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Epix Now is an over the top video-on-demand service backed by MGM. The streaming channel makes an entry into the highly competitive streaming space. It goes toe to toe with the likes of HBO Now, Hulu, Starz, Showtime, and of course Netflix. However, the service happens to be only available to US-based customers. To be able to stream Epix Now while abroad; users must make use of a VPN.

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What’s Epix Now?

Epix Now promises to deliver a wide range of movies and series. This is to be done first through its four live channels; Epix, Epix 2, Epix Hits, and Epix Drive-In, as well as an extensive catalog of MGM, produced movies. The service is expected to provide a more enticing alternative to up to 15 million subscribers. These users happen to be Epix’s cable customers who are looking to embrace cord-cutting.

At the reasonably affordable price of $6 a month; Epix Now offers 4K content and is available on Android, Apple TV, and Chromecast. The service is also working on the release of its own app. It’s going to be made available across various platforms.

How to Unblock Epix Now Outside the US?

If there’s one particular issue that Epix Now customers may not necessarily be happy about, it’s the fact that it’s not available outside the US. Anyone attempting to access the service while outside the US will most probably be disappointed to read through the error message that pops up informing them of their inability to access the service. This message appears because the service can pick up on the user’s IP address. This relays the location that they happen to be in.

By signing up with a good VPN service, Epix Now users can connect to servers based in different parts of the world. That will allow them to switch their IP address to whichever form that’s best for their use. For a user that’s outside the US for example, all they’d have to do is connect to a server-based within the US. As a result, they’d be able to access the service without any hitches.

All you need to do is follow this guide on how to unblock Epix Now outside the US. Once done, you’ll be able to tap into all of its content no matter where you are.

Best VPN for Epix Now

One other perk that comes with using a VPN is the level of elevated security that users get to enjoy. Using a VPN basically encrypts all the data that they tend to have transferred through their servers. In doing so, users’ data can no longer be accessed by any third party, and this is beneficial in ensuring that they get to do sensitive work online without any worries.

Using a VPN also provides anonymity to its users. This means that they can hide their identity and keep it away from users who may want to interfere with their connection. Shopping online also becomes much easier because the risk of a user having their credit card details stolen also really falls.

Currently, there are so many VPN providers in the market that it might become difficult to choose exactly which one to subscribe to. To help make the decision more comfortable, we’ve reviewed a few which we think are best suited to provide the most reliable service. Here’s our list of the Best VPN for Epix Now.


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The best way to ensure that users get to enjoy streaming from Epix regardless of their location is by signing up with a VPN. This will break down Epix Now’s geo-restrictive barriers. Moreover, a VPN allows users to access dozens of other streaming services regardless of wherever they are


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