need to buy Amazon’s Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to be able to watch Instant and Prime Videos. But there is a way out.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On ChromeCast?

Here’s the kicker for you, it must sound good to you that you wil not need any extra device to watch Amazon Prime Videos on Chromecast if you already have AndroidTV or Chromecast device; even a simple computer with Chrome Browser. Follow the simple steps below to watch Amazon Prime video on Chromecast.(also read, 5 FASTEST VPN SERVICES 2017 – SPEED IS A WINNER)


The requirements include a Chromecast device that you have to connect it to your laptop or PC with the same network and should have Google Chrome Browser. We assume you already own a Prime membership because if not, then there’s no way you can access Prime videos.

  1. Head over to your Amazon Prime account on from your Chrome browser. Click on the Prime drop-down arrow, select Watch.
  2. The video you select will automatically start playing unless you have a playlist. Pause the video while we get it connected to the Chromecast device.
  3. In your Chrome browser, find the Chromecast icon in the upper right-hand corner. After clicking on it, select your Chromecast device from the list. From the Cast to drop down menu select Cast Tab.
  4. The video will start playing on the screen you chose for your Chromecast device.
  5. The Cast tab has many options that you can use to set your viewing preferences. First off, you get three video qualities to choose from Standard (480p), High (720p), or Extreme Quality (this is also 720p, but has a higher bitrate). To access settings, you have to click on the Cast button, and then click the ‘settings’ button (that looks like a gear). You can not only change streaming quality but also mute and unmute the sound with the help of the volume button. Since there is no option in the Cast tab to adjust the volume level, you have to use your TV remote for that.

Since Chromecast works for almost all streaming sites; you can stream any kind of videos with it, irrespective of format or quality. To end the session, simply close your browser window, or select Stop Casting from the Cast button.


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