How Does a VPN Provide DDoS Protection?


How Does a VPN Provide DDoS Protection? Where the world has benefited greatly from the internet technology. It has also brought some threats to the security and privacy. The internet world is different from the reality. In the real world. You only fear the robbers or criminals of your city or locality but in the internet world. The person sitting on the other edge of the world can infect your PC. Or can become a threat to your online security. There are many viruses and hacking tricks. That can infect numerous PCs across the world. And if you are an addicted gamer. Then you are more likely to be aware of the term DDoS attack.

These attacks have been increased at an unprecedented rate. And getting more sophisticated day by day. Every field is now at a high risk of DDoS attack. Moreover, these attacks have become harder to detect than before. However, there are ways to apply some DDoS protection. To be safe from these malicious attacks. One way is to use a DDoS protected VPN. In this article, you will get to know all about DDoS protected VPNs.

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What are DDoS Attacks?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Services. This term refers to the taking down of a website by flooding it with millions of requests. This act of flooding so many requests makes it impossible to handle the original requests and ultimately, the site under attack will be ground to a halt. This attack is made by the professional hackers who first take the access of a great lot of PCs distributed in different regions through Trojan virus while the actual user remains unfamiliar with this access. The hackers then flood the website with the unhandlable number of requests. However, sometimes it is done deliberately by the number of hackers who first plan and then work on it together.

This attack can be explained by a simple example, Imagine a mega mall with a large parking lot. This parking space is enough to accommodate a significant number of cars easily. But what if the whole population of China come to the mall and park the cars in the parking lot? It will end in shit hitting the fans. So in the same way, if a website is flooded with overflowing requests that become impossible to handle for a server and because of this, the legitimate requests remain unhandled, and the website eventually bogs down.

How a VPN Provides DDoS Protection?

Seemingly, VPNs are the nifty solution to all the problems related to online security. As far as DDoS attack is the concern, there is no better choice than looking for a VPN that offers DDoS protection. A DDoS protected VPN is designed to render a dedicated IP VPN services that you can get by paying for an add-on in your already purchased VPN (read our VPN guide). This VPN blocks all the abusive incoming traffic and provides you with complete protection from the massive DDoS attacks and gives you a rich gaming experience.

Benefits of using a DDoS Protected VPN

In this era where the online security has become a great challenge for all of us, nobody wants to use that device which is vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Especially if you own business, then you must look for some solid protection from DDoS to save your business website from being under attack. The outrage you notice on the web page of any online shopping website is usually because of DDoS attacks (read more about the most secure VPN services).

To the Business Owners

This will not affect the customer much, for they will go to any other online shopping website. But this attack will significantly affect the business owner, and if the necessary measures are not taken then, the website will be more likely to be bogged down. In addition to this, online gamers can benefit from DDoS protected VPN (get the best encrypted VPN).

To the Gamers

The world of online gaming has become very competitive. The gamers are not reluctant of using every mean to knock down their opponent even if it is fair or unfair. Some gamers even take help of DDoS attacks to bog down the gaming network and stop their opponent from taking an edge over them. So, if you want a gaming experience that is free from these strikes, then you must go for a VPN that offers DDoS protection.

To the Torrent Downloaders

It is a matter of the fact that the file sharing network websites and torrent sites are more vulnerable to DDoS attacks than any other websites (get the best VPN for Torrenting). Thus, if you host such website, you are recommended to get a DDoS protected VPN. It not only blocks the fake excessive traffic but also enhances the server’s performance because of DDoS protection.

To the Professional Stock Trader

If you are a professional stock trader, then you must have experienced the technical failure while trading your shares. The reason behind this can be that your server IP or your IP is under a DDoS attack. This can bring a great suffering to you or your trade. Especially if you regularly check the patterns of the stock market, we would like to recommend you DDoS protected VPN to save yourself from being under attack.

Conclusion- How Does a VPN Provide DDoS Protection?

The recent DDoS attacks on many famous websites are nothing but an eye opener for all the site owners. This is the high time for all of you out there to get a VPN that offers you the best of DDoS protection and will let you enjoy the smoothest gaming experience without any fear of attack. The increasing number of cases of DDoS attacks registered globally have raised the demand for a DDoS protected VPN remarkably. All you need to do is to choose the best VPN for DDoS protection.

If you are already using a VPN, you are required to get a paid add-on of dedicated IP VPN service to get started and make yourself free from worrying about being under DDoS attack and shield your website from being vulnerable to the DDoS attacks (read 10 cyber security tips you need to know). To sum up all, in this era of technology, the use of DDoS protection is the order of the day.


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