How to Watch Miss USA 2019 Live Online


Watch Miss USA 2019 Live Online: They say beauty fades. Well, I beg to differ. When you can watch Miss USA on a yearly basis, beauty is forever. On May 2nd, the 2019 Miss USA will crown a new belle of the ball at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada accompanied by our power couple hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey. The event is brought to you by Fox. However, can Miss USA be streamed outside well, the US? Yes, it can. Follow this guide and find out how.

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Miss USA 2019 -What You Need to Know?

Miss USA is the only way beautiful women from American can represent their country in the Miss Universe event. It first took place back in 1952 when Armi Kuusela prevailed against 29 other contestants to snatch the crown. Donald Trump between 1996 and 2015 owned the pageant.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey will host the show along with Carson Kressley and Lu Sierra as commentators. The competition was originally planned to take place in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, it then changed, and Reno became the host of the 2019 Miss USA.

We’ll be seeing 51 contestants along with a 19-year old Wyoming delegate Addison Treesh. Technically she’s the youngest, but age in this competition means nothing as long as you can show that you’re more of a pageant girl than the others.

This year, Sarah Rose Summers from Nebraska will present the crown to the new queen of queens. Who do you think will win? Wait, you don’t know the contestants yet.

The Contestants

Here’s the full list of the 2019 Miss USA contenders:

  • Alabama – Hannah McMurphy
  • Alaska -​ JoEllen Walters​
  • Arizona -​ Savannah Wix
  • Arkansas – Savannah Skidmore
  • California -​ Erica Dann
  • Colorado -​ Madison Dorenkamp
  • Connecticut -​ Acacia Courtney
  • Delaware – Jolisa Copeman
  • Dist. of Columbia -​ Cordelia Cranshaw
  • Florida – Nicolette Jennings
  • Georgia – Katerina Rozmajzl
  • Hawaii – ​Lacie Choy
  • Idaho -​ Shelby Brown
  • Illinois -​ Alex Plotz
  • Indiana -​ Tate Fritchley
  • Iowa -​ Baylee Drezek
  • ​​Kansas -​ Alyssa Klinzing​
  • Kentucky -​ Jordan Weiter
  • Louisiana -​ Victoria Paul​​
  • Maine -​ Lexie Elston​
  • Maryland – Mariela Pepin ​
  • Massachusetts – Kelly O’Grady
  • Minnesota – Catherine Stanley ​
  • Michigan – Alyse Madej ​
  • ​Mississippi – Madeleine Overby
  • Missouri – Miriah Ludtke
  • Montana -​ Grace Zitzer
  • Nebraska -​ Lex Najarian
  • New Hampshire – Lexi Chinn
  • New Jersey – Manya Saaraswat
  • Nevada -​ Tianna Tuamoheloa
  • New Mexico – Alejandra Gonzalez
  • New York – Florinda Kajtazi
  • North Carolina -​ Cheslie Kryst​
  • North Dakota -​Samantha Redding
  • ​Ohio -​ Alice Magoto
  • ​Oklahoma -​ Triana Browne
  • ​Oregon -​ Natalie Tonneson
  • ​Pennsylvania -​ Kailyn Perez
  • ​Rhode Island – Nicole Pallozzi
  • South Carolina -​ MaKenzie Divina
  • South Dakota -​ Abby Merschman
  • Tennessee – Savana Hodge
  • ​Texas -​ Alayah Benavidez
  • ​Utah – Amanda Giroux
  • ​Vermont -​ Bethany Garrow
  • ​Virginia -​ Courtney Smits
  • ​Washington -​ Evelyn Clark
  • West Virginia – Haley Holloway
  • Wisconsin – Danika Tramburg
  • Wyoming – Addison Treesh​

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Conclusion -Watch Miss USA 2019 Live Online

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