What Are the Security Features Of NordVPN?


NordVPN, virtual personal network (VPN) enables a user to protect his or her identity and information when using public Wi-Fi (wireless internet) or when accessing data in a location with regionally restricted or prevented internet access. It’s for users who want to keep their data and activities safe while accessing data through Wi-Fi, regardless of setting. You can use one subscription connection on over six devices, or it can be shared with family, friends, or business colleagues. Let’s dig out deep into the security features of NordVPN and how secure your NordVPN is.

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What Are the Security Features Of NordVPN

Key Security Features Of NordVPN

  • Double-data encryption
  • Tor over VPN
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P)
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Custom software for each platform
  • No logs

Details Of Security Features Of NordVPN

To protect privacy, NordVPN doesn’t maintain logs of its users’ activity or actions. Double VPN and Tor over VPN servers are additionally secure by military-grade encryption. For Double VPN, the data is encrypted once, then sent to another server for second encryption. If users want to use Tor over VPN, that determines that the data would be encrypted using NordVPN, then delivered via the Tor network. Users can also take to combine Double VPN with Tor over VPN to ensure more profound privacy. Should users also require protection from multiple sources,, NordVPN offers Anti-DDoS protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.(also see, ExpressVPN vs NordVPN -Which VPN Service is Better and Cheaper?)

Now and again, data can “leak” out of a VPN system when a device sends a Domain name system (DNS) query that attempts to connect to a user’s device outside of the VPN. By combining a “DNS Leak Resolver” with its VPN, NordVPN can admit only secure queries.

Users sharing large files or playing online poker or betting on other sports can be vulnerable if a connection drops even for a second or two. Presetting NordVPN’s “Auto Kill Switch” ensures that user-specified applications will shut down in the event of any service interruption, keeping data protected from unwanted eyes.

Extra Security Features Of NordVPN

NordVPN adds many features to enhance user privacy further.

NordVPN’s Encryption

Taking account of NordVPN’s encryption, “secret notes” can be sent out which will be automatically terminated when the user sees them. The user can check a box that will notify him or her via email when the note has been read.

Encrpyted Chatrooms

Users can also establish encrypted chat rooms that require no registration. None of the data about the chat or the chat users is kept by NordVPN, and the company claims to delete all data when the final user leaves the room.

YouTube Proxy Extension

NordVPN comprises a YouTube proxy extension that circumvents internet blocking. The extension is free to NordVPN Google Chrome users and is also available from the NordVPN site. While viewing YouTube videos from within the proxy, the user’s IP address, search, and viewing histories remain hidden. Gmail, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are also accessible. The web proxy is also available through this free tool, but all of this comes with a warning that VPN is a more secure way to search than with proxies.

Conclusion – Security Features Of NordVPN

To sum it all, NordVPN is a good choice to opt for; if you want to secure your connection and preserve the online privacy. You can also check, What are the Security Features Of ExpressVPN?



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