VPN Download Speed: Can VPN Increase Download Speed?


It is the fantasy of every netizen— faster speed. Whether you are just surfing the web or downloading any file; slow speed is irritating to everyone. That’s the purpose why every netizen seeks for means to increase the speed of the connection. Some techniques work, while some don’t work at all. The rate you relish depends solely upon your ISP. Unless you purchase a more costly plan, it isn’t possible that anything else will improve the speed of your connection. A lot has been said about VPN as a solution. Some say a VPN can loiter your download speed down while others challenge it can, in fact, VPN download speed is way better than normal speed. So, what’s the original truth?(Also see, Testing VPN Speed – Check how Fast your VPN is?)

Can VPN Improve My Download Speed?

A lot of people have started to think that using a VPN boosts Internet speed. Under typical circumstances, this does not occur because the internet speed is entirely in the hands of the ISP. However, if your ISP is restricting your bandwidth, a VPN download speed can be better.

Bandwidth throttling is typically made to get the consumer to get a more premium subscription plan. If that is the case, then opting for a VPN will undoubtedly improve your internet speed, whether for general browsing or for downloading.

Simply stated, a VPN download can be more only in the case of bandwidth throttling.

What’s Bandwidth Throttling?

Very often, ISP restricts bandwidth purposefully, to make netizens purchase the more costly plans. Various users don’t understand this and opt for buying expensive programs in a bid to get a better speed. Of course, not every ISP does this, but it often occurs enough to get users bothered.

Nailing down occurrences of bandwidth throttling is hard. There are moments when bandwidth flutters on its own because of network strength, weather conditions, etc. But there are also instants when the speed is throttled on purpose by the ISP.

How Does A VPN Help?

The ISPs use particular throttling to restrict bandwidth. This typically occurs when you seek to stream or download something in HD. For throttling the bandwidth, your ISP needs to be capable of seeing your internet activity. When you employ a VPN, your online activities remain hidden, and there is no bandwidth throttling.

A VPN transmits data between your computer and the server through a protected tunnel. No outsider can decode the encrypted data. This stops the hackers, ISPs, and other online crooks from viewing your sensitive information. Consequently, your ISP isn’t able to see what you’re doing online because your data traffic goes in the form of unreadable jargon. This implies no bandwidth throttling is conceivable.(Also see, 5 Fastest VPN Services 2017 – Speed is a winner).

Can VPN Improve My Down Speed -Summary

The essential point to note is that a VPN download speed gets better when there is intentional bandwidth throttling by ISPs. If your Internet speed is ordinarily slow without any bandwidth throttling, a VPN cannot do anything. This is a problem you have to take up with your ISP.

Final Words-VPN Download Speed: Can VPN Increase Download Speed?

Do not look for the speed alone. A VPN is an absolute privacy and security solution, even if you have nothing to hide.


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