Stage – First Ever Theatre Streaming Channel


Stage – First Ever Theatre Streaming Channel: There are more than 200 on-demand streaming services in the marketplace that serves to viewers showing different entertainment and news channels. Though, there is no on-demand streaming of theatre shows in the country. Now, for the very first time, there is going to be one special streaming network for theatre plays, launching late this summer. Stage, the live online streaming of theatre shows will come in August. The first version will be a free version for the watchers, and slowly once the model is established, the company will launch a subscription-based version in October. The live streaming will feature Broadway shows, scripted shows, reality and variety series, talk shows, documentaries, concerts, and like theatre for the audiences.(also see, Best VPN for Streaming Services 2018)

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Stage – First Ever Theatre Streaming Channel

Stage Explained!

The free subscription will give a preview of unique programs that are in the making, documentaries, and some accredited films. The subscription launch will incorporate a total of 500 hours of programs. The price for subscription has not been revealed yet.

Initially, the viewers in America will be able to watch Stage. For foreign subscriptions, the fans need to wait until 2019. The company has not proclaimed any partnerships with the preeminent streaming gateways such as Chromecast, Apple, and Roku.

The networks chairperson, co-founder, and CEO, Rich Affannato said that the team has been working on Stage for almost two years. He told that all this time the team was occupied producing the talent and strengthening the platform, while also procuring existing contents and coming up with unique and exclusive programs. Read on Stage – First Ever Theatre Streaming Channel.

According to the CEO, the purpose of Stage is to make theatre available remotely to all. The idea is to use technology and the live streaming services for expanding theatre works among the masses. Until recently, the streaming services were limited to favorite programs and scripted series.

Other Competitors

The Stage had come at the right time when online live streaming of theatre shows was not many. This is an untapped production for live streaming objects. The only other leading player in this field is BroadwayHD. It too presents stage-to-streaming performances for its users. It has a treasury of recordings of live theatre performances.

As far as the business continues, no one knows how fine BroadwayHD, which is personally held, is doing in this industry. However, there is no lack of content, as the company continually appends recordings of new Broadway plays. There are other shows from around the country also have in its offering.(also check, New Zealand VPN Is Important for Best Streaming Experience)

Conclusion -Stage – First Ever Theatre Streaming Channel

As of now, the features of the programming at Stage is dingy. However, the news that the company has put out is sufficient for any theatre fan at least to try the free subscription model, before acquiring the full version. No one can foretell how well or how bad this business will do, but it is a significant step indeed.


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