UTorrent Web Has Reached To One Million Daily Users

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Till date, I guess, every one of you must have known about UTorrent Web. Yes, it allows users to download their favorite streams torrents and download in their web browser.

Hence, until now, it has been years and uTorrent has been standing heads strong. Following by its release in September, the parent company BitTorrent Inc has said that uTorrent Web has reached One Million Daily users.

Thus, to let you know more about uTorrent’s story, let us move ahead and discover some interesting things about uTorrent.

UTorrent Web Reached a Whooping One Million Daily Users Story

On February 2018, the uTorrent owner BitTorrent Inc. rolled out their brand new product known as the uTorrent Web. Here, it came up with a whole new set of features which will definitely benefit the users.

Now, the premise made by uTorrent is more a lot simple one. Rather than making you rely on a single torrent client, with uTorrent Web, you can download and even stream your favorite torrents.

Hence, you can easily download and stream videos directly in your web browser with whole ease and comfort.

What do you need to do for downloading uTorrent Web?

First of all, you will need to download the software from their official website. After which, the rest of the action takes place quite comfortably in Firefox, Chrome or any other compatible browser.

Moving ahead, in the early September, BitTorrent Inc announced that uTorrent Web has exited the beta version.

In addition, the company is focusing more a lot of quick playability and simplicity module.

A Word of mouth by BitTorrent Company

“With a simple download to play experience as the focal point of µTorrent Web, we see more users successfully downloading and playing torrents than with any other product in BitTorrent’s history,” BitTorrent said.

While it will take plenty of time for uTorrent Web to reach 100+ million users, the company is still staying strong. And, have a vision that their new product will reach 100+ million users on Desktop as well as mobile.

Still, after reaching One Million Users, the company is more than happy about this great milestone.

Some Word of Exchange by Jordy Berson

“Our users have already downloaded our licensed content, which features both top-tier and emerging content creators, well over 100 million times,” says Jordy Berson who is the Chief Product Officer at BitTorrent Inc.

As far as we see the scenario, the company reputation after uTorrent Web has increased to a significant extent.

Here, the newly launched product is driving significant traffic to the uTorrent website. All in all, it is a huge win for 30,000+ licensed content creators.

A final word of Mouth: uTorrent Web has reached One Million Daily Users

As we see the current scenario, uTorrent Web seems to be on the road of success. Further, in the future, the company is promising to give the latest updates for the same.

Whereas, the feature to stream files kept on a home computer is the very first one to be announced.

Hence, what can you really do? Download the uTorrent Web, stream your favorite torrents. And, amplify your internet experience to new heights of success and glory.


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