Sky Is Ready to Implement “Three Strikes” For Disconnecting Pirates


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According to strong reports and speculations, Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, and ISP Sky Ireland are all set to levy the “three-strikes” anti-piracy scheme. Here, the scheme is there for the Sky Subscribers who will be caught pirating any music on an online basis. Hence, more precisely, Sky is ready to implement “three strikes” scheme to disconnect pirates completely.

Hence, if anyone is found pirating music online, he/she will receive two warnings but on the third one, details will be given to the labels.

Thus, with an attempt to learn the complete story on the same, let us move ahead and grab some essential information.

Sky Is Ready to Implement “Three Strikes” With Other Labels

Now, first of all, if any person is found guilty of pirating music labels, the given above music companies along with Sky will be able to take legal action against that person or agency.

Since years, the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) was trying to reduce piracy to some good extents.

Here, their most wanted target was those people who would share music on different file-sharing networks such as BitTorrent.

A few years ago, labels such as Sony, Warner and Universal ended their legal proceedings against ISP Eircom. Hence, the ISP agreed to implement their “three strikes” regime in its peer to peer pirated network.

Here, the labels were constantly tracking Eircom’s presence and different notices were given to Eircom.

As from the part of ISP, it gives the notice to people who are selling pirated music.

And, in case if anyone is pirating for the third time, their Internet connection will become inaccessible.

Sky Is Ready to Implement “Three Strikes” With Other Labels Even on UPC

Now, knowing that putting strikes on Eircom could put label companies on the downside, they went on another role.

Hence, they targeted yet another ISP, the UPC where they requested it to implement the same system.

Thus, even after constant telling, the UPC refused to accept label terms and the case went to the High Court.

Right in the year 2015, the High Court gave a decision in the favour of labels, where it rejected the proposal of UPC.

Whereas, Sky said that it will only work with the labels if they will first get the court order at any cost.

A Word of Mouth By the ISP

“Copyright holders who believe broadband users have unlawfully shared content online have the option of taking their cases to court. If the order is given, the service provider must comply. And Sky would, of course, comply with any such order,” the ISP said.

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Final Word of Mouth: Sky Is Ready to Implement “Three Strikes” With Other Labels

Now, as far as the scenario goes, no statistics have been made yet so as to which user has received the “three strikes” warning.

In addition, none of the users has reported that their Internet connection has been disabled.

Hence, what else these Music companies have got in the bags for pirated music, Time is inevitably the best answer.


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