Speed Test Of VyprVPN


Speed Test Of VyprVPN: Switzerland based in VyprVPN is a well-known VPN provider that spends heavily on its VPN technology. From a user-friendly, full of features, a multi-platform user interface to hundreds of servers spread across the world; VyprVPN does really deliver on nearly every front. Just make sure to make full use of the 3-day trial. This is one provider which does not do refunds. Let’s check the speed of this promising VPN company in our speed test of VyprVPN.
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Speed Test Of VyprVPN

Much like almost every other VPN providers, VyprVPN boosts to be the world’s speediest VPN. There can actually only be one single fastest VPN service, and wistfully for VyprVPN, they’re not the one. At least according to our tests.(also check, 5 Fastest VPN Services 2018 – Speed is a winner)

However, the good news is, not being the fastest VPN doesn’t make you bad in terms of performance and speed. And so is the case with this VPN. Evidently, their connection speed can hike up enough to match with their rivals like ExpressVPN or NordVPN; for many users will be a lot more than enough!

The download numbers are indeed fast enough to get the ultimate browsing and streaming experience; with high definition video (where 5-8 Mbps is all that is needed). But, if you’re an active torrenter (something VyprVPN allows) or intend on downloading huge files, you may better off go with one of the other faster VPNs.

On upload side, VyprVPN did really well, almost touching my no VPN connection speeds. Those results are on par with if not speedier than the most other top-notch VPN providers.

Closest Servers

VyprVPN speed                 Baseline VyprVPN upload performance

With VPN                                                                        Without VPN

United States

VyprVPN speed review               Baseline test of United States server

With VPN                                                                        Without VPN

United Kingdom

Download performance of VyprVPN's United Kingdom servers               Baseline review of United Kingdom server speed

With VPN                                                                        Without VPN



Canadian test of VyprVPN speed               Review of VyprVPN server download speed

With VPN                                                                        Without VPN


VyprVPN download speed                VyprVPN server speeds

With VPN                                                                        Without VPN


VyprVPN speed test                Baseline download performance for the Netherlands

With VPN                                                                        Without VPN


Speed test of German servers             Germany sever speed baseline test

With VPN                                                                     Without VPN


VyprVPN speed test              Baseline test of French upload and download speeds

With VPN                                                                     Without VPN


Conclusion -Speed Test Of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog, a Swiss-based company which has been around in the VPN market since 1994. Golden Frog also provides several other online services and was founded with the intent of building tools that will help preserve online user privacy and provide a secure Internet experience. VyprVPN fits right in.(also see, How Is the Speed Of ExpressVPN? Know How Fast ExpressVPN Works?)

End to end, VyprVPN always has and continues to use proprietary in-house technology. That’s certainly not the most accessible route to take initially but has big out-turns in the long term. Now that the technology is advance, VyprVPN can efficiently maintain comprehensive control over its service and be responding to their users’ requirements every step of the way. This versatility is something few other VPN providers can provide.


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