How is the Speed of NordVPN?


How is the Speed of NordVPN? While comparatively new to the VPN scene, NordVPN appears to be doing everything right. It is one of the few genuinely no-log services, has a large number of fast servers with great global coverage, offers many advanced features, and it’s all wrapped up in a friendly and intuitive client. NordVPN is one service you can’t go wrong with. This is why we thought to tell you how is the speed of NordVPN with a simple speed test. (also see, How to Unblock Netflix with NordVPN)

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How is the Speed of NordVPN?

About NordVPN

NordVPN is headquartered in Panama. The company was established in 2012, and while it’s relatively new; don’t let that fool you. NordVPN is doing everything right. They give an excellent, feature-rich service while evading many of the slips some of its competitors are doing. According to the company’s about page, NordVPN is inspired by ideas of innovative technology and customer freedom, trust and confidence.

Speed Tests

When you visit NordVPN’s site, you’ll read terms like “Lightning Speed” and “Superfast Servers Everywhere.” Clearly, NordVPN likes to consider they’re on top of performance. And as it turns out, they are right.

Download speeds were top notch across the board. If seen uploads a little bit slower, but the aggregates were still very respectable and more than usable. That said, if uploads are super important for you, you may want to consider looking into PureVPN.

By default, the client software will choose what it thinks is the best server for your selected location. It does a fair job, but I found picking a low-load server by hand usually gave a slightly better performance, though granted, probably not better enough to be worth it.

Closest Servers

                                   Baseline NordVPN upload performance

Using VPN                                                                                        Without Using VPN


United States

NordVPN speed review                                Baseline test of United States server

Using VPN                                                                                     Without VPN


United Kingdom

Download performance of NordVPN's United Kingdom servers                              Baseline review of United Kingdom server speed

Using VPN                                                                                 Without Using VPN



Canadian test of NordVPN speed                               Review of NordVPN server download speed

Using VPN                                                                                    Without Using VPN



NordVPN download speed                              NordVPN server speeds

Using VPN                                                                                    Without Using VPN



Speed test of German servers                           Germany sever speed baseline test

Using VPN                                                                                  Without Using VPN




Conclusion -How is the Speed of NordVPN

Having said that; NordVPN has managed to be on the list of top speedy VPNs in a very short time. Besides, it also offers the quality security and privacy to the users along with many other unique features in its credit. (also see, What Are the Security Features Of NordVPN?)


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