Top Torrenting Hacks 2020 – Know All About Safe and Anonymous Torrenting


Torrenting platforms, it is not good for your security and to avoid any troublesome situation. You need a secure and anonymous VPN for Torrenting to be safe while Torrenting. Which will provide you anonymity and protect you by the following ways;

  1. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) builds an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN servers. Hence, transfers all your internet data via this secure tunnel.
  2. This way any spying and prying eyes on your network will see the fake IP address. That is provided by your VPN service provider.

Many regions like have UK, Europe, Australia, etc. created Data Retention laws. Which is why ISPs are forced to keep a log of users’ online activities. In this article, I have listed some top torrenting hacks to save you from your ISP. Use these hacks to download torrents safely and anonymously.

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Points to Consider in VPN for Torrent Downloads

Furthermore, before I jump to the top torrenting hacks. I would like to tell you some points you need to keep in mind while downloading torrents. See below and answer these questions before you actually star torrenting.

Is Torrent Legal in your Country or illegal?

Many countries in the world don’t have strict rules for torrenting. And it is not illegal, though. If you are living in such a country. Then it is a possibility you may don’t need a VPN for your Torrent downloads. Most of the top developed regions like UK, Europe, North America, etc. have strict laws about Torrenting. And if you don’t use a VPN while torrenting. Then you can get notices from your ISP regarding violation the copyright laws. So, better to watch out before downloading anything via Torrent.

Free VPNs have nothing to do with Safe Torrenting

While searching for the best VPN for Torrenting, you may come across a lot of free VPN for torrenting as well. However, these are of no use for Torrenting reasons are as follows;

  1. The customer of free torrent VPN is not the paying customers, so such VPN companies will not take the risk of allowing Torrenting and P2P file sharing and in return get themselves in trouble by receiving DMCA notices and other copyright complaints.
  2. Only those free VPN services which rather steal users data and sell it for profit allow Torrenting and P2P file sharing, but on the cost of your data sold to some third-party companies, no way such a crap.
  3. There is no such practical free VPN for Torrenting as they provide limited bandwidth and slow speed useless for Torrent download and it is a catchy way to allure you to buy the premium version instead.

Additionally, you need to learn these simple top torrenting hacks below to download torrents anonymously from anywhere in the world.

Top Torrenting Hacks For Anonymous Torrent Download

Do a Leak Test for Absolute Protection

To check whether you are protected or not by a VPN you can check it for your satisfaction and for ultimate security, just you have to do is to get your VPN connect and go to If you can’t see your real IP address or the originating IP address of your ISP, it means your VPN is perfectly working, and if you can see either of the IP address, it means you have IP leak, however, please note that IPleak. net doesn’t show detect IPv6 leaks, and to test you can visit


Use a Kill Switch while downloading

Nothing is perfect, and even top-notch, and best VPNs for Torrenting can be disconnected in the middle of your heavy-sized downloading file. Here you can get in trouble as it will show your IP address, to avoid such situation by using a kill switch. It prevents any internet connection outside your VPN, most of the top Torrent VPN providers have this with their VPN app for different devices. If not then you can buy the third party kill switch as well, or you can build your own if you are tech-savvy it is a must for Torrent VPN.

NAT Firewall for Torrenting

Many VPN services offer NAT Firewall which prevents and blocks the connection from peers on P2P networks, and this can cause Torrents on the P2P network to function irregularly. You can disable the NAT firewall by changing the settings of your VPN, remember it decreases the level of security while torrent downloads and P2P file sharing.

Port Forwarding VPNs for Torrents

To enhance the P2P experience for downloaders most of the Torrent VPN use port forwarding.In Simple words, it is a method to modify the P2P file sharing experience for downloaders. A NAT firewall is used by most providers to prevent incoming connections from the internet which slows downs the speed of P2P process but enhance the level of protection. Practically, speed is reduced to enhance the security some BitTorrent clients have done it already for the users and used NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP) and UPnP port mapping to automate port forwarding.

Select an Anonymous Torrent VPN

Furthermore, it is one of the most trusted and reliable top torrenting hacks. When we talk about technological aspects, any VPN service can be good enough to provide you access to P2P or Torrenting network, but not all do it. Due to increasing restrictions of copyright laws and ISPs and copyright holder making it difficult for VPN services to allow P2P and torrenting on their servers (especially the US and UK based services) due to copyright infringement. The legal consequences of permitting P2P and Torrenting are too severe for VPN services in the US, UK or some other countries. So, the best VPN for torrenting must be a secure and anonymous VPN. The service must not be the US or UK based provider.

Final Words

Torrenting is fun until you get caught while doing it. In many countries, it is considered illegal to download torrents. However, a secure torrent VPN is the best tool for anonymous torrenting.


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