How Is the Speed Of ExpressVPN? Know How Fast ExpressVPN Works?


“The fastest VPN on Earth,” articulates the headline coated onto ExpressVPN website. That’s a significant claim for any VPN provider to make, but ExpressVPN stiffens up its claim with a no quibbles 30-day money-back guarantee in a market where seven days is the standard and is one of the fewer VPNs that support Netflix and all other streaming services we have tested to date. Let’s dig deep into the speed quality and check how is the speed of ExpressVPN?(also see, What are the Security Features Of ExpressVPN?)

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How Is the Speed Of ExpressVPN?


A Short Recap Of ExpressVPN:

Before we move on with the speed review of ExpressVPN, it is important to throw some light at the history of ExpressVPN. Launched in 2009, ExpressVPN has grown to one of the most popular premium VPN services in the world.

Built-in Speed Tester:

The ExpressVPN app incorporates a built-in speed tester tool to check which server location offers the fastest download speed. This seems great in theory, but it can take some time to complete, and the results could vary from one hour to the next.

ExpressVPN Servers

ExpressVPN works over 1,500 servers in 94 countries. That’s more than your normal run-of-the-mill provider, but a few of rivals give even more. Bandwidth and server switches are endless.

Our Speed Review:

We streamed 1080p video without waiting for the video to buffer and could seamlessly run fast-paced online games without any discernible extra lag. Our only objection is the very rare drop of connection. It’s not a deal-breaker at all, but users who employ a lot of time online can anticipate seeing a temporary disconnection warning about once every couple of days. That implies streams and downloads infrequently get interrupted, but the network lock will still ensure no traffic jumps out of the VPN tunnel.

We Further Dig Deep:

For testing the speed more empirically, we chose to download the same 82.7MB file (compressed from 103MB) three times from three separate servers at three different times in a day for a total of nine tests. For comparison’s purpose, we did the same for IronSocket, Private Internet Access, and without a VPN as a controller group. Our checker connected to servers in Florida and Texas in the US, which are geographically nearest to him, and in London. In the boxplot below, the deep black line denotes the median download time, while the red diamond symbolizes the mean. Lower is better.

vpn speed test


Express did quite well in our speed test. It recorded the fastest mean downloading time among the other three VPNs we’ve tested, and the small size of the blue box explicates it was exceptionally consistent across all servers and times.(also read,ExpressVPN vs PIA VPN -Which VPN Service is Better?)

Conclusion -How is the Speed of ExpressVPN?

Bear in mind that this test is not a definite indicator of which VPN is the fastest. The internet’s inherent volatility scores a significant constituent of randomness, so you should always take such tests with a big grain of salt. Our tester’s place is in Bogota, Colombia, where these tests are run on a 10 Mbps connection. Those with faster connections may well mark a more considerable discrepancy in speeds. Let’s know your feedback about ‘how is the speed of ExpressVPN?’ in the comments below.


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