The Latest “Warsaw Declaration” Is Promising International Anti-Piracy Cooperation


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As per the latest reports, around 34 organizations and other institutions have signed the new “Warsaw Declaration”.

Hence with this, hopes are high to fight the ever-increasing piracy and implement different anti-piracy measures.

Now, among the names of the signees, some of the prominent names are HBO, NBCUniversal, and BBC.

Further, with an intention to let you know about the latest “Warsaw Declaration”, let’s move ahead and discover some more things on the same.

Warsaw Declaration & The Promise to Piracy Story

First of all, the very last month, different players in the entertainment industry took an active part in the International Content Protection Summit.

Further, it was held in Poland where plenty of big Entertainment names were an active part.

Now, Sygna Association organized the summit whereas the EU gave an active support towards the whole function.

Hence, these type of gatherings are obviously not new and people have gone through such meetings. Still, if we look through the piracy point of view, this meeting can actually stop piracy.

Further, the bonding of International corporation is an integral part to stop piracy and levy different enforcement policies.

A Take On the Warsaw Declaration

With an intention to stop piracy, the goal of the 34 participants is to curb piracy and the same is achievable with the help of declaration.

On the basis of the summit organization, this declaration can help in targeting the major piracy threats.

This truly includes a reduction in cybercrime, implementing new distribution methods and using cryptocurrency payment methods.

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A Word of Mouth by Teresa Wierzbowska

“Piracy is currently a highly profitable undertaking with a complicated network of relations. There is proof of its connections to other types of crime. said Teresa Wierzbowska, President the Sygnał Association’s board. The alarming figures concerning the scale of theft and illegal trade of audiovisual content are a motivating factor to take action,” said Teresa Wierzbowska who is the president of Sygna Association Board.

Hence, apart from the declaration, there is nothing on paper and the company will have to abide by the declaration terms.

Further, in a meeting with TorrentFreak, the association said that this declaration is only the first step. And, lots of things are there to be done.

On top of that, the next stage is to turn every step into reality and stop piracy, as early as possible.

Hence, in case if you want a copy of the declaration, you can get it by clicking on this pdf.

Wrapping Things Up: Warsaw Declaration & The Promise to Piracy Story

So, there we go and as per the current situation goes, the Warsaw Declaration looks much promising.

However, how the entertainment industry will use this agreement stands as the sole point of debate.

Whether they will start banning the pirate sites or will take other measures, still we don’t really know. But, when it comes to stopping piracy, we know that things are pretty tough and it will take lots of hard work to ban every pirate site.

content credit- Torrent Freak



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