Best Torrent Tracker List For 2019


Best Torrent Tracker List- Sadly, future of torrenting doesn’t seem to be very promising after the sudden closure of SceneAccess Torrent tracker. Still, not all the best things are to go away! If that rings the bell, you are right! Today, we have brought you an exclusive guide on the best torrent tracker list.

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What are Torrent Trackers?

TorrentTracker functions just like a server that corresponds between two peers. Consequently, torrenters can share their files through BitTorrent protocol. When you download a torrent file from any torrent website, it is added to your torrent client software.

Here, the purpose of torrent client software becomes critical. It will request the file, downloaded on other systems. You may consider these other systems as torrent peers. Therefore, you can download a chunk of the file from peers hassle-free.

Difference between Public and Private Torrent Trackers

You may call public torrent trackers as open trackers. Hence, any torrenter can use these tracker addresses to enhance the downloading speed for generating new torrent files. Moreover, torrents users can pick the same tactic to boost the downloading speed for current torrent files.

When you use private trackers, you will require to register yourself before obtaining the tracker addresses. Also, private trackers do not support potential users on their websites. Therefore, the existing users have to request new users to become their members.

However, both types of torrent trackers differ with each other regarding security and speed.


Interestingly, public trackers are available for every single user. Hence, users may expect slow speed problems while downloading. On the other hand, private trackers are not available for every single user.

Therefore, you may get better downloading speeds while using private torrent trackers. Furthermore, private trackers have particular seeding rules. You need to follow these seeding practices if you wish to make downloading through private trackers.


Perversely, public trackers do not give the coveted level of anonymity to their users. This is because when you download your favoured files, other users can watch your downloading activities. So, you need to employ the 5 Best VPN for Torrenting & P2P File Sharing that offers complete anonymity and protection to its subscribers.

How to use Torrent Tracker?

When it comes to working torrent tracker hassle-free, you can use it just like best torrent websites. But, you have to follow specific rules if you want to use a particular torrent tracker. Furthermore, the torrents downloads are not included in the private tracker.

Conversely, the torrent uploads are enumerated in the private torrent tracker. Furthermore, you need to know about the notion of soft economy. The idea suggests that both uploads and downloads are counted. Also, you can avail bonus points that enable you to better uploading speed to new heights.

Moreover, you may find out the concept of hard economy. The idea means that both uploads and downloads are calculated. Perversely, you cannot use bonus points in your favour to improve your uploading speed.

Best Torrent Tracker List

Torrent tracker helps best torrent clients like BitTorrent or uTorrent(also see, Best VPN for uTorrent) to communicate via additional peers and seeds. Consequently, you can boost the download speed of your chosen torrent file. Here is the best torrent tracker list that includes:

1  udp://
2  udp://
3  udp://
4  udp://
5  udp://
6  udp://
7  udp://
8  udp://
9  udp://
10  udp://
11  udp://
12  udp://
13  udp://
14  udp://
15  udp://
16  udp://
17  udp://
18  udp://
19  udp://
20  udp://
21  udp://
22  udp://
23  udp://
24  udp://
25  udp://
26  udp://
27  udp://
28  udp://
29  udp://
30  udp://
31  udp://
32  udp://
33  udp://
34  udp://
35  udp://
36  udp://
37  udp://
38  udp://
39  udp://

Conclusion -Best Torrent Tracker List

We expect you would like our exclusive guide on torrent trackers. You can reveal the significant difference between the public and private torrent trackers to a new level. Furthermore, you can opt for torrenting VPN that lets you secure your online privacy from anywhere. By doing so, you can accomplish various benefits of torrent trackers straightaway.


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