Shared IP vs Dedicated IP VPN Services


Shared IP vs Dedicated IP VPN Services- Nowadays, this has become a burning question. That what is the difference between Shared IP Address and Dedicated IP Address. People are talking a lot about it. However, they are confused that which IP Address should they opt for. Is it wise to spend extra money to get a dedicated IP Address? Or they should continue using their shared IP address? Here comes my article. It is to clear all your queries related to shared and dedicated IP address VPN. So stick to my article to know more about Shared IP vs. Dedicated IP VPN services.

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What is a Shared IP Address?

  Before we get started with a shared IP address. It is important to know what is an IP address. It is a unique address that is given to every device. That is made for communication purpose. To help identify the user’s location and a few other details. Now if we talk about shared IP address. I guess it is pretty much clear from its name. When you are connected to a VPN provided internet connection network. If the provider gives the same IP address to all the devices connected to your network. Then this is called a shared IP address. That means a single IP Address is being shared by all the devices connected to a network.

It is best for unblocking entertainment websites. Like watching Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc.  However, this IP is preferable while using a public hotspot. That is considered as a most unsecured internet network. However, sometimes when using a shared IP address. You have to pay for something you have not done like spamming. If anyone using same IP address is involved in such activity. Then there are high chances that your IP will also be blocked.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

The term dedicated IP address refers to such an IP address that is exclusively given to a client on demand by a VPN provider. It is naturally more secure than shared IP address, as it is assigned only to a single client and no other client can have the same IP address in the VPN network. This is suitable for the people who seek the securest internet connection and cannot bear any third party’s middling (read more about the most secure VPN services). It is most common among the business class who has to keep their connection private and using a shared IP address will put their business at risk. However, using a dedicated IP address will not let you access different servers according to your need and hence your work will be confined to a particular location.

Difference Between Shared IP vs Dedicated IP Address

Lately, it has become a myth that the difference between shared IP vs. dedicated IP address is something very complicated to understand for ordinary people. Here I am to help you better explain Shared IP address vs. Dedicated IP address VPN services.

Dedicated IP

The dedicated IP address is the special and different IP address that is assigned to any domain only and no other domain on the server can have it.

Advantage Of Dedicated IP Address

  • Getting your exclusive IP Address is much more secure as you can no more be blocked because of any spam activity, done by anyone from your network.
  • It is most suitable for the routers like DD-WRT (get best DD-WRT VPN).
  • You can get rid of remote port forwarding using dedicated IP address.
  • It adds an extra security level to your overall internet connection and limitation in accessing any specific information, server or particular IP address.

Disadvantage Of Dedicated IP Address

  • The users of dedicated IP address find it impossible to use distinct servers for their work requirement. Thus, their scope of work remains limited to one location.
  • If you use dedicated IP address, then your anonymity is more likely to be affected, and your login data becomes unprotected because it is easy to search a user who is using an IP address on his credentials.

Shared IP

A VPN network is usually consisting of hundreds of devices connecting to the same network, and all these clients share the same IP address. This is what a shared IP address is.

Advantages Of Shared IP Address

  • The shared IP is preferred when using an unsecured internet connection.
  • You can access a comparatively greater number of VPN servers across the global depending on the number of service providers.
  • It gives you more anonymity than any other user.

Disadvantages Of Shared IP Address

  • There is a high risk of being blacklisted if you are using a shared IP address. For instance, if anyone from your network is involved in spamming with the same IP address that is given to you too. Then it is more likely that your IP address will also be banned or blocked as you are using a shared IP address with that of a spammer.

What are Shared IP VPN and Dedicated IP VPN?

The VPN market has become highly competitive as the need and demands of the consumers are increasing with the passage of time. However, not all the VPN service providers can compete well in this highly elastic market. Some good VPN services offer many best features and services (learn more about the best VPN services). One of this function is the dedicated IP address. The VPN service provider that offers dedicated IP address to its users is dedicated IP VPN. On the other hand, VPN in which the users share a single IP address is called a shared IP VPN.

It depends on the nature of your use, how you want to use VPN will decide which is the best VPN service for you out of shared IP VPN and dedicated IP VPN. If your preference is only to anonymous over the internet and you want to hide your online identity while moving from site to site, then shared IP address is all you need. But if this is not the case, you opt for a VPN service for some real purposes which is beyond anonymity then you should spend on getting a dedicated IP address. For it will help you to have a better experience of torrenting and other blocked websites (read more about the best VPN for Torrenting).

Which is Better, Shared IP vs Dedicated IP VPN Services?

Here is the million dollar question that which is better? Which IP VPN you should opt for? Will it worth spending on a dedicated IP address? Well, here I can not declare any one winner. Both VPNs have their merits and demerits that you have to keep in your mind before you choose any one of them for you. Moreover, which is best for you depends on your preference and for what purpose do you want to get a VPN service (to learn more about VPN services read our VPN guide).

Analysis- Shared IP VPN

If the purpose of using a VPN service is only to be hidden over the internet, then you do not need to look for a VPN service provider that will offer you a dedicated IP address. The market is full of the VPN service providers who offer a shared IP address. On the other hand, if this is not the only purpose of using a VPN and if you want a better connection regarding accessing all kinds of blocked websites across the globe with better performance, then you should think beyond shared IP address and look for dedicated IP VPNs. Besides this, if I talk about my choice, I have always given priority to the quality over money. So, in my view dedicated IP address VPN is better for it fulfils the actual purpose of a VPN in all the conditions. On the contrary, shared IP VPN sometimes fail to unblock a website which kills the sole purpose of using a VPN.

Analysis- Dedicated IP VPN

In addition to this, when you use a dedicated IP VPN you will get the most of the bandwidth round the clock. This is because when you use dedicated IP VPN. You have a single IP address. That you don’t have to share with any third party. So you have access to full bandwidth. In the case of shared IP VPN. You do not get the best of bandwidth and quality. However, there is a prominent drawback of dedicated IP VPN. And that is you are confined to one location only. That you will choose while purchasing. In the case of shared IP VPN. The world is open to you. You can use the IP address of any location across the world. (to buy a right VPN for you, read our VPN buying guide).

Conclusion- Shared IP vs Dedicated IP VPN

In a nutshell, if we talk about Shared IP vs. Dedicated IP VPN, it will not be fair if we declare any one of them best for you to use. It will all depend on your needs and requirements. You have to choose wisely as per your requirement. Although I have tried my best to guide you and to share all the advantages and disadvantages of both the shared IP and dedicated IP address VPN, the ultimate decision is yours. It is you who will decide which is best for you depending upon your need. All you need to do is to keep all the necessary information that I have shared in this article before choosing anyone out of these two VPNs.


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